Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2D Animation - Face Expression

Another assignment for 2D Animation. This time we were to draw 16 different face expressions on paper and then convert it into a digital format in Flash.

Here's what I've came up with. Please give me some comments yeah! Thanks!

To view my previous Lip Sync Assignment, do click here.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I came across this video in YouTube about a guy giving away FREE HUGS. I still remember this was quite the talk of the world a few years back.


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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just For Laughs: Warisan Merdeka

In response to my previous post about the 100-storey tower, Warisan Merdeka MEGA TOWER, I came up with this.

warisan negara mega tower

"Oh, so now the short ones are negligible 'cause they can't generate income? Pfft~"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wonder Girls Coming To Malaysia!

You've read it right! The Wonder Girls will be performing at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands!

wonder girls
Debuting in early 2007, each of the five original members were selected through auditions, and they are produced and managed by the acclaimed singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young (via his talent agency, JYP Entertainment). They soon achieved popularity with their consecutive #1 hit singles "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody". Their meteoric rise to fame continued when they entered the American market in 2009 (with their lead single "Nobody" becoming the first song by a Korean group to enter the Billboard Hot 100).
-extracted from Resorts World Genting
Clear your schedule on the 11th of December 2010 which will be on a Saturday to watch The Wonder Girls perform Live at the Arena of Stars! Show starts at 8pm!

Ticket prices are as follows:

Ticket launch date: 18 October 2010

Price Scale
Normal Price GWC Members'
Cash Rates
GWC Members' GP/WP Redemptionb
VIP RM420 RM399 378GP/37,800WP
PS1 RM320 RM304 288GP/28,800WP
PS2 RM280 RM266 252GP/25,200WP
PS3 RM250 RM237.50 225GP/22,500WP
PS4 RM180 RM171 162GP/16,200WP
PS5 RM130 RM123.50 117GP/11,700WP
** Ticket prices exclude the RM3 processing fee

I want nobody, nobody but you~

For more info, visit Resorts World Genting Entertainment page.

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Malaysia's 100-storey Mega Tower: Warisan Merdeka

Most of you must have already be aware of the current issue going on with the proposition of the Government building a 100-storey building after the Budget for 2011 has been announced by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

malaysia skyscraper

It was announced by PM Najib in the Buget 2011 speech and I quote,

We take pride in our national icon, the Petronas Twin Towers. It signifies the spirit of Malaysia Boleh. Another landmark to be developed by Permodalan Nasional Berhad is Warisan Merdeka, expected to be completed by 2020. This is an integrated development project comprising a 100-storey tower, the tallest in Malaysia. The project will retain Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara as national heritage. The total project cost is RM5 billion, with the tower expected to be completed by 2015.
-extracted from The Star Online (October 2010)

Facebook 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower

In response to that, a Facebook Page was set up with the purpose of protesting and rejecting the plan to build the 100-storey skyscraper. The number of Facebook users who have joined this page currently stands at 121 191 users and counting. Many of which have typed in their opinions on the proposal. Many are unsatisfied with the project. Many are rejecting the idea.

Before I move on, I would like to make it clear that I am not against the idea nor am I for the idea. I will however state and give out my personal comments and opinions concerning this project.

First of all, in my opinion, for a person who wants to be heard of his comments and protest, one must fully understand the whole planning which is going on. In this case, one must read and understand the Budget 2011. Why do I say so? This is because you cannot start to protest and reject ideas if you do not know the full story behind it. No, I have not read the full Budget 2010, which is why I am staying neutral.

Are you sure that the Government is not making other measures to improve the rakyat's life? Is the Warisan Merdeka the only project which should be given that much attention to? You asked that the 'Mega Tower' Project to be demolished because that huge amount of money can be used for many other better reasons but are you sure that the 'many other reasons' you suggested is not already in the planning?

The next thing would be about the issue of protesting. What does protest mean? So I search in an online dictionary called the Ocford's Advance Learner's Dictionary to find the meaning.

protest (verb) 
to say or do something to show that you disagree with or disapprove of something, especially publicly


So to protest is to disagree of something publicly but what is the purpose and outcome of protesting? Will protesting change already made decisions? Have protesting ever worked before? What do you get after protesting?
Yes, by protesting you do get your voice out. You'll be heard but will protesting ever change decisions which are already settled in for? I guess it all depends on different situations.

It is true that Malaysian citizens has to step up to be heard. Besides of just rejecting every single idea that comes in, why not try to give constructing criticism and building useful suggestions instead?

If the 100-storey skycraper project is to go on, which I think it will; I might have some opinions on it. If it's going to be offices all the way to the top, the working hours better not be 9 to 5 or else traffic will be a problem. Of course location location location counts as a very important factor too.

But then again, do we need a building that high? Beside from the height, what's the difference of building a 20-storey office and a 100-storey office?

RM5 billion is in fact a lot of money and I wouldn't like to see it all go to just one building. The one building may have quality in it but I rather see quantity for now. I sometimes prefer quantity to quality.

What I would like to see the RM5 billion to be used on is a project to clean up the whole of Malaysia. Why can't we use it to clean up the streets of Malaysia? I want a Singapore-like street. Budget 2012 maybe?

malaysia light rail transit

Besides that, I also know that the Mass Rapid Transit which is a transportation project will also be implemented the beginning of 2011. However, I do hope that the RM5 billion can be used on improving our current public transportation. The KTM, Monorail, LRT, and Rapid buses. Will maintenance be abandoned on these public transportation once the MRT is functional? Just like how the KTM is kind of being abandoned.

I once watched a program whereby it says that Japan's shuttle train is considered late if it is late by 1 minute! 1 minute is considered late? Then I wonder what is an hour considered to be?

Before I end this blog post, I've remembered something I read from the Budget 2011.
The era of “the Government knows best” is over. Therefore, in formulating this Budget, the Government consulted and took into considerations views from various parties comprising the public and private sectors, focus groups, media, 1Malaysia blog as well as lab sessions.
-extracted from The Star Online (October 2010)
If opinions are collected from the rakyat themselves, then why are we rejecting our very own ideas?

What are your thoughts on the new Budget? Leave me your opinions in the comment section. Yes, we must be heard!

*UPDATED* Check out more comments on this issue in LYN Forums, as the response there is better. I've posted a thread there.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Car Website in Malaysia

Are you planning on getting yourself a car? But you just don't know where to get one?


Have you tried It is a website where people put up their cars for sale. Browse over 1000 cars and get the right one for yourself. From Proton to Perodua and they even have cars ranging from international companies. BMW, Honda, Nissan and many more!

Just type the car model in the searchbox and a whole list will be available on your screen.

This website is not only for buyers. You can also put up your car for sale here! All you have to do is to do a simple registration for an account.

Get your Malaysia cars from

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunway Pyramid's PR Department Should Be Slighty More Careful In The Future

This post is with regards to the Sunway Pyramid Ultimate Food Challenge. Take a look at the image below which I have print-screened from Sunway Pyramid's Facebook Page. It is stated that, those who are interested to join in the competition will have to 'fill in your details in this particular form and send it to the respective email given'.

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

So, I had some doubts, which was why I wrote a question in their wall. All I wanted to know was, how do we fill up a form which is in JPEG format (picture form)?

Take a look at what they replied me with.

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

I know I could just send them an email with all my details, according to the form's format but I just wanted to know what the PR people of Sunway Pyramid would reply me with.

I just wonder, why would I want to print, fill in my details and then scan it back in? It's just too tedious. What if he or she does not have a scanner?

This is just a minor point out to the Sunway staff. Information should be conveyed to the public more carefully next time. =)

Apart from that, I don't think I'll be taking part after all. I have classes and too many assignments to catch up on.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Resorts World Genting, The Haunted Adventure Contest

Halloween is just around the corner! And to get you into the mood, Resorts World Genting has come up with a Halloween Contest just for you guys.


Step 1: Join Resorts World Genting's Facebook Page

1. Identify the spooky characters in the photos we post up daily.
2. The photos will only be available for a limited amount of time.
2. Two (2) photos will be posted up daily for seven (7) days consecutively.
3. Keep track of all the spooky creatures we post up, send us the answers once the 14th picture has been revealed.
4. Send us your complete answers and personal details to before the clock strikes 3am, on the 25th October 2010.
5. The first five (5) entries with all/the closest correct answers will win!

Prizes :
  • The Haunted Adventure & Ripleys Believe It Or Not Combo passes
  • Spa / Meal Vouchers
  • Entry Passes to Halloween Party at Safari Disco on the 30th of October 2010
  • Much, much more!

Hurry up and start collecting your answers! Do take note that the photos posted up will only be available for a certain period of time, so make sure you visit their Facebook Page regularly.

To go to the contest page, click here.

By the way, have you read about the VVIP treatment I was given when I was up in Genting with the My Selangor Story Top30 Bloggers? Read about it here.

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Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

Watch the music video here.

Another great song I managed to stumble back upon. It brings back memories whenever I listen to a certain song, for every song has a story behind it. It usually brings me back to a certain period in time. Though I can't really remember where does this song bring me to.

Nonetheless, its a great song.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunway Pyramid's Ultimate Food Challenge

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

The coming 23rd & 24th of October, Sunway Pyramid will be organizing the ULTIMATE FOOD CHALLENGE! Take up the challenge and win to enjoy FREE MEALS for 1 WHOLE YEAR!

Several challenges are held each day and they are as follows:

23rd October 2010
Ice Cream Eating Challenge by New Zealand Natural Ice Cream -1pm
Octopus Prime Challenge by Robot Sushi - 2pm
King Oliver's Club Sandwich Challenge by 32 Bistro and Bar - 3pm
Cajun Meatball Pasta Challenge by Frames - 4pm
Cupcake Eating Challenge by Cupcake Chic - 5pm

24th October 2010
Famous Star Burger Challenge by Carls Jr - 2pm
Popeyes Meal Challenge by Popeyes - 3pm
Shrimp Eating Challenge by Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - 4pm

Each challenge is only limited to 20 contestants and each contestants can only join one challenge.

If you are interested to join, fill up the form above and send it to, before 20th October 2010.

The problem is, how do you fill up a form if it is in JPEG format? I guess you;ll just have to write in to them.

Check out Sunway Pyramid's Facebook Page for more info.

I've always wanted to join a food eating competition which is why I'm planning of joining this challenge. It's either the King Oliver's Club Sandwich Challenge, Famous Star Burger Challenge or the Popeyes Meal Challenge. I have not really tried any of the meals above but large amounts of sandwiches and burgers won't stop me.

Will you come support me if I joined? I have to decide soon. The closing date for registration is near.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

2D Animation (Lip Sync) of Digi's Different But Same Same

I said on my Twitter last night that I was going to upload my Lip Sync assignment and update my blog on it. It turned out that last night I had some problems converting it in to a movie file.

However, I've already solved the problem and here it is right now. I used the audio track from Digi's Hari Malaysia Ad: Different But Same Same. Subjects are traced with Adobe Illustrator.

What do you think of it? Do leave me your comments.

p.s: I left my keys at home when I went for college this morning and when I came back, I was locked out of my house. Had to wait for my housemate to get back from class before I can enter the house. =(

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Already So Busy

I'm in my third week of the new semester and guess what? I'm already SO BUSY! The initial plan to update daily during the beginning of my college semester has to be put aside for awhile. How I wish I could be like some bloggers who have 30 hours in a day.

So right now, I guess I'll bore you with some of thing things I'm busy with. Currently I'm working on a lip sync animation exercise. What we have to do is to animate a characters mouth after merging it with an audio track.

An example will be as follows:

But of course the above video uses the software 3D Max, while I will only be using Adobe Flash. It won't be as real as the one done with 3D Max but I hope that mine would be up to standard. There's lots of competition going around in college. Lots of talented designers.

adobe flash cs3

Well, I can't show you the full picture yet. Maybe when I'm done with everything, I'll post it up on YouTube or something. Be sure to give me lots of comments then.

So basically, I'm planning for other assignments as well. It's already piling up!

And I made a mistake by doing the wrong topic for my Moral dan Etika assignment. Will have to rush for the correct topic now.

I have to get back to work now.

You can entertain yourself with this video I found on YouTube which features Dawn Yang. A video about her popping her cherry. Opps! I meant popping her Macbook's cherry. It's dated one year back though but what the heck. Who cares.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Suggest Me A Domain Name

I think it's high time I get my blog its very own domain name. At least with a domain name, I can do much more.

I've asked for opinions on Facebook and Twitter on some domain names I had came up with which were:

Not many positive feedbacks I must say. The banana word doesn't seem to fancy many people. In their opinion, it will make people think of it as leading into some porno site!

orange banana
porn site


So, I'm still up for suggestions. Leave me a comment if you happen to have a great idea for my blog's domain name.

Till then, see ya!

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Jemma Pixie Hixon - Wild Horses

Sometime back, I posted out a video of Jemma Pixie Hixon covering the song 'Love The Way You Lie'. If you have listened to her in YouTube before, I'm pretty sure that you can't deny that she has a great voice and sings fab!

Here's another song which she covered recently; Wild Horses by Natasha Beddingfield.

She had a tough time doing this cover as the lyrics meant a great deal to her. Jemma Pixie Hixxon is suffering from a severe case of agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder, often suffering from panic attacks.

She has been house bound for over 2 years now. She has never stepped out of her front door ever since.

A quote extracted from her blog:
"Over the years the distance that I could travel from my home was getting increasingly smaller. I became unable to go out in my little village in the countryside just a walk up the road."

Do read about here full story in her blog.

jemma pixie hixon

Jemma, I wish you well. Take care!

She's on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. Read about her story here in her blog.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Vaseline Cocktail Party @ Luna Bar

wwwEvent: Vaseline Cocktail Party
Venue: Luna Bar

First and foremost, I would like to thank Nuffnang for inviting me to this event.

YES! For those of you who didn't know, I was there!
vaseline cocktail party
So, I reached at 6pm, together with Feeq, WenYi, Nicole and Wern. Thanks for the ride WenYi! =)
The sky was still very bright at that time, the mood wasn't there yet. However, that didn't stopped bloggers from mingling around.

luna bar
And then it got darker, the ambiance was perfect.

The event was hosted by Jojo Struys. And there was performances by the comedian, Kuah Jenhan and also singing performance by Yuna, a Malaysia singer-songwriter.

I had been absent for a lot of Nuffnang events previously. This was my re-appearance to Nuffnang events. They next time you see me at events, come say hi to me first, 'cause you know lah me, a bit shy kan.

However, I still met a handful of bloggers there. Shannon, NanaEddy, Dusty, Coco, Henry, Jolyn, Junjun Riko dan lain-lain.

vaseline bloggers

Hope to meet more next time! I'll see you then!

luna bar bloggers
Thanks to Feeq for the picture!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

It Is Time To Say Goodbye | MSS Day6

my selangor story 2010 day 6

Day 6 was the day when everyone would depart back to their own homes. The international bloggers would be flying back to their own countries via Firefly and the local bloggers will then go their separate ways.

Woke up an hour later than usual, knowing that we were not rushing anywhere. Everything seemed to be slow that day, maybe it was just me or maybe it was just the fact that I was not ready to leave. Brushed away that thought, I went for a morning shower and then went down for breakfast (Atrium Cafe & Lounge).

Seen seated in a row of tables are the familiar faces of the bloggers of My Selangor Story 2010. With my plate of breakfast, I took my seat at the table. I noticed that not everyone was at the table, and then I remembered, the Indonesia Bloggers had already left. Some of the Malaysian Bloggers also left early that morning.

It was a quiet morning meal with occasional conversations going around the table. I assumed that everyone was also not ready to say goodbye.

After breakfast and final photo snaps, it was time to say goodbye.

To join this competition in the first place, I was actually a little bit intimidated. Having the fact that, I seldom mix around with people and that I'm a shy person. I wonder if you'll ever believe me when I said this. =) Nevertheless, I managed to get into the Top 30 Bloggers and followed along this wonderful journey.

Selangor. There are a lot of places I have yet to visit and explore but because of My Selangor Story 2010, I've managed to cover most of the Selangor map. At least, I've covered most of the wonderful and interesting places. i-City, Kanching Waterfalls, Kuala Selangor Firefly Park and many other interesting stops where it would have been difficult for me to go to.

Never did I expected that this tour was going to be a non-stop eating tour as well. We were eating every single time and at every single stop. I was hoping to gain some weight during this trip, I'm not sure if I did. I did not weight myself.

I only knew a few bloggers when I first joined My Selangor Story, you'll only need one hand to count them all but now, I need more than two hands and feet to count them all. The one best thing you get in return from My Selangor Story is the opportunity you get to meet new people which will be friends with you forever.

Here's a shoutout to all My Selangor Story Bloggers and Crew, it's been great getting to know you all. Whether we were close or not during the trip, I guess it wont matter because we are all from the same My Selangor Story family and that's what matters the most.

Hope to see you guys soon!

Complaints will forever be out there no matter what. It can never be extinct. I'm sure every blogger had sort of a rough start the first couple of days of the tour. Time limitation, internet connection problems, lack of sleep but these are the things which we will remember the most. These are the things which we will look back and laugh at when we all sit together for a drink. I am still looking forward for that My Selangor Story Reunion.

I've learned many things by just observing the bloggers around me. Bloggers are very active people, they are always up for an adventure, they never sit still. Bloggers are people who are too friendly, and I mean that in a good way. They will always approach you with a smile even though your face is as black as coal. Bloggers are full of opinions. Bloggers can multi-task pretty well. Bloggers can be best friends in just 1 day.

Truly I've learned a lot from this tour. It's something which I should take note of. =)

Yes, thank you to the organisers who cracked their heads planning everything for 30 wacky people. I've planned for events before, not on a HUGE SCALE as this one but I assume the gimmicks are the same and I know it can be stressful. Thank you Tourism Selangor. Thank you TV Selangor. One GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all the sponsors of My Selangor Story 2010! Without you, we would not have had the experience which we had during this tour. Kudos to all crew, non-crew and to every single human being who is involved in this project.

And of course a huge thank you to Amelia for bringing all of this together.


My Selangor Story 2010 has been a success! The experience will forever be embedded in our mind.

I hope to see you all again sometime soon.

Until then, take care!


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Tropicana Medical Centre to Sunway Lagoon to Haven Restaurant | MSS Day5

my selangor story 2010

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 is just as exciting as Day 5. Do check out those days first if you have not.
my selangor story 2010 atrium cafe & lounge
It's Day 5 already. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

Woke up early and got ready for breakfast and also to get ready for another day filled with activities. The bloggers of My Selangor Story 2010 had their breakfast the the Atrium Cafe & Lounge located at the lobby of the Pyramid Tower Hotel.

One of the many buffets I enjoy, one of them is the breakfast buffet. I guess it's the feel and whole experience of waking up early to make sure that there's enough food left for you and being blur and half awake picking your food. I don't really like waking up early but when there's a huge variety of delicious food waiting for you, I guess that's what makes up to it.

I would usually down a lot of food during buffets but this time I only ate very little, probably because last night's dinner was still inside of me. =P
my selangor story 2010 atrium cafe & lounge
my selangor story 2010 atrium cafe & lounge
my selangor story 2010 atrium cafe & lounge
my selangor story 2010 breakfast atrium cafe & lounge
There were different kinds of food, from western to eastern. I had myself an American breakfast, just like what Nicole would say. However, I would label my breakfast as the Hennessy Artistry breakfast because it's a fusion of east and west. LOL! I had 'siew mai' too.

After breakfast, we headed to Tropicana Medical Centre.
my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center
A quick bus ride and we were at Tropicana Medical Centre which is located in Kota Damansara. We were there to get an insight of what facilities and services Tropicana Medical Centre has to offer.

We were warmly welcomed by the personnel there and thus, the tour begins. Photos shown below are only some of the many services provided at the Tropicana Medical Centre.
my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center fluroscopy
 Used to get real-time moving images of your internal structures.

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center computed tomography
Gets details pictures of structures inside your body.

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center magnetic resonance imaging
Same function as a CT Scan but the MRI uses magnetic waves instead. No metal allowed when entering this room.

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center heart
Look what came out at the computer screen.

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center digital mammography
This cool looking equipment here is to test for early detection of breast cancer. Yes, men can use it too, it's only harder for them because..well you know.

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center rehabilitation center
They even have their very own gym room for patients who are rehabilitating. To regain back their strength

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center semen collection room
Hmm, this looks odd. A hotel inside a medical centre?
Well, actually it's a semen collection room where people come to donate their sperm.
It's the only place where porn is legal. LOL!

my selangor story 2010 tropicana medical center
And this is where it all happens. The Embryo Surgery Room, where the ovum meets the sperm.
A room where the environment (temperature and light) is controlled and set carefully.

Other services of Tropicana Medical Centre includes:
  • Children's Centre
  • Hand & Micro Surgery
  • Wellness & Screening Centre
  • Fertility Centre
  • Woman Specialist Centre
and many more!

Do check out their website for more details.
After the tour, we were once again treated to refreshments. Food again! And it was back to Sunway City.

my selangor story 2010 frames sunway pyramid
Merely minutes after the refreshments served in Tropicana Medical Centre, we were here at Frames to have our lunch! It was like back-to-back eating that day.

Frames is located right at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid. It's interior is very well designed with photo frames as its decor. A cosy place to dine I must say.
my selangor story 2010 frames dory
I had the Pan Seared Dory served with leek & celery fondue and garlic mashed potato. Simply delicious! We were later served brownies with ice-cream as dessert.

This was my first time here and we had the whole place to ourselves. Hope to come here again for another round. Anyone care to join me?
my selangor story 2010 frames sunway pyramid
my selangor story 2010 frames brownie
After lunch, it was time for some extreme fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park!

Once again, I'm without my camera. I only managed to get these two pictures from TianChad. Might post more when I get hold of the other pictures from the other bloggers. It kind of makes me want to get myself a Pentax Waterproof Camera now.
my selangor story 2010 sunway lagoon tomahawk
my selangor story 2010 sunway lagoon atv
Did you know that it was only my second time there? My first time being about 3 to 4 years ago! It was really fun to hang out with a bunch of people and just having fun together. It can no get any better than that. Making new friends and enjoying our day together.

I wonder when will be our next visit to Sunway Lagoon again? The next time I'm there, I just might try the Bungee Jump and the G-Force. Might. XD
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point
After having enjoyed ourselves for the whole afternoon right up till the evening at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, it was time for us to head back to our hotel rooms for a bath and to get ready for our last stop of the My Selangor Story Tour. Haven Restaurant, which was our official restaurant.

Haven welcomed us with friendly smiles and LOTS OF FOOD! Just take a look for yourself. I initially thought that we were just going to have a simple dinner there, I didn't know that it was going to be such a huge reception waiting for us!

Appetizers and desserts were served buffet style as shown below and we had a choice of 6 wonderful main course.
  • Haven's Special BBQ Beef Back Ribs
  • Grilled Norwegian Salmon
  • Briyani Lamb Shack
  • Haven's Special Grilled Chicken Chop
  • Haven's Vegetarian Delight
  • Tom Yam Fried Rice With Shirmp
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point

my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point anan
This is Mr Anantharaj Appanan, the Managing Partner for Haven Restaurant. He gave us a welcoming speech and then it was makan time!

Appetizers first. So I headed out to the buffet area to grab me some food. I had soup and some side dishes as my starter.

Nicole even caught a lobster back! Yes! Haven served us lobster too!

my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point soup
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point lobster
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point mango fizz
I ordered Mango Fizz, a refreshing thirst quenching drink!

And guess what did I order for my main course?

I wasn't expecting much of the main course, I was moderate.

Until our main course started coming out one by one from the kitchen. It was not a regular sized serving, it was a serving fit for a giant! Everyone was surprised by it! Do take note that this is the normal size serving Haven serves regularly.

I ordered the Haven's Special BBQ Beef Back Ribs. To me, it wasn't served on a plate, it was served on a HUGE dish! That's how big of a serving it is.

my selangor story 2010 bbq beef back ribs
Some of the other HUGE MEALS.
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point grilled chicken chop
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point grilled norwegian salmon
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point razlan one night service

Besides having good food, Haven also contacted Razlan from
for some live singing entertainment that night.

Great food, great entertainment, great people. What more do you need?

my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point dylan
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point ribb bones
It was that good! We were also given cute cupcakes by Haven. How sweet~
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point cupcakes
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point kl city view
I was very busy eating that night, which is why I did not get many pictures of KL view that night. This was the best shot I have. It was already kind of misty that night due to the rain.

Haven Restaurant is a great place to go to if you are looking for great food. To top that off, you have a great view. Best place to go for a date or if you are trying to get that certain girl. Other than that, it's a place for family outings as well.

Haven is having a lot of special events this whole year. Why not drop by their Facebook Page, Blog or Official Website to check it out for yourself?
my selangor story 2010 haven ampang look out point bloggers
One last group picture for keeps.

We ended it with a fully belly. Our dinner at Haven was our farewell dinner as on the following day everyone of us will depart home.

It has been a hell of an adventure during this tour. Will be missing every single one of you.

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