Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sperms and Ovums Are Prohibited To Be Put In The 2012 Time Capsule

sperm and ovum

This illustration above was a picture I submitted for the 2012 Time Capsule Contest. For those of you who are blur, let me explain. Sony Pictures is running a contest for the public to upload pictures of things or items or whatever to be put inside the TIME CAPSULE at to survive 2012's disaster.

2012 is a movie which will be out December 12 about how the world comes to an end. An epic movie I would say. Remember to catch this movie! You wouldn't want to miss this.

So anyway back to the contest, I submitted my entry with the above picture. The reason I want to put the sperm and ovum in my time capsule is to of course to save the human race! Life starts from these two small little things in our body. So yeah.

Sad to say that my entry was rejected as no confirmation email about the approval of my entry was sent to me. Either illustrations are not allowed or my picture is too 18+. Haha! When I wanted to re-submit, the contest period was already closed. So now, it's time to vote!

Click here, go to TIME CAPSULE and vote for your favourite time capsule item. :D If you prefer my picture more than the others, then leave me a comment below.

Till next time, bye!

p.s: I wonder if Nuffnang will let me have the premiere screening tickets even if I have an un-approved entry. Not to mention super late rejected entry. LOL!


Stephen said...

No more chicken egg? Got human egg?

† Đ˜ICHOLAS † said...

hey... quite true yea stepphy... why oni human eggs? what they eat next time then ? :P

Garfield said...


this human egg also too small for u to eat lar

anyway, try to send human cells and see?

maybe they think if only 1 sperm and 1 ovum, there will be only 1 person survive, maybe they want more ppl to survive?

coz if only 1 human is created in the future, that human cannot fuck himself and reproduce mah

or even better, put more ovum and sperm and see.

and remember to label the ovum and sperms said it is from different ppl.

Kelvin said...

Ur idea of sperms and ovums is actually quite good, better den those i saw on the website...saw a Laurier napkin lol

Sean Lon said...

lol. actually good idea.. maybe they d got their own biological dept like movie pandorum.

Wen Pink said...

LOLOL too 18sx liao bah.. next time send 2 entries!

jordan222 said...

Hey! Tats a good idea! Hehehe... preserving mankind! =)

Dylan Phuah said...

hmm, how you know the egg i draw is a chicken egg? what if it's a duck egg?! HAHA! human egg? that's the ovum! Unless you want testicles. :S

maybe they will be come vegetarians.

haha yeah! so detailed eh? ;]

yeah, the idea was to preserve mankind. too bad it did not get through. :[

Sean Lon:
it shold be way more advanced in the future eh? Hmm, I did not watch Pandorum though.

Wen Pink:
wanted to send but then I delayed myself day after day until the day when i was ready to send in another entry, the contest period was closed. FML!

yeah! :D