Monday, March 31, 2008


Hey! After much persuasion from a couple of people, I'm finally here using Blogger as my BlogHost.

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Had been transferring post over here from my previous blog site. Right now, my blog doesn't look very attractive with its template. urgh~ Will edit the whole thing soon. I'm just too tired right now. :( Don't feel like blogging today. Till next time. Ta~

Saturday, March 29, 2008

When ur Bored at Night in a Hostel Room

Took this video 2 years ago. We were attending the Interact Conference in University Malaya.
We got bored at night and this is what happened...

When you put wheels on a bed...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Need A House

(Note: this entry was typed out yesterday)

I’m feeling stressed out today! Why? Because my lodging problems are back again!

Here’s what went wrong…
I woke up today, like every other day. Checked my phone for messages I missed out last night. Then, continued sleeping. (yeah, I’m not a morning person). So, I twirled and rolled on mua bed, enjoying the great feeling of ‘waking up and goin back to sleep’. Moments later, my phone beeped. Grabbed it.

*1 new message* it read.


It was a message from ‘my soon to be house mate’.

I was curious what the content of that message was. I thought she wants me to confirm whether I was going to move into her condo or not.

(Click…reads message)

She asked me to get a backup plan for my accommodation when I come to college. It was because her friend might not be renting out the extra space in the condo anymore!! Well, as far as I know I’m homeless again…*crap*

Last resort: Hostel (yikes!)

Anyways, my plan for today was to go out with my ex-colleagues. They were those who worked with me in SUB before. JJ was where we were supposed to meet.

Rae and I

miacco and Rae

So, we met up. Had lunch and later went for a movie. I watched Spiderwick again! It was my second time watching this film. Not so interesting watching the film twice, the suspense is gone but there were some funny parts. Still laughed at those scenes.

However, before the movie we still had time for this…

Had to had some candid shots inside the sticker picture machine. Haha!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Operator A vs Operator B

Operator A vs Operator B

The battle between cell phone operators has been going on since forever! With each company setting the best rates for their ‘loyal’ users. I can still remember back then where it used to be 10cents per SMS, and then the rate kept on dropping and dropping! And now the lowest charge for an SMS cost only 1cent! Talk about competition.

So, right now there are three main cell phone operators in Malaysia (correct me if I’m wrong). There’s Hotlink, Digi and Celcom. Because of tough competition, these companies start to come out with various plans and promotions. Trying to keep their current users and at the same time tries to get new customers.

They keep on changing their call plans again and again and AGAIN! Call rates and SMS rates kept on changing so many times! I used to know what are the call rates and stuff but right now I’m lost… =S

There are more call plans and promotion rates now…and that’s giving me a headache. Not that I’m complaining about the low call/SMS rates. The fact is that it’s confusing, that’s all! Right now, you have the Friends and Family for Digi and Active5 for Hotlink (you can activate Active10 now, if I’m not mistaken) where you can enter 6 numbers for FnF and 5 numbers for Active5 and you get special rates for calling/smsing these numbers. Some operating systems have their off-peak and on-peak hours where rates are different once again! Then there’s the FU-YOH hours for Digi… oh my gosh! So many call plans + so many rates = MAJOR BLUR!

So, I went to each of their respective websites to clear things out once and for all! So I typed at my browser’s Address Bar: [] []. Guess what? The moment the page loaded, I just got even more frustrated with everything…

The websites looks all messy and stuff with their flash animation and 1001 links everywhere…I mean, come one man! Can you get your page a little bit more organized?! Get a new web designer! Haha!

I went on searching for what I wanted (took me some time though). Here’s what I found out…

For Digi Prepaid Plus Users

what about the SMS rates? (can't find info on SMS rates!)

For Digi FUYOH Users

This only gives us info on FnF. What if I'm using the FU-YOH plan and i wish to call or text my friends who are not in my FnF list? *cracks head*

For Hotlink Plan Users

For Hotlink Active10 Users

Active10 is just a sub-plan which you need to activate right? =S

Activ10 FAQ

1. What are the Hotlink Activ10 call and SMS charges?
Call : 15sen/min
SMS : 1sen/SMS

The rates above are only applicable to Hotlink Plan & EM Plan users. Rates differ for other plans:

Call charges (Per minute)
SMS Charges (Per SMS)
Hotlink Total Plan
Peak hour : 20sen
Off Peak hour : 10sen
Hotlink Zone : 15sen
Hotlink Talk/Standard Plan
Peak hour : 30sen
Off Peak hour : 15sen
Hotlink SMS Plan
Peak hour : 40sen
Off Peak hour : 25sen

: Peak hours are from 10.00 am to 12.00 midnight
: Off-peak hours are from 12.00 midnight to 10.00 am

For XPax Users

With so much info gathered...I'm still LOST! HELP!

A friend of mine has just set up a new business thingy. Some sort of a retail industry I guess. It’s all about apparels. So, check out his site if you want to know more.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stressed Over Preparations

I'm back for another post!

I went to the Education Fair held in Syuen Hotel (20th March 2008). So, I woke up, bathe, took myself about an hour to get dressed and stuff! Finally, I'm on my way...

By the time I got th e re, there were already lots and lots and lots of people! And i thought everybody would still be sleeping at home. =S (guess i was wrong). Anyway, I entered the hall only to find out that it was even more cramped up inside! Can't ev en walk! Had to squeezed through everyone there..hate it! Initially, I planned to ask a few other colleges about my courses but seeing that the whole place is 'sardine packed', I didn't really had the mood to ask anything. haha! So, I just walked around a few times, grabbing pieces of brochures which where handed out by representatives from their respective college.

I bumped into a few friends, followed them around for awhile, talked awhile, etc etc.

Not much benefit from today *crap* and I didn't manage to capture any pics.

After days of advertising for a roomie/housemate. I finally got a message from my friend, June! She offered me to stay at her place at Taman Melati. Yeah! I don't have to worry about staying at the hostel anymore!
She sent me pics.

They have electrical appliances too!

Accomodation: [checked]
All the other stuff:
[ ] *argh!*

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey peeps, I'm back once again after the few years I went missing from the blogging world. I’ve been wanting to be back here much sooner but time just doesn’t allow me to do so. I’ve been busy with work and stuff. So here’s what I have to say…

Finally, I have completed a huge chapter in my life. After years of schooling, 15 years if I’m not mistaken (2yrs in kindergarten, 6yrs in primary school, 5yrs in secondary school, 2yrs pre-U), I can finally close this chapter in my life. No more uniforms, no school rules, no more nagging teachers, no more exam stress, and the list goes on…

But school ain’t that bad. Come to think of it, once you step out of school for the very last time, you tend to miss those schooling days. You’ll miss your old friends, you’ll miss your teachers (yea, even though some are crappy), you’ll miss those great times you had with your pals. Good times and bad times.

Here’s a glimpse into some of many memorable moments of my schooling life…

The memories are still fresh in my mind even though its been a few years back. I can still remember, back when I was a Fifth Former, I’d be sitting near the door and I’d always be on the lookout for teachers who were walking towards our class. Sort of like a teacher alert warning system. That’s what students do. My Form Five years were filled with excitement so to say.

After the final exam (SPM), most of use went our separate ways…some went to college while some went overseas. We’d still keep in touch once in awhile but maybe everyone’s busy with their studies that we couldn’t have much time to contact each other that much.

My plan was to go to college but somehow I ended up in Form Six. At least I’m back in St. Michael’s. Doing Form Six isn’t too bad after all. I’d certainly learned a lot in this one and a half years. Plus, I’ve gained a lot of experience too. What’s more is that I made new friends along the way. The best moments were towards the end of our schooling life, that’s when we were all studying for STPM. We’d be staying up late in La Salle Centre trying to cram every single information on the subjects we were studying for. Those late nights were the best. Every time when we get restless, we’ll start to talk, joke around, go out for midnight snacks…I can still remember the coffee breaks! Then came bedtime, where we slept for a few hours only to wake up in the middle of the night to study again! Most of the times, I just sleep through the night! This routine went on until the last paper for STPM…

Of course, there was the Sixth Form Night held in Ipoh City Country Club. That too was a night to remember…

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Having said so much, it is certain that my school life will be something I truly miss.


After turning that last page, the next part of my life begins…

I can say that this chapter begins when I got my job as a part-timer in Subzero Kinta City.
It wasn’t all fun for my first day nor was it that bad. I did iron a whole lot of clothes though! Took me few hours to do so!

I did make new friends. What’s funny is that I thought all of them were elder than me and was permanent workers. To my surprise, most of them just finished their Form Five and were waiting for their results. They are fun people to work with. Laughing non-stop and crapping the whole day! Day after day we’d be working together, getting scolded once in awhile..that’s all part of work. Because Chinese New Year was approaching, customers were flocking in non-stop! It was hectic if you ask me. Things started to slow down a few days after CNY. That’s when I get to relax abit.

Nothing much to say here, just the same routine everyday (work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep…)
I have finally resigned from work two days ago. Right now I’m getting my deserved rest time.