Monday, March 2, 2009

Aquaria KLCC

Finally I'm am back once again after my disappearance for more than 50 over days! I was busy with exams the first few weeks. Then when it came to my semester break I was busy with my online business. Will come to that later but for now let venture into the marine life.

Have you all ever wondered what it would be like to swim deep in the ocean? To be a great white shark, to be Nemo, to be a mermaid. Well, last week I took a trip to KLCC Aquaria. You don't know what or where Aquaria is? Hmm...

Located in KLCC, adjacent to the PETRONAS Twin Towers, Aquaria KLCC is a world-class
aquarium that showcases animals and various types of colorful marine life species from
Malaysia and around the world.

The aquarium occupies 60,000 square feet in the Concourse level of the Kuala Lumpur
Convention Center. A visit to the Aquaria KLCC will take you through a journey of discovery
in education as well as eco- tourism, supported by the latest technology with a mesmerizing

- Adapted from KLCC Aquaria
So anyway, entry passes are charged at RM20 for students. Sure is a good thing of being a student right? There's almost student price for everything!

First up was these sea creatures. Starfish and hard-shelled water creatures thingy. Wasn't really paying attention to the description given.


This place is just amazing, At first I thought they only show us fish, like those normal ones but then again its not just that. Different species of animals and insects can be found in Aquaria.

I even found Nemo!

Feast on the pictures I have taken. Too lazy to blog about every one of them. :)

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These two blogshops were:

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