Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Imported Blog Posts From Previous Blog

import blog posts

So today, I've finally shifted every single blog posts from A New Beginning (my previous blog) to Comic Studios. Now you can read all my previous blog posts here without the hassle of going back to my old blog and my archives looks longer now. It's so nice to have a long archive.

I've also included a redirect link from A New Beginning to Comic Studios. Now all my traffic will be redirected here! Haha! I will also be closing down the old blog soon, maybe in a couple of weeks time. I'll see how things go first with the redirect thing going on.

Till next time, chao~

p/s: Leave me more comments.


Stephen said...

*Wipe sweats*
Hardworking :)

wen pink said...

agreed with stephen.. u r really hardworking :)

e l d y said...

why u didn't carry This ?!

+hope u dun mind, good stuff need promotion xD

yiching.rei said...

here's a comment. LOL

i want to steal the egg la.
so cute !!

Dylan Phuah said...

of course I'm hardworking.

wen pink:
hehe, i really am. well, kinda.

e l d y:

ask your mummy go buy you one whole stack. cost around RM7-RM10 only. Then you'll have about 30eggs. Haha!

Jard The Great said...

wow!!! chumel ar ur blog! wanna link u k? ehehe..

pssstt.. tatau sepa yg dapat PS3 tu.. but I saw a chinese lady carrying it into the hall tht night.. huhuhuhu..

Tony Wan said...

lol.... time to use ur own hosting and domain xD

theeggyolks said...

wow! congrats! I was hoping to have my own domain~~

Dylan Phuah said...

Jard The Great:
no prob, of course can link me! :D oh, they did not announce the winner eh.

Tony Wan:
soon soon. :)

i dont have my domain yet but soon there will be. :D