Monday, August 31, 2009

Secret Recipe



Creative Commons License
Based on a work at

Please do not attempt to steal or re-create any of the designs in this page. All designs published here are for sale only. Contact the owner if you need to publish the work some where else.

For more details please send an email to

More designs coming soon!

  1. Only text and logo can be changed, positioning cannot be altered.
  2. Minor changes can be done (font).
  3. Comic Studios has the rights to alter the Terms & Conditions without notice.

Business/Personal Cards:
Type: Formal, Horizontal, One-sided
Dimensions: 3.5" X 2.2"
*Card designs will be re-sold









Sunday, August 30, 2009




COMIC STUDIOS currently runs as a Lifestyle Blog. Suited with its blog title, most of the blog posts are conveyed in a comic style.

Besides that, Comic Studios also has interests in posting up entries related to latest events and happenings, food and advertorials. Having said so, we are looking for potential future clients and advertisers to work with. Do send us a message if you are interested.

Furthermore, we provides design services to clients too. Currently it is still in its early stage but worry not as it will grow as time goes by (hint: keep an eye on the egg).

We mostly deal with graphic designs at the moment. Using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

National Day


National Day used to be a widely celebrated event last time. Years later which brings us to where we are today, National Day seems to be just like any other day in the calendar.

Less fireworks and not many places have countdowns anymore. Aww...

...and we call ourselfs Malaysians. What was that again? 1Malaysia?

However, it seems that Exabytes Networks are doing their part this time of the year. They have organised an iLoveMalaysia campaign. It's sort of a lucky draw contest to win an iPod 3GS! So, if you want to know more, click on the campaign's banner link on the right.

and there's one more thing to keep in mind, which is my email address ( Click on the iLoveMalaysia banner and you'll know why soon enough.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna get myself a Jalur Gemilang.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back in Action!


So, for the past 14 weeks I have been really busy with college assignments! That's why I have not been updating my previous blog regularly. I don't even have time for Facebook!

But now, I'm done. Finally, the end of the semester is here. This means that I have more time on my side to do what I want to do, which includes more time to update my blog.

As you all know, I'm blogging with a whole new theme. Comic style. High hopes for returning readers. Do help me promote my little bloggie. Oh, yeah! I too provide design service for anybody of you out there who needs them. Do drop me a message if you're interested. :D

Now, back to my online fun. Surfing the web.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How I Got Here


Before this, I was an accounts student determine to get my ACCA qualification but this dream soon fades away as this road is just too rough for me to walk barefooted on. So one night, I decided to change to become a Creative Arts student.

That's was how I ventured into Multimedia Design. So here I am.