Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paparazzi Photos of Amber Chia

Most of you have known how paparazzis are in the West. They take photos of celebrities no matter the celebs like it or not, no matter whether they are aware of it or not. So this time around, the paparazzi culture have travelled and reached the east. More specifically Malaysia. Below are paparazzi photos of Amber Chia. No, no, nothing above 18, neither are they picture of Amber Chia without make-up. We do this differently here in Malaysia. We take pictures and turn it into a comic style. Here's attempt number one.

amber chia
Amber Chia spotted!

amber chia
Amber: (asks guy sitting next to her) Who is this weird fella?
Weird Fella: Amber, Amber! Can I have a bit of your time?

amber chia
Amber: Please, please...don't bother me.
Weird Fella: (kneeling): I mean no harm to you.

amber chia
Weird fella grabs Amber's camera by force!

amber chia
Guy sitting next to Amber, shoo-ed the weird fella away.
Amber: YAY!

amber chia
Amber: WTF are these three bastards doing standing in front of me? I can't see a thing.

amber chia
Amber: Mister, will you shoo them away for me please?
Mister: Er, i'll call security.

amber chia
Amber: Where is that lazy security guard? It has already been half an hour since you called security!

amber chia
Amber: OMG! What happened over there?!

And that's all the paparazzi photos I have. I kinda feel its lama and all, that's because this update was so freaking random. I just wanted to update for the sake of updating. GOSH! Anyway, if you want to know what was Amber Chia all surprised about in the last picture. Please stay tuned.


jfook said...

Pretty Amber Chia. Die hard fan of hers. :)

Jimmy T said...

A bit funny and interesting on the same time =]

Mizzsharon said...

Haha very creative indeed Dylan =)

Tony Wan said...

LOL...A funny post... LMAO :D

Dylan Phuah said...

oh, so you like amber chia?
hmm, i'm not realy up2date with the happenings on amber chia though.

Jimmy T:
i was worried that this post will be boring. good thing to hear that you actually liked it.

thanks! :D

Tony Wan:

Aidi-Safuan said...