Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assignment Mountain = Less Updates

assignments stress

Assignments are starting to pile up, thus, the lack of updates. Sorry. :( However, don't anyhow stop from coming back to my blog. My traffic decreases whenever I don't update. Why la you all so bad, don't wanna drop by when I don't update. At least leave me a message in my chatbox yeah. :)

Gotta leave for college in about an hour's time. Right now I need to continue with my assignments.



TZ said...

hehehe... i still can see egg egg with all the assignments... not that the pile of assignments have blocked us from seeing egg egg... i think it's not that bad eh~ :p

Stephen said...

I thought you love assignments?

theeggyolks said...

visited! Will visit often in time to time :)

wen pink said...

ei smelly egg! i sent out the postcard today ady! HEHE! btw, relax lar.. assignments n exams are part of college/uni life! enjoy it while u can before u start work!

Dylan Phuah said...

well, let's just say I have to get it done no matter what. so no excuses for me. haha!

yeah, i love and 'love'

thanks! we eggs must stick together!

wen pink:
eh, i'm no smelly egg la. imma still fresh~! oo, u've postedm them cards eh. then i shall wait patiently for it.
haha yeah, bout the assgs i noe. school is way better than the office. ;)