Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nuffnang Tour of Singapore Part 4: Bugis Street and Merlion Park

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By the time we were at our next stop, Bugis Street, we were already feeling tired but that's not going to stop us from continuing our sponsored trip! I love you Nuffnang. Haha! So anyways, Bugis Street was one of the places for cheapskate people to shop. *ngek ngek ngek* It's some sort of the Petaling Street we have here in Kuala Lumpur.

We first went to the shopping mall in Bugis just for the air-conditioning. :D It was super hot in the afternoon okay! After walking around for about half an hour, toilet break included we spent the other half an hour of free time in Bugis Street. Oh, and not forgeting to mention, there was this super long escalator in the Bugis Mall where it starts from the ground floor and ends up at the 3rd floor (or 4th, i forgot). This was the first time I see an escalator this long! Syok-ness!

Back to Bugis Street, the first shop we visited was this...

adult sex shop
Adult Sex Shop

We didn't think of finding this shop but we kind of bump into it. So, yeah...I've always liked to visit these shops and look at the weird and funny toys they have. It's fun. And no, I did not buy any for myself. :S There was one more shop somewhere else in that area but there's this sign on the door which only allows people aged 23 and above to enter. That makes me wonder, is the legal age in Singapore being 23 years old or is there a mis-print on the sign?

Everything in Bugis street are sellling at a cheap price, SG$10 for most of the clothes but then again if converted back to RM, it's more or less the same.


herbal egg

It costs only a few Sing cents. Forgot the exact amount but if my memory serves me correctly it should be about 70cents.

bugis street herbal egg

And that's all for Bugis Street.

We're heading to Merlion Park next! It was a hot and sunny day. Very very sunny.


Nothing much happened here. Only picture taking.

merlion park 1

merlion park 2

After roasting under the hot sun for about half an hour or so, we head of to the Singapore Flyer!


Stephen said...

You guys went to the Merlion Park at the right time :)
tee hee

Bobble said...

Well.. Legal age for people to have sex in Singapore is 18. But they put 23 is more of the maturity level I suppose. In case,some of the 18 year olds are not that mature enough to enter,you know ;)

yiching.rei said...

i LOL at you herbal egg. :p
but at least you guys bought something. joe and i bought NOTHING..

Dylan Phuah said...

but it was super hot n sunny!

hmm, that's a point there. nowadays people grow up too fast but their maturity level ain't catching up to their age.

Bugis Street was still considered expensive for us Malaysians. Haha!