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31 December 2009

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sensuala Calendar Girl Search

sensuala calendar girl search 1

Sensuala by Wacoal is organising a Calendar Girl Search which will featured 12 lucky girls on the very first Sensuala Calendar Wallpaper! For those of you who does not know what the heck is Wacoal and Sensuala, Wacoal is one of the most trustworthy lingerie brand there is in the market! YES! L-I-N-G-E-R-I-E! So for the guys, this will be an event not to be missed!

12 months in a year equals 12 girls. Wearing the Sensuala brand, these 12 girls will have their dream come true to be a calendar girl. Besides that, prizes worth up to RM9000 will be up for grabs! The winner will walk away with the title of Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010, a RM4000 modelling/appearance contract, RM2000 cash and RM500 worth of Sensual lingerie!

Interested? Here's how you do it.

sensuala sign upStage 1:
Submit your details and recent photos using this online registration form.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by phone/email for an audition.

sensuala finalists

Stage 2:
12 girls will be selected to be featured on the Sensuala Wallpaper Calendar 2010.
Finalist will have to attend 3 days of activites:
  • Sensuala Calendar Girl photo shoot and video recording session (early Jan 2010)
  • Runway show @ Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party (end Jan 2010)
  • Sensuala Calendar Girl Finale Event (end April 2010)

    sensuala votingStage 3:
    The public will vote online for their favourite Sensuala Calendar Girl.
    The winner will be decided by the voting results as well as the judges.

    Hannah Tan Live in Concert | I'll Be Home For Christmas

    hannah tan concert poster

    It is that time of the year once again. Christmas is here. Season greetings to all. This holiday season Hannah Tan held a charity concert featuring herself and also her industry friends. What's all this about? It's all about giving back to the community. Christmas is about giving and receiving and what not a better way to do it than holding a charity concert whereby people get to watch the concert for free and by doing a little deed, which is exchanging presents for their concert tickets. These presents collected will go to the underprivileged children.

    hannah tan concert 1

    'I'll Be Home For Christmas', a phrase widely used all around the world. Often used by family members who are away from home, giving assurance that they will be back to celebrate this festive season together. What happens if one has no family members? No relatives. No friends. Just him or her, alone. Hence, there will be no Christmas. No joy. No laughter. This isn't how Christmas should be.

    hannah tan concert 2

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like waking up one day and being all alone? With nobody to talk to, nobody to share your feelings with, nobody to share a laugh or two. Life would be tough living alone. Sad to say that in this bitter world we live in, there are such people living alone. It is sad to see that young children are left to live the rest of their lives without a real family.

    hannah tan concert 3

    Sometimes, things like these can't be avoided. Problems never seem to be free from this world and because of these problems people suffer. People are left to be alone in this world. Cold and alone. How can we help?

    hannah tan concert 4

    Should we feel passionate about helping others, independently take a step forward. Do what you can in your power to make this holiday season be what it should be.

    hannah tan concert 5

    Doesn't matter how you are doing it. With a whole bunch of friends, a couple maybe, or just doing it alone. What counts comes from the heart. The intention to act first.

    hannah tan concert 6

    Be loud and be strong. Spread the word out. Let the whole world know that there are people who are left alone. Make them realise that you are doing a good cause which will make them do the same.

    hannah tan 7

    There are still people hiding behind a mask, denying actual facts of life. Lying to themselves. No! The world is not perfect yet. At least, not until we have given back. Give back to the community. Lend a hand. Help out.

    hannah tan 8

    On the 20th of December 2009. Hannah Tan gave back to the community. She wanted to make people smile this Christmas. To have at least something to remember about this holiday season. To feel more homely. That's when this happened...

    hannah tan concert 9

    A concert was held. Not like any concert as this was a charity concert. Along with Hannah's friends in the industry, hand-in-hand they are putting up a show to help collect gifts for the underprivileged children. Tickets were exchanged for present. Everyone had a chance to give back.

    hannah tan concert 10

    Young and old. We all had one goal in mind. To lend a hand and make someone smile this Christmas.

    hannah tan concert 11

    It is not how much that matters. Value is not the main point. The sole purpose is to help out the best we can. Big or small, what matters the most is your heart to do so.

    hannah tan concert 12

    Have you done your part? Have you given back?

    hannah tan concert 13

    Thank you Hannah for doing a great job on the concert. I enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone else did too. Now we are sure that there will me more smiling faces this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    WOOHOO! Did I Win Another iPod?

    woohoo 1

    woohoo 2

    woohoo 3

    woohoo 4


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    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    School of Social Science and Humanities 10th Anniversary Celebration (Day 3)

    Note: This will be an event post. If you have not read the post on Day 1, please do so here. For Day 2, click here.

    Day 3 was just as exciting as the two days before. One of its main event was the Mr. and Miss Tourism Search. This event was organised and brought to you by the committee in-charged of the Tourism Booth. Scheduled to start at 12.30pm, I rushed there straight after my 12pm class which ended half an hour later. Good thing it ended early. Happy!

    Here's how the event went. Introducing the 6 finalists.

    m1 and f1
    M1- Lim Meng Seng
    F1 - Evelyn Yong Chin Foong

    m2 and f2
    M2 - Jonathan Ong Meng Soon
    F2 - Mia Chong Earn Hui

    m3 and f3
    M3 - Sin Guan Ming
    F3 - Jessyca Cheong Pik Yan

    After that quick catwalk with the finalists wearing traditional clothing. It was time for them to show off their talent in a talent show. This is the part which I'm always interested in, in every pageant search. Before we get there, let me introduce you the three judges for the event.

    miss justina
    Miss Justina

    miss sujatha
    Miss Sujatha

    miss andrea
    Miss Andrea

    Now, back to the talent show. First up was F1 Miss Evelyn who would be singing a song. You can never run away from a singing performance in a talent show, There always seems to be at least one person who's going to sing. Did you know that Evelyn an a group of 3 was the champion for the Encore 2009 Singing Competition?

    miss evelyn singing
    People call her 'Chipmunk'

    Not long after, it was M1 Meng Seng's turn to perform. He did a dance cum story-acting performance for us. Man, you should have seen him strut his moves! Best part of all was the time when he danced to the famous Aaron Kwok - Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan song! dui ni ai ai ai bu wan~

    Love the afro dude!

    Next up, we have M2 Jonathan Ong and F2 Mia who performed a short sketch relating to tourism of course, titled 'Kampung Boy, City Girl'. It is about a kampung boy with his ah beng style, coming into the city for the first time and being facinated with Kuala Lumpur's landmarks. Later on, kampung boy meets up with city girl who is of course little miss pampered. A comedy it was, laughing my way from the beginning till the end.

    kampung boy city girl sketch
    City Girl, "you see my lipstick!"

    M3 Guan Ming and F3 Jessyca was up next each performing a song. Both with matching 'I LOVE NY' tees. Hey, shouldn't it be 'I LOVE KL'?

    m3 and f3 singing
    Girl with guitar = sexy!

    That's all for the talent show section. What we have next will be the question and answer section. What's a pageant search without a QnA section eh? Here are photos of each finalists answering questions posted by the judges. I was busy taking photographs, can't remember what was the judges questions.







    Now, the time that you all have been waiting for. Who won the name of Mr. & Ms. Tourism TARC 2009? *drum rolls* The winner goes to F1 Evelyn and M2 Jonathan! Both of them won a travel package to Pulau Redang's Laguna Resort! *whaddafreak* A TRAVEL PACKAGE!

    Congratulations to both of you. You guys really deserve it!

    mr and miss tourism tarc 2009
    Mr. & Miss Tourism TARC 2009

    other finalists
    A job well done to all of you!

    group shot
    Final group shot

    The people in-charge of the Tourism Booth has done a great job on this event. Kudos!

    Of course the day did not end just like that. Well, I walked around and bumped into these two models. They were promoting for the Fashion Design booth. Took out my camera and snapped away.

    fashion models
    Earth and Water

    Later that evening, it was the main main (stress on the second main) event everybody was looking forward to. A stage performance by Danell Lee (Winner of Malaysian Idol Season 2, yeah, he changed his name). I was there early, took up a nice spot in front with my camera in hand. I waited and watched the organising team communication with one another, giving orders here and there with their stressed out faces. Haha! Reminded me of the time when my friends and I used to organise big events. Memories~

    Pictures below. Enjoy.

    danell lee 1

    danell lee 2

    daniel lee 3

    Performing three songs at the event. With a photo + autograph session later on. I did not stay for the whole thing because of class. Well, that's about it for Day 3 from me.

    Great job to all APR & AMS students and all those who are involved in making this 3 day event a success! Congratulations on the job well done!

    If you would like to read more on the preparations for this event. You might want to check out their blog at SSH Turns 10.

    Till the next event, I'm Dylan, signing off!

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Colour Me Corby

    Have you heard of Samsung's Corby? It's the latest mobile phone Samsung is offering with four vibrant and fantastic colours! Jamaican Yellow, Minimal White, Cupid Pink and Festival Orange! Check out Samsung Corby for more information on this technology.

    This time around, Samsung together with Nuffnang is going to hold an explosive event at the Sunway Extreme Park this coming new year! What's happening at the Samsung Corby Carnival? Well, there will be games and activities and the best part is we 75 lucky Nuffnangers will have the chance to win a brand new Samsung Corby mobile phone! For more information on this, visit What Corby Colour Are You?

    Let's get it started, I'll tell you how colourful my life is right now.





    Like what I said, there will be a Samsung Corby Carnival on the 16th January 2010. I need help getting rid of the black and whites in my life, that is why I am looking forward to the paintball match during the event. YES! A paintball tournament, where there will be lots of colour balls flying around. Hit me with all you got and take me out of the greyscale world!

    To get exclusive invites to this event, I need to post a picture of myself with one of the four Corby colours and also submit it at the 'Submit Page'. Let me show you what Mr. Minimal White looks like.

    mr. minimal white
    Mr. Minimal White

    Looking all chio and ready for battle. With his trusty paintball gun and egg-paintbomb! I think I can be an ambassador for Samsung Corby, don't you think? Scroll down to see the full portrait of Mr. Minimal White.

    mr. minimal white 2
    Go go Mr. Minimal White!

    Freaking chio eh? But wait...something's not quite right here. Guess what it is.

    For more information on the Samsung Corby Carnival, check out this webpage

    samsung corby comic