Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nuffnang Tour of Singapore Part 1: Mint Museum of Toys

Have your read this yet?:
  1. Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore's Pan Pacific Hotel
I'm sure most of the posts about the Nuffnang Blog Awards Dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom is more or so posted up on everyone's blog already. So right now, I'll be updating on the tour we had the following day. First stop, The Mint Museum of Toys.

Mint Museum of Toys Singapore
A snapshot before entering the museum

Let the adventure begin! Visiting childhood memories sure is fun. It makes you feel young again. Haha!

Popeye the Sailorman
We met Popeye, Popeye and Popeye and more Popeye!

Tin Tin was there too!

Darth Maul
Yikes! It's Darth Maul!

Ultraman to the rescue!

Scared of heights?

We then discovered this glass floor about two stories from the ground I guess. Taking a step onto it was a bit scary at first. Haha! It really feels like walking on mid air the first few steps. I tell you, the whole architecture of the place was magnific! Haha! I love a building which is fancy.

Gosh! There are just too many picture taken from this stop. Will update more on this in the future. Remind me if I forget. Haha!

Group A for Singapore Tour
Group Shot (spot me)!


Stephen said...

I want to see eggs in the next post?
So did you enjoy the mint museum?

HitoMi^^ said...

You look so Cute lol...only got popeye, ultramana and the what red faced man??

Tony Wan said...

Good photos! Discover more on Singapore!

kim said...

eh i see my "sexyback" in ur first pic hehe.

yiching.rei said...

Tintin not Tim Tim ! Later the creator of Tintin scold you, then you know. =p
And zomg I wanted to take Darth Maul home wei. I <3 Darth Maul.

Dylan Phuah said...

i didnt know my eggs were so high in demand. haha! yeah! mint museum was great!

there are more toys! wait for my further updates. :D

Tony Wan:

ahha, so that was you. why were you there? you group just finished the tour?

whoops, my bad. corrected d. haha! u want that life-sized Darth Maul to be in your room? nite time scary leh. haha!

erictbk said...

is it a pay per entry? all about toys?? probably would pay a visit there... looks fun wei...