Saturday, November 14, 2009

Live Mannequin Blogathon at TANGS Pavillion, KL

blogathon comic

The Mission:

Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion Kuala Lumpur are proud to present 4 very brave bloggers who will take up the challenge of blogging for 24 hours over 2 days!

The bloggers will be on a mission to blog and tweet to win YOUR votes to make them your favourite blogathon blogger.

Will they survive? Will they make the cut?

-taken from the Live Mannequin Blogathon Facebook Page

blogathon comic

Visit the Live Mannequin Blogathon Facebook Page for further details.

TANGS Pavillion KL

It is all happening right now at TANGS, Pavillion KL! It's not too late to vote for your favourite blogger! Head on there right now and cast your vote as you can walk away with a brand new Lenovo notebook too!


I just came back from Pavillion a few hours ago. I was there around 12 something in the afternoon and not many people was around yet. I guess they were all still sleeping eh? So anyways here are some picture which I took.

cheesie and ky
KY and Cheesie

sixthseal and wernshen
Wern Shen and Sixthseal

 The 'Aquarium'

Here are some close-ups.

wernshen and huaibin

ky and cheesie
Both of them look busy.

vote sixthseal
Oh, and I voted for

Minutes later it was time for toilet break and look what have I spotted on Cheesie's side of the table.






cheesie's table
Girls can never go anywhere without a mirror and a hair brush eh?


Stephen said...

Singapore TANGS also had a blogoton similar to this a few months back :)

Huai Bin said...

Thanks for the support buddy! It is really much appreciated. Thank you for coming! :)

Tony Wan said...

Ur cartoon illustration of Sixthseal SUX.

Dylan Phuah said...

really? who did they invite as the bloggers?

Huai Bin:
You are very welcomed. :D Supporting all da way. ^^

Tony Wan:
i was rushing to post up this post. so all my illustrations i did it very fast. at least it looks funny.

Stephen said...

They had Jayden,Nadia and erm... and some others whose blogs that I don't follow. Anyhow, Nadia won!!!

Sy Yuan said...

YAHH.. Why always tang have all these blogathon ? Maybe need bloggers to blog about them ! :P

§pinzer said...

wah very funny u draw their character :D

kenwooi said...

i dont understand this publicity stunt..
the richer gets rich..
if you get what i mean.. =) said...

how come kennysia not there?

Dylan Phuah said...

what's Nadia's blog? i wanna check it out. :)

Sy Yuan:
to get publicity ma. haha, simple answer.

haha, very ugly la my drawings. :S

the publicity is for TANGS, to promote TANGS' merchandise. :D
kennysia busy mer with his project. :)