Friday, April 27, 2012

Girls' Generation Sub-Group TaeTiSeo To Release Twinkle

All SoShi fans would have already know that Girls' Generation will be releasing a sub-group named 'TaeTiSeo' comprising of 3 members, TaeYeon, Tiffany and SeoHyun.

Their mini-album 'Twinkle' wil be released worldwide on iTunes on April 29th 0:00am (Seoul Time) and its music play around a medium-tempo funky-soul dance track which combines the musical style of Stevie Wonder from the 70's and 80's with the more contemporary sounds of today. (Source:


Teaser's of the sub-group's first MV Twinkle has already been released on the internet along with Photoshoots and Still Frames of the whole concept.

Even the tracklist is already out!

Girls' Generation - TaeTiSeo Mini-Album Twinkle

1 Twinkle
2 Baby Steps
3 OMG (Oh My God)
4 Library
안녕 (Good-bye, Hello)
처음이었죠 (Love Sick)
체크메이트 (Checkmate)


More info can be obtained from the internet and Facebook Fan Pages! In the meantime let's take a look at the 3 released MV Teasers for Twinkle.

MORE UPDATES SOON! So Nyuh Shi Dae Hwaiting!

Friday, April 20, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV | Why I Want This

I have never been a fan of 3D before. Well maybe I was a little bit excited about pop-up book when I was still a kid but 3D animations never seem to excite me. 3D was just not real enough back then. It all seemed too fake. However, times have changed and 3D technology has also grown along with it.

LG Life's Good has come up with a new technology called the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.


The 3D experience will never be the same again. Well you see before this, pop-up books were the only 3D I know. It fascinates me whenever the characters from the books pop up right in front of me but as far as it goes, that's was how far I'm interested with 3D.


Even when the first 3D animated cartoon, Toy Story came out, I wasn't that excited or maybe I was still not old enough to understand what 3D actually means.
Time has passed eventually 3D was used in films like Spy Kids and not too long ago Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon. Also being a Multimedia Designer, I too have gained some knowledge in 3D and when I watch the making of Transformers and the use of CGI, I am truly impressed. That is what 3D movies should be about.

3D should be defined as the fact that something fake can be made to look real.

Whenever I walk around in the departmental stores and I come across the section where they sell televisions, I am very impressed with the television sets that can display absolute clear footage on its screen. The characters and objects seem to pop-up right through the screen.


Whether animated or acted, the realism it projects is as close as real-life itself.

Which is why I am wondering, will the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV be able to provide the same experience?
LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Certified Flicker-Free
LG Cinema 3D TV eliminates flicker from 3D glasses; eliminates dizziness

LG Cinema 3D TV glasses does not need to be recharged

Electromagnetic Wave-Free
Battery-free = electromagnetic wave-free

3D Light Boost
LG Cinema 3D TV displays a clearer and brighter image

Wider Viewing Angle
More people allowed to enjoy the 3D experience compared to conventional 3D TVs

Flexible Viewing Position
Lie down, lean back to, sit sideways, sit anyhow you like to enjoy the 3D experience

Lightweight 3D Glasses
Need I say more?

Provides vivid 3D images

Reasonably Priced 3D Glasses
Costs less than conventional 3D glasses

What I have learnt here is that the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV gives you the best 3D image which does not harm your health and saves your pocket money.

But what I really am looking forward to is the near real-life experience that I could get by just watching tv. Will LG Cinema 3D Smart TV be able to do that? Let us all find out.

LG will be having an invite-only party to let a a number of people experience first hand on this great looking TV.

Date: 5th May 2012 (Saturday)  **UPDATED 27th April 2012, Friday : Party has been postponed to 19th May 2012 (Saturday)** 
Time: 6.30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Courtyard Garden, Bukit Damansara

LG will also be giving out 5 units of LG Blu-Ray Players, one Home Theather system and one new 42” Cinema Screen LTV during the event itself!

I ask for nothing more but let the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV be worth it. I can't wait to check it out!

For more information about this technology, do visit:

By the way, did you know that Girls' Generation shot a CF for LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

All the more reason to know about this brand new product right? :)

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 At Sunway Surf Beach

Last Saturday (14th April), I attended the Tiger Asian Music Festival for the first time at Sunway Surf Beach! Tiger AMF holds the best concert for Asian artists! This is the time where huge Asian artists are brought under one roof for a spectacular music performance.

As for this year, huge names such as Beyond, A Yue, Manhand, A-Lin, Jam Hsiao, LMF and MC Hotdog all came to perform! I was lucky enough to been given the opportunity to go to this event thanks to Nuffnang MY and ChurpChurp!

tiger AMF

Victor and I arrived in Sunway around six to seven something in the evening and it took us ONE WHOLE HOUR just to look for parking. It seems that parking in Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotels were already FULL! After one hour of searching, we drove back out to park in Menara Sunway. Crazy I tell you!

The event had already started. However, once we arrived at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon there were still hoards of people queuing up to enter. One thing which I hate the most about events is the lack of signboards they have. It really trips me off when I can't find the correct place to queue.

Once we got in, Beyond was almost in their mid-set and the whole Sunway Surf Beach was literally filled up to the max with people. It was a sea of human beings indeed.

tiger amf

You will just have to make do with this photo quality. Digicams are the best to be brought to events. Compact and handy.

Anyway, Beyond fans were singing along to all of their songs. Most of them are 'samchun' fans but I guess it goes because Beyond was from their time.

To start of the night, I bought a can of refreshing Tiger Beer. I need it to calm myself down after a frustrating one-hour searching for a carpark space. Victor and I then inched closer and closer to the stage, zig-zagging through the crowd until we can have a better view of the performers on stage.

tiger amf

I'm not joking. The crowd was MASSIVE!

And so the night started...

tiger amf

tiger amf

tiger amf sunway

The whole night was basically a night of fun music...and yes, LMF was DOPE!

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang MY and ChurpChurp for the Tiger AMF 2012 tickets! Looking forward to more event invites from you guys!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The United Nations of Beer Festival 2012 At Resorts World Genting

I was given the privilege of being invited to Resorts World Genting for an event once again! Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Resorts World Genting for the special invitation.

For the first time ever, RWGenting held an event where over 50 different types of beers were available in one single place! The event was called The United Nations of Beer Festival. You can find beers from all over the world!

There are Irish beer, German, Belgian, Aussie, English beer and many many more!

beer fest

The event was just over recently. It was held on the 3rd and 4th of April 2012 at the Genting International Convention Center (GICC) from 6pm till 3am.

Did I mention that this event is only open for Genting WorldCard Members and selected Nuffnang bloggers? I feel so special already. :)

During the event, there were live bands performing, DJs mixing tracks and also many fun games and activities.

That night was purely full of FUN, FUN and more FUN!


That's the stage in the middle and beer booths were available all around the hall. Oh my! There's too many to choose from!

australian beer

This was my first beer on that night. Little Creatures Pale Ale from Australia. I tell you what, this beer is da bomb! It goes down smoothly with enough kick in it. Also, it has this very good after taste of some kind of berry. Certainly a must try if you can get your hands on one.

beer fest

Oh yes, I was there with Victor and Joel roaming around the huge event area. There were a lot of pretty ladies serving beer and taking orders too. A sight for sore eyes I must say.


Not long after that, it was time for another drink. Look at the variety of beers available that night!

It was surely a great opportunity for us to try out different types of beers because some of them we can't find in Malaysia.

Truly it was a great night out with the bloggers. Let's all hope for another round of fun next year!

Here's miss Carlsberg. teehee~

and this should be miss Corona, if I'm not mistaken.

Oh my gawd, I'm missing that night already. More pics in my FB album [The United Nations of Beer Festival 2012].

Thank you once again to Nuffnang and RWGenting for the special invitation for me to attend this event. kamsahamnida~

Girls' Generation FanBoy In The Making

I have been writing posts about Girls' Generation for about a few weeks now. If you are still oblivious, you should have known by now that I'm more and more into them.

Which is why I have decided to start collecting all of their albums. I went out today in search of their album and I eventually bought four sets back. I went to 3 shops to survey on the price. Video Ezy, Speedy and Rock Corner. I bought these from Video Ezy, Pavillion.

Girls' Generation Into The New World - 1st Asia Tour
2CDs with attached Lyric book + pictures

Consists of all live tracks of their whole performance during their 1st Asia Tour. At first I thought this was a DVD album of their performance because I saw this album (if I'm not mistaken) in Rock Corner, KLCC. I came home only to know that it was only audio tracks in them. Oh well~ Shall get the DVD later then.

Girls' Generation First Mini Album - Gee
1 CD with attached Lyrics Book + pictures

Girls' Generation 3rd Mini Album - Hoot
1 CD with lyrics and pictures in a booklet form.
1 random Girls' Generation trading card + 1 sticker sheet

Girls' Generation 3rd Album - The Boys (re-Released as Mr. Taxi)
1 CD with flashcards of the members + lyrics flashcards
1 random Girls' Generation trading card

Mind yourself when taking out the flashcards because it is placed very tightly inside a pocket. The album cover might tear if you are not careful. I slightly tore mine already. =[

What I noticed is that Video Ezy and Speedy sells the albums at almost the same price but Rock Corner sells it at a slightly more expensive price but Rock Corner has more selection to their albums.

Right now I'm looking for their first album 'Girls' Generation'. They do sell it but it does not seem like the imported version. It seems that the first album available here is the one made in China.

Looking for,
1st Album - Girls' Generation
2nd album - Oh! (very hard to find!)
3rd album - The Boys (Korea release; US release can be found in Rock Corner)

1st album re-release - Baby Baby
2nd album re-release - Run Devil Run (can be found in Rock Corner)

2nd mini album - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

1st Single - Into The New World

I'll move on to get the Japan release once I'm done with the Korea release.
There you have it! Help me look for the albums!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SeoHyun and YongHwa We Got Married | Like A Fairytale

After finished watching this series, i think that I really need to share this with the world. I believe that fairytales do exist and I saw it happen between SeoHyun of Girls' Generation and YongHwa of CNBlue.

The series is none other than 'We Got Married'. It's basically a variety show in Korea where two idols will be paired up together as a hypothetical married couple. They will go through life as if they were married.

This was my first time watching this series and it really hit me. One of the best love stories I've ever watched. This series consist of 51 episodes with each episode filled with the couple's funny, cute and romantic scenes.



 I never knew love like this, 
I finally opened up my eyes.
I never knew just one kiss,
Could ever wake me up inside.
And I hope it lasts forever,
cuz I'd walk a thousand miles
Just to feel like this,
I never knew love like this. 

Here's Episode One to get you started. Apparently the uploads stops at Episode 5 but you still can get the full series from this website:



Let us hope that eventually, YongSeo Couple will be real.

YongSeo Couple 4ever! <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zouk@Sepang 2012 with Afrojack, tyDi, Angger Dimas and Bobby Burns

The day finally came! Thanks to Nuffnang & Digi, I managed to get myself passes to this great event!

Zouk bringing the party outside! First time in Malaysia! What better place to do it other that in the Sepang International Circuit!

zouk sepang

I was there with Victor, Kumara and Esther. We reached around 8-ish and there was no waiting to get into the party area thanks to the VIP passes we had. No more long queues!

zouk sepang

Our first stop as we enter the party zone was this game arena where there were 3 game booths set up and each person that completes these 3 games with the needed requirements will be in the running to win a Samsung Galaxy Note in a lucky draw. The lucky draw results will be out in Zouk KL's Facebook page.

There was this 'power-boxing' machine. Hit the target as hard as you can to achieve a certain point. Then there was the iPad game, where we had to tap on certain coloured buttons to gain points. Sort of like Fruit Ninja style. Lastly, the wind-tunnel was the best game ever. There were pingpong balls inside. Collect 5 green and 5 blue balls to pass.

And the mini-prize we get after completing each game is having our arms put inside icy cold water to pick up a marble! We we each given a lighter. It depends on which coloured-marbled you pick up. There was a mini-fan as well as a pendrive to be given away.

zouk sepang

As we entered, tyDi was already hitting the decks. The crowd was already building up. It's time to start the party!

dj tydi

dj tydi



And the crowd was super awesome as well! Fist-pumping, hands in the air, jumping and partying to the music! You can't get a better crowd than this and that's what a party needs. A good crowd!

After an hour or so, we went out to stock up on some booze. What's a party without booze right? After a few kicks, we were back inside just in time for Mr. Dimas!

mr dimas

mr dimas


Up next, Bobby Burns!

bobby burns

Indeed, Bobby Burns was burning up the decks! Great wonders what 6 screens can do.

And now the moment we all have been waiting for. AFROJACK in da HOUSE!

zouk afrojack


And it's time to get the party started! Look at the crowd!

zouk afrojack

zouk afrojack

zouk afrojack

Last night was one of the best parties night ever with good music and a great crowd!

Let's have more of these raves in the future!

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang and Digi for the VIP invites!

Until the next one, party hard people!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Nyuh Shi Dae - Himnae (Way To Go)

I'm on Girls' Generation high these past few weeks. Have been watching their shows and music videos everyday!

There's this one song that never fails to lift my spirit up and makes me want to dance. In the past I have already been listening to this song but I did not know what was the title until recently when I found out.

Let me introduce to you, Girls' Generation - Himnae (Way To Go)

This song is from their mini-album Gee (2009).

SNSD - Way To Go

Can you tell me to find strength?
Can you raise me up by sparkling your eyes?

Everyone wants it faster, more
Oh But I’m just an ordinary girl

The wind moves freely but
I don’t know where everyone is heading

But have strength, we’ve made it this far
This is really nothing at all
Let’s change this world!
The one thing i know is that
the only reason this complicated world is exciting
Is because of one reason
Yes its you

Can you tell me that you love me?
Can you embrace me and laugh together?

Everyone wants it faster and more
oh but I’m just an ordinary girl

The sky is so blue but
I don’t know where everyone is heading


I like you just the way you are
you set me free set me free, my boy

Ever since you showed up (I’ve been changed)
Everything changed
From now on, let’s start again

Ready for your love (This is really nothing at all)
The one thing i know is that
the only reason this complicated world is exciting
Is because of one reason
And that’s you!


So are you feeling all happy and hyped up now? I especially loved Jessica's singing here (I actually love her voice from all their songs). Her voice is very special some how. That ice princess voice.


Not forgetting TaeYeon's vocals are not to be missed here too. Towards the end of the song where she raises her vocals along the lines 'Yes it's you. Ready for your love'.

Take a look at some of their live performances!

Okay, gonna watch some more videos now!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Win RM1500 Worth Of Clothes From ZALORA

Are you running out of new clothes or is your current style out of fashion? Fret no more as you can now have a chance to get RM1500 worth of clothes from ZALORA!

ZALORA is a new online fashion shopping mall which provides the best local and international brands to you with just a click of a button.

Right at this moment, ZALORA is organizing a contest for you to win RM1500 worth of makeover. Details of how you could win is at the end of this post.

Oh my, with a budget of RM1500, I can shop for a lot of clothes!

First off, I'll start off by getting the Area 27, black long-sleeved shirt for a sleek look. This costs RM239.

The Area 27 Long Sleeved Shirt is a classic long sleeved shirt

Colour: Black 

I'll then pair it up with Neuw Guys Iggy Skinny Jeans. This is worth RM511.95. Jeans just goes about matching with everything right?!

nuew iggy skinny
The Neuw Iggy Skinny jeans is a pair of men denim jeans. It consists of 85% cotton, 11.5% nylon and 1.5% lycra, giving them a coated aesthetic. The jeans has a classic four button fly with a slim tapered leg, classic five pocket design and low-mid, rise waist.

Colour: Navy

Time to get some shoes. I think I'll be getting the Alain Delon Slip-on Leather Shoes which costs RM199.90. Leather goes well with jeans.

alain delon
This Alain Delon Slip On Leather Shoes feature a smooth leather upper
with stitching along the vamp to a quarter of the shoe.

Upper Material: Brush off leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Shoe type: Mens Dress Shoes
Colour: Black
Heel height in cm: 2.5
Platform height in cm: 0.0

I'll pair my outfit up with some accessories. I'll be getting the Luciano Pin Buckle Belt which costs RM49.95 and the Thirtyfour Maya Single Wristband worth RM130.

Matte textured black leather belt with metallic buckle.
Luciano black leather belt has a double row of stitches running down its sides
with a pin to hole polished metal buckle design.

Colour: Black

Colour: Salmon/Brown

Right now, I'm all dressed up and ready to party the night away! And the whole outfit only costs me RM1130.80.


So if you are a fan of online shopping, do visit ZALORA Malaysia!

#BeObsessed. let's start the countdown and watch out for our ZALORA giveaways

To my readers that would like the opportunity to win the same prize (RM1500 worth of makeover) as I do, you will only need to:

Leave a comment below and state the reason,
Why do you deserve to win the prize with me? (in less than 10 words)

Deadline: 7th April 2012, 11.59pm
(I'll be sending the entry in to Zalora Malaysia on the 8th of April 2012)