Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nuffnang Tour of Singapore Part 5: Singapore Flyer

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The Singapore Flyer! I've been waiting for this stop since the start of the whole Singapore Tour. That's because I've always wanted to ride on the Eye On Malaysia but since they shifted the whole thing to Melaka for dumb reasons. I did not have a chance to get on it while it was still in KL. I don't think the view on the Eye On Malaysia will not impress me much as the Singapore Flyer is MASSIVE!

I was hoping that Nuffnang will waive the ticket price for us as one ticket will cost us SGD$29.50 and that's about MYR72! Thank you Nuffnang for waiving the tickets for us! YAY!

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer 2

On a personal note, I don't really like how the Malaysia deal with things. They try to catch up with the leading countries so much that thay do things in a hurry and ended up being poor quality wise. One more thing, why in the world do we need a huge ferris wheel which cost millions do complete when we can use that Ringgit we have for other good purposes?! Facts said that the Eye On Malaysia was losing money. Am I correct?

Enough said, picture time...

singapore flyer

singapore flyer

singapore flyer
Here a picture of all Hokkien people minus HuaiBin who claims people who can speak Hokkien are Hokkien. LOL!
(from left: Huai Bin, Madelyn, Nick, Alvin, Yi Ching, Jolyn, Carl)
Hey wait a second, I'm Hokkien. Why ain't I in the pic?

singapore flyer
Picture of you, picture of me


† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

omg! it look way much better than Eye on M'sia! Well, i never been to SG yet but it's fun by readin your blog post :) thanks for the great info again zhengdhong :)

Dylan Phuah said...

have you ever been on the Eye On Malaysia? you shud go visit Singapore some time soon. I know i wil be going back there sometime in the future. :D

sumijelly said...

EOM kat Tasik Titiweangsa hari tu I dh pernah naik..
itu lah pertama dan terakhir...
singapore punya mesti lagi syok kan..
berpaa harganya?? sama ker dgn malaysia punya??

Dylan Phuah said...

I tak pernah naik EOM lagi. Saya sedang tunggu EOM pindah balik ke KL. Haha!

Harga tuk Singapore Flyer SGD$29.50. Mahal kalau convert balik ke MYR. Hampir RM72!