Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Final Merdeka Post

This will be my final blog post about Hari Merdeka. Here I've posted a video showing our late Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman giving out 7 shouts of 'MERDEKA'!


tunku merdeka
Why did Tunku shout “Merdeka!” seven times and not six? Seven was regarded by many Malays of the time and even now by some Hindus as a significant number. Was “merdeka” a common Malay word for independence or freedom? I have seen this so described. Of course, today it is a common enough word to mean independence or freedom but it is a Sanskrit word chosen and made popular by Tunku as a more exact word for independence than the traditional Malay word, “bebas”.

Why the open hand? Previous to this, Tunku had shouted “Merdeka!” with his right arm up-raised and his right hand clenched into a fist. It denoted an unfinished struggle. Tunku had explained that the fist would remain until independence was achieved. Thus on Aug 31, 1957, the right hand was unclenched as Tunku shouted “Merdeka!” to the jubilant crowd.

-extracted from The Star Online, dated Sunday 26, 2007

What does Merdeka mean to you? What does 31st August mean to you? Do you still have that patriotic feeling inside? Sadly but true, this is what it has become year after year...

 MERDEKA! MERDEKA! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! merdeka!

The voices of TRUE PATRIOTISM and TRUE LOVE for the country has decreased and still is decreasing. I have been born and raised in this country for 22 years and honestly speaking, I don't feel anything during this time of the year. Not even a single heart beat of patriotism. Ask yourself truthfully, how do you actually feel about this date, 31st August.

For us the younger generations of Malaysians, it can be hard for us to feel something without first having to experience it. This is how the society has been all these years. We will not learn to appreciate if we do not experience the loss first. Having said so, it will be difficult for the younger generations to actually grasps what the true meaning of Merdeka really is. Many will poorly define the meaning of Merdeka and thus, that is why we see SO MANY SOCIAL ISSUES happening right now!

So how will we ever know what the true meaning of Merdeka is? In my opinion, we will NEVER KNOW. Unless, some tragedy strikes upon us once again. No, I'm not trash talking but this is the fact. Like what I have said, we will not learn to appreciate if we do not experience it first hand.

How will we ever know what the true meaning of Merdeka is, when all we see in the media are news about Discrimination, Racial Issues, Robbery, Gang Fights, Bad-mouthing and even MORE RACIAL ISSUES?! People who have done the previously said might have just interpreted the meaning of Merdeka wrongly.

(click to read)

What does Merdeka mean? Can someone tell me because I really do not know. After that, can someone please explain to me the meaning of 1Malaysia too? I can't find it in my dictionary.

-a person who is lost in Malaysia

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day!


31st August 1957 is the date Malaya got its freedom. Every year on this very special date, we celebrate what we call Hari Merdeka. Malaysia's Independence Day.

merdeka 53

But what does Hari Merdeka really mean to you? Share your thoughts with us.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

COVER Love The Way You Lie (Acoustic) Jemma Pixie Hixon - Eminem Ft Rihanna

You can find many cover songs on You Tube but not all cover songs are good. Jemma Pixie Hixon however does cover songs and they sound great! And she's hot, what more can you ask for.
Just something to share. Search for more of her songs on You Tube.

Subscribe to her Channel: Jemma Pixie Hixon

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Event Coverage | Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010

An event coverage. Read the boring stuff here.

Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010
28th August 2010
Taylor's University College, Lakeside Campus

taylor's asaban festival 2010
taylor's asaban festival 2010
taylor's asaban festival 2010
taylor's asaban festival 2010

I Am On Foursquare


I am now on Foursquare! You will now see me checking in to a place near you. Add me as your friend now, so I can stalk you! :D

What is Foursquare all about?
We're all about helping you find new ways to explore the city.

We'll help you meet up with your friends and let you earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places, doing new things and meeting new people.
What is a Foursquare check-in?
When you tell foursquare where you are, that's called "checking in". You can check in from parks, bars, museums, restaurants, libraries...really anywhere. When you check in, we'll let your friends know where they can find you and award you points and badges based on your adventurousness. You should only check in once to where you are at the time--no drive by check-ins or couch check-ins, please
-extracted from Foursquare.com

Lee Hom Is HOT! Opps, Am I Gay?

lee hom 18 martial arts

Everyone has been going crazy over Wang Lee Hom's appearance in Malaysia. He was here recently for the 18 Martial Arts press conference.

Lee Hom is one of the few artists that sings in Mandarin which I listen too. I don't understand the Mandarin language that well, so me listening to Mandarin songs and liking them is something to be taken note off. The song and artist I mean.
Holding a Masters Degree, Lee Hom has produced wonderful music throughout his career and now he can add one more great achievement to his list. With the launch of his latest album, The 18 Martial Arts (十八般武藝), fans can now enjoy and listen to his wonderful voice.

To enjoy a song, you need not listen to the words. Just by listening to the melody, a song can be connected to your heart and feelings.

Now that's what I call music.

Lee Hom I Love You! Opps, that doesn't make me gay, does it?

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Received My Puffy Lab Tee!

puffylab tee

I finally received my tee! Thank you to the Puffy Lab team for sending it to me on request. I know you guys are busy but still you guys took the effort to send it to me.

If you do not know what is Puffy Lab, read this post: 'Puffy Lab | Awesome Tees By Designers'. It's a site which helps to sell specially designed tees by designers online. They are still working on their website though. I'm waiting anxiously for the website to be up! :D

In the mean time, add them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Puffy Lab Website: http://puffylab.com
Follow PuffyLab: @puffylab

SNSD Genie Japanese Single Is Out!


To all K-pop fans out there, I'm sure you guys will know who SNSD are. Have you heard their song titled '(Tell Me Your Wish) Genie'?

Just recently they came up with a new Japanese debut single album 'Genie'. Check out the MV below!

So which do you prefer? Can't really tell the quality of the videos uploaded into YouTube but tit sounded to me like there was a bit too much echo in the Japanese version.

However for me, I still like them in their uniform. :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting My Free Ice Cream From New Zealand Natural

Remember the time when I told you I won 3 months supply of New Zealand Natural ice cream from 'FCUK's The Man & The Woman Facebook Contest'?

nzn vouchers

nzn klcc

I just came back from collecting my tubs of ice cream from New Zealand Natural, KLCC.

nzn icecream

Brought back two LARGE tubs!

English Toffee + Rum & Raisin

Mango Sorbet + Berryfruit Sorbet
or was it the other mango? Haha, dosn't matter. Any NZN mango ice cream is noms~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Churp Churp Your Way To Be Rewarded

churp churp

Register for a Twitter account here at www.twitter.com

Then follow me @dylan3008

churp churp

Did you know that by signing up with me being your referral, you could win RM25 instant cash credit?! Why wait, sign up now!

Remember to include my twitter ID in the referral field when you sign up.

My twitter ID: dylan3008

Flour Sack - Guess the Character

Here's another animation assignment. We were to animate a flour sack (beg tepung). Can you guess what character we gave it? If you're a movie addict, then I'm sure you'll be able to guess who the flour sack is.


Credits goes to my group mates Terance and Keimi and also myself. :P

Stars - Calendar Girl

A music video directed and produced by my seniors in college. A work which I truly respect. A great inspiration for me.


Credits to Mallory and his team (credits roll at the end of the MV).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My iPhone Keeps Deducting My Credit

Yes. I have an iPhone. I won it in a lucky draw during the Dimensions event.

iphone white

The thing is I've never really started to use it. I'm still carrying my old phone around. It's not that I don't want to use the iPhone, it's just that I don't have a data plan yet and to me carrying an iPhone without a data plan is the same as carrying any other phone.

Well anyway, I've recently just inserted my Simcard into the iPhone and I don't have a data plan yet. So, if I can't surf the net, I play games.

The problem is, some games can be played online, which means the games download content from the net and displays it into the iPhone. So does games that displays advertisements.

I'm not that dumb to let these apps run once I see that something is not right. I don't have an internet connection, but why are these content being downloaded back. So, I quickly turned the app off.
iphone 3g

Then I checked my balance. @@ Just like what I thought, my credit was deducted. I just reloaded (RM10) a couple of days ago.

It's like a ticking bomb.

My credit is dropping faster than the share market!

Then I turned off the 3G signal. That should solve my problem.

After turning it off. I continued on playing games.

Click, click, click.

Opps, I accidently clicked into Safari. Nevermind, I though to myself. The 3G signal is turned off.

iphone credit
Just to be safe I checked my credit again.


My credit just got deducted AGAIN!

Then, I thought, there's no 3G so the small '3G' sign is not there anymore but there's a little 'E' sign.

Oh no! EDGE!

My iPhone is running on EDGE now!

Can you turn EDGE off? I don't feel safe using my iPhone like that. Not knowing that at anytime my credit will run out.

I have to get a data plan soon. Any recommendations?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010

taylor's asaban festival

If you are clueless about what Taylor's Asaban Festival is all about, read through the intro below extracted from The Official Taylor's Asaban Website.

TAF logoWhat is Taylor's Asaban Festival ?

Taylor's Asaban Festival (TAF in short) is an annual event since year 2009 organized by Taylors Anime Society to celebrate the diversity of modern J-Visual Culture and tradisional Japanese culture. Like it’s namesake, this event is split into our signature two sessions -- Asa (day) and Ban (night), which is designed to cater to both Anime, Comics, Games (ACG) lovers and Japanese  culture fans alike.

Apart from that, Taylor’s Asaban Festival also acts as a platform for all participants to gain new experiences in terms of contacts, skills and most importantly provide a medium through which people from all walks of life can meet and share their love for all things Japanese, from the popular sub-culture of Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) during our Asa (day) session to food and tradition during our Ban(night) matsuri (Japanese festival).

In addition to all the unique experience, Taylor's Asaban Festival gives back to the community. This year, we are inviting people from the homes for the destitute old women, and orphans to experience this event. We are also giving a majority of all our profits earned to our beneficiaryGrace Community Services. We believe that this awesome experience should also be shared with the less fortunate.

There is just too much in-stored for you. Check out the activities lined-up for the day!

TAF cosplay If you are an avid fan of cosplaying, then this is the event for you to take part in. Cosplaying is one of the most popular activity to be held in a Japanese themed event such as TAF.

With over RM1000 cash prizes to be won, it only takes you RM5 to join. Hurry up and take part. Unleash the character inside of you!

TAF singingThere will also be a singing competition for all our you who has lovely voices out there. People who doesn't have lovely voices may take part too. Haha!

If you are shy, don't be. Elimination rounds will be done in a closed room and the finalists will sing on stage.

It's time for you to shine!

TAF WeissPikachu, I choose you! Whoops, no more Pokemon this time.

Weiss Schwars is a Japanese Card Game whcih is based on several anime series and games.

Now this will be the battle to see who is the best of the best! Truly a match to be awaited for.

TAF band 
Spirit of Music, collectively a group of bands comprising of talented musicians. Having performed in the previous TAF, now they are back to rock the stage!

Be sure not to miss out on their performances!

TAF doujinshi Dōjinshi are self published Japanese work, usually magazines, manga and novels by talented artist.

If you have been working on your own work, do drop by the 36 doujinshi booths available that day to look for more inspiration.

Maybe you can even get some tips from the artist themselves.

TAF matsuriMatsuri means 'festival' in Japanese. In Japan, matsuris are held to celebrate different traditional festive occasions such as Bunkasai, Doll Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Urabon and Tanabata.

It is extremely rare to see these kinds of festivals in Malaysia, so be sure not to miss out!


Bring your friends and family along to this event. This is an event not to be missed. You do not want to wait one whole year for it to come again, do you?

Taylor's Asaban Festival
Date: 28 August 2010
Time: 10am - 9.30pm
Venue: Taylor's Lakeside Campus
Entrace Fee: RM10 per person

Visit the official Taylor's Asaban Festival website for more info.

2PM & SNSD - Caribbean Bay

Hard core K-pop fans will say I'm outdated but it's always better to be late than never.

If you are fans of 2PM and SNSD, you got to check out this music video titled CABI. It is a commercial music video about Caribbean Bay, an indoor/outdoor water park in Yongin, South Korea. It is currently the largest water park in the world!

2PM and SNSD are the 2010 ambassadors for Caribbean Bay and in the music video they compete for the title of 'The Best Lifeguard of Caribbean Bay'.

Enjoy the MV.

What is CABI?
CABI are hot people who love summering at Caribbean Bay.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Final Outcome After Hours of Animating

The whole process of animating takes up a lot of time because you need to draw every frame on a different piece of paper. One single action, let's say 'a walk' can take up to 30 drawings or more! It sure isn't an easy task. So for all of your cartoon and anime fans, do appreciate the animators.

For my college final assignment, we (the whole course) were given the theme 'Traditional Games'. We were to create a 15 second full-colour animation based on that theme. With the help of Wacom Bamboo, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects plus hours and hours or hardwork, we (my group of 3 members) managed to come out with a 30second clip.

Here's what my group came up with for our final assignment of Cell Animation. Enjoy.

Team members: Dylan, Terance, Keimi
Theme: Traditional Games
Title: Traditional Rangers

Free DOOF - Roxanne (Large)

doof roxanneDOOF Industries is giving away a Roxanne (Large) to one lucky winner with the most 'liked' comment. You can also pick the colour of your choice!

Like DOOF Industries Facebook page and look through their wall post to find out more details on this contest.

Here's what I commented.

naked doof

If you want me to win the free DOOF and stick to my word. Help me LIKE my comment. :)
(Click CTRL+F and type 'Zheng Dhong Dylan' to search for my comment)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chubby Malaysian Playboy Taek Jho Low and Paris Hilton

This news is dated one month back.

paris and taek

Paris Hilton seems to have a new toy to play with. This time its a huge catch. Malaysian playboy Taek Jho Low was seen in a nightclub together with Paris. He wasted £1.8 MILLION at the Byblos nightclub.

He was competing with Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on who can spend the most cash on booze.

Well, this surely clears up one thing. Paris Hilton isn't dumb anymore.

Paris = Smart
Taek Jho Low & Doug Reinfardt = TOTAL JACKASS 

On another note, Paris was seen sunbathing topless in her curvier than usual body. More news here.

paris sunabthing
Two more new friends?

Busted Laptop

My girlfriend's laptop just got busted yesterday. Things with technology and machines these days are so unpredictable. One day it works just fine, the next day when you try to use it, it just gives you problems.

Her laptop was working just fine one night and the next morning it just did not want to turn on. The lights just blinked and then it went off. Just for your info, it was an Acer about 4 years old of age. A guy she knew sometime back sort of tricked her in to borrowing him her HP and he borrowing her his Acer. A HP for an Acer. Later when she tried to call him back to get her HP, he was unreachable, he even changed his handphone number.

May he and all conman die in hell.

So anyway, my girlfriend had to get her Acer fixed. So we brought it to the Acer service center in Berjaya Times Square.
acer invoice
We left the laptop there to be checked which cost her a deposit of RM50.

Further labour cost will be RM100 which will be deducted from the deposit if repairs were to be carried out.

Highpoint also known as Titik Tinggi. :D
acer invoice

See, RM50.

The following day, someone from Acer called and told me that the motherboard got fried, resulting in a total cost of repair to be RM700! @@

Guess it's time to go shopping for a new laptop.

acer invoice

Now what I don't get is this. Why is the deposit of RM50 called a deposit when it is Non-refundable?

By the way, any good recommendations for a new laptop? Cost wise from RM1000-RM2000?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Malaysia Short Term Room Rentals

pv5 For those who might not know, I'm renting a room here in Setapak ever since I started college. Not many might know where is Setapak, especially to those big city boys and girls but you can always take the Rapid KL Kelana Jaya-Gombak line and reach where I'm currently staying which is Taman Melati.

Let's say you are new student and wants to find a room for yourself here in Setapak but you are not sure of the area. How are you actually going to find a room to rent?

Just like my current housemate. He was renting the masterroom a few months ago along with another guy. So when the contract ends, he has to look for new roommates or he has to move out because his current roommate at that time was going to shift out.

Weeks passed and still no luck. Our house leader had friends who wanted to shift into the room; They were the new intake student coming into TARC. Which is why he (masterroom housemate) has to shift out.

But he has to find a new rental room first! The problem is, he can't find any due to some problems. Which is why he is staying in the living room now. Oh my my...

I should have let him know about this website I've found earlier.

caribilikCaribilik.my. If you are finding a room to rent anywhere in Malaysia, you may do with the ease of just clicking a few buttons. Caribilik.my makes it easy for everyone to look for available rooms for rent all around Malaysia. From the north to the south and from the east to the west!

So the next time you are looking for short term rentals. Do check out Caribilik.my.

They Are Making 3D Porn Films Now?!

I found this video link pop-up in my Windows Live Messenger and so it interests me.

Almost everything is in 3-D right now. Most movies that makes the way to your cinema screens are available in 3-D.

We even have 3-D television for our homes!

Not losing out to the market, the porn industry is making a porn film (obviously) in 3-D! Talk about technology advancement. Hong Kong film-makers will be the first to produce this kind of movie and they already have started work on it.

An extract from Yahoo! News:

The 3.2 million-US-dollar '3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy', set for release in May, has already generated interest in a host of Asian film markets, as well as Europe and the US, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

Loosely based on a piece of classical Chinese erotic literature, The Carnal Prayer Mat, the movie will star Japanese adult actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara, the Post said.

The film chronicles the story of a young man who, after being introduced to the erotic world of a duke, realises his ex-wife is the love of his life and features "orgies, swinging and some very graphic sex scenes", the paper said.

'3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy' is to be released in May.

Watch a short documentary on the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ2Dv9Pt92Q or here http://video.malaysia.msn.com/watch/video/hong-kong-film-makers-aim-to-be-first-in-3d-porn/ys6snkon?from=imbot_en_my_default
(I can't embed the video)

Adventure of the King (A Movie Review and Recommendation)

adventure of the king

Just came back a few hours ago from watching the show in TGV, Times Square. I can say that I'm not an avid fan of watching Cantonese movies in the big screens, I only watch them once in an orange moon banana. Having said so, I am still going to try my best to give a review on this movie. This will be my first movie review ever, so do spare my some slack.

Directed by Chung Shu-Kai with the casts Bruce Leung, Law Kar-Ying, Richie Ren, Barbie Hsu and Huo Siyan.

A comedy action movie whereby the emperor (Richie Ren) disguises himself and gets out into the city. This is where he meets with Li Fengjie (Barbie Hsu).

Throughout the whole movie, there will be laughter and excitement. Never once there was a scene where I got bored.

All films have to have a good ending. I always feel that most films rush their ending like they are going to run out of film. However, in my opinion, this movie has had a good ending. No rush, it was just right.

Truly, a must watch movie for all the Canto film buffs. Also a must watch film if you are a fan of Barbie Hsu, also known as 大S.

da s barbie hsu

Banana rating: 5/5 bananas!

Watch the trailer here (sorry about the sound quality):

p.s.: There's cleavage in this movie! *drools* Finally cleavage is let loose by the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia. Haha!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barbequeing To Be Called Off

If you follow my status updates in Facebook, you would have known that I was going to a BBQ party last night with my classmates. A little past 7.30pm and I was off to my friend's place.

barbeque meat

Chicken, sausages, chicken balls, pork, corn, marshmallows and many more nom noms were waiting to be consumed. Using a skewer, I pierced through the heart of the nom noms and placed it over the hot rocks of Mars.

Margarine and honey was used to give flavour. Nom nom nom~
We were having so much fun.

Minutes later, our fresh meat turned into cook meat and the nom-ing started.

The feeling was heavenly!

bbq friendsHere you see how much fun we had BBQ-ing.
After a very long and stressful semester, we really deserve a break.

Everything went well.

Right up to the point where...

Drip drop drip drop

And it all comes pouring down!

Run for cover! With the food!

BBQ-ing in the rain isn't fun, even if it's under a shelter. You will still get splash by rain water.  The rain kind of spoiled the mood for us. We were wet, the food was wet, our rocks of Mars were wet, even the water was wet!

In the shelter we stood and sat, eating marshmallows and ice-cream and drinking beer. Rootbeer. Something had to be done, there were still lots of fresh meat waiting to be triple killed. So we resulted in going to one of our friend's house to cook instead.

Barbeque turned cooking party. :S

deep frying
Here you see our potatoes taking a hot dip in our 5-star hot tub.

Our 'pok-pok-kai' (chicken) was also given the same treatment.

Now, isn't this fun...

The rain has stopped though.

Soon later, most of us went back home. Some stayed for the second round. The after party you might say.

MAMAK! Maggi Goreng satu!

And to tell you what's frustrating is that it started to rain once again and it continued on throughout the whole night (morning)!

What a night it was. What a night!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Point and Shoot Is Lost!

Have you come across a time when you want to use something and that something is just nowhere to be found but when you don't want to use it, you can see it everywhere? I've gone through this scenario for more than a thousand times already! However this time, something is different.

panasonic lumix fx-12
When I say I cant find my PnS Panasonic LUMIX FX-12, I really can't find it! I have no solid memory of when the last time I've used it. Well, there was this one time I brought it along with me to a college event when I left it in my bag somewhere else away from me. When I got home, I did not take it out from my bag (or that's what I thought). So right now, I'm not sure whether it got stolen or did I misplace it.

All this happens when I want to use it. I need it to record video. Now, I don't have a decent video recording gadget!

There's been a black cloud hovering above my head these past weeks. Wind oh wind, please blow it away!

Anyone companies out there willing to sponsor me a Digital Camera? I'm willing to receive a video cam too!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 @ Mist Club, Bangsar

hennessy artistry

If you recognize this logo, then you have been to one of the best clubbing events ever! Yes! Hennessy Artistry is back yet once again this year. This time around they are going to hit Mist Club, Bangsar!

Before that, just a little recap on what happened during the previous Hennessy Artistry event at ZOUK, KL.

hennessy artistry zouk kl
hennessy artistry zouk

hennessy artistry zouk

If you are in for the fun and excitement, make yourself free this September 18th! Head on to Mist Club, Bangsar and be entertained by ZE!, DJ Inquisitive and DJ Nesh!

hennessy artistry mist club


Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at Mist Club, Bangsar logon to www.h-artistry.com.my. Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter. The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only.  ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

The Orange Banana

My blog has been through yet another change. Why so many changes all these while? Well, it's because I'm never satisfied with what I want which is why I keep on searching for it until I get it. The same thing goes on as well in my life. I will keep on searching for it till I find it.

the orange banana So why 'The Orange Banana'? There's a couple of reasons to it actually. First of all, is because I sometimes is referred to as a 'banana'. Usually this term is used to label someone from a Chinese background who doesn't speak any Chinese language at all. In my defense, I do speak Chinese, I just don't know how to read and write them. That's the personal part.

Second of all, being a Designer, one must be able to see things others might not see. Discovering new and creative ideas is all in a day's work. How many of you have seen an orange coloured banana before? I haven't, which is why this branding I've created reminds me to think outside of the box, similar to the 'dot and the paper' concept.

And to succeed and grow with this blog has been my aim for a long time. I hope that I will continue to get your support.

Now let's see, what happens when you put a banana and a couple of oranges together? Hmm...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Huge Weight Lifted Up From My Shoulders

The long battle with assignments for this semester is finally over! Only one more exam to go before the war is won. So I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time now, I guess it's high time I get back into full gear into updating it once more.

In the meantime, please take a visit to my photoblog as I've just updated it with a series of photographs. Leave me a comment there.

Till the next update! Bye!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Point Where Everything Started To Go Wrong

Everything was going well until up to this point.
I thought I was immortal.
Turns out, I'm just human.


Things are starting to get messy. Getting let down, a huge part of it comes from myself.

I'm losing my grip. Oh, please don't let go.