Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lucky Guy

White Windmill 白色风车

white windmill lonely


Getting Ready For 2013

Two more days to go till the new year arrives. 2012 has been full of unexpectedness for me. Some good and some not so good. Well, it's about time for a new beginning.

Anyway, I finally unboxed my Christmas present. Thank you Caroline for the thoughtful gift. It has been awhile since I last received one.  : )

christmas present dylanzd carolinelzt 2012 december

It came with a cute card and a.. erm.. 'pen'. Wasn't really expecting these. So it was a pleasant surprise. It's always heartwarming to read a self-written note.

And yes, she got me a planner. Must be because she got tired of nagging me to plan my stuff earlier. Now, with this planner I'll have no excuses not to have planned things out properly.

Really appreciate the effort and thought of you getting me this. Thanks!

Let us look forward to a better year ahead.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

That One Snowflake

Each snowflake is different from the rest. No two snowflakes will be identical, which makes every single one of them special.

Christmas day, one of the most magical days of the year. Filled with magic and fairy dust.

The first snowflake, when it falls upon you, it will be yours. The one and only one.

Will be looking forward to more magical moments in the time to come.

Friday, December 28, 2012

When Things Just Don't Go The Way You Wanted It To Be

Never thought it could happen once again.

For once I thought that I made up my mind.
But history seems to repeat itself on me.

It's not what I had in mind.
Things just seem to happen on its own.
Is there a reason for all of this?

Or is it just me.
Am I too stucked up?

Or is it just that I know
I can't let this go this time?

I never saw this coming,
I should have started running a long long time ago.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day 2012

Here's how my Boxing Day went. There's no un-boxing of boxes for me, so I went out and looked for my own fun.

ipoh train

I started my journey back to KL from Ipoh this morning. I went back a few days earlier for Christmas. It has been a long while since I've last went back home. So yeah. Now I'm back in the city, waiting for exams which is coming real soon. One paper and then one final semester to go until it's time for me to face the world.

Came back and then decided to do myself some shopping. I'll buy myself boxes and un-box them myself. Headed to Pavillion KL which is still one of my favourite malls to shop in. Maybe because it's easiest accessible to me and has the best choices of shops.

tshirt grey black shopping

Bought four pieces of clothing as you can see. Grey Black Grey Black. Shows that I'm not in the mood to buy colours today. hmm...  :/

Done with shopping.

Came back home and decided to colour my hair. Which is why you will see my poorly taken selca below. Haven't been practicing. 

shower cap selca

Pictures of the after effect soon.

isqueeze osim

I just need some time-out from everything that is happening. Squeeze me feet.

Can't wait for 2013 to come. A new beginning I hope.


If only things were a little bit less complicated.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Road Not Taken

Ever wondered how things will turn out if you took the other option in life?

The path was paved right in front of me. Properly planned out and everything seems to be going fine, until recently. A lot have changed.

Thoughts were messed up, plans were destroyed, the future has been blurred out. I wonder what will happen if I took the other road if the other road did exist. What I had was just a highway and now I have arrived at a crossroad. To turn or to just go forward?

quotes road

Life has too many uncertainties. Some predictable some are not. Well, I guess that's just how things go.


Will be heading back home tomorrow.

2012 Was Not Great After All


Greetings. I am Mr Squinty Eyes. I come from a world far far away and now have taken over this blog.

Anyway, back to business. I'm sure that not many will be reading this post as I tend to lose readers whenever I take a hiatus from blogging but I don't care. It's not you that I want. I know I am a week early to make a year's end blog post and to make a recap of 2012 but I'm going to do it now anyways.

Rewinding back to the start of the year, it was January 2012 and I thought to myself it will be a good year this time. It's my year. Yes, I was born 24 cycles before. However, things weren't going my way the whole time. Everything seems to be running downhill right from the start. It still is but I do wish for it to stop soon.

Not sure if it's just my thoughts but nothing seemed to went right this time around. Well, there were some happy things that happened. My head shrunk smaller.


Good times, bad times. It happens to everyone. It'll soon be 2013. So let's put aside the past and hope for the best.

Things to do in year 2013:

1. Catch a wild Pikachu


2. Quit my current course and enroll in a make-up course


3. Get a tattoo


4. Sing the national anthem in Genting Highlands


5. Buy a bag-pack


6. Graduate from the make-up course


7. Eat raw processed food


8. Level-up on selca skills


9. Be a total goof

and most importantly,

10. To get to know more awesome friends


That's my Top10 list of things to do in 2013. Which one shall I start off with?

In the meantime, let's listen to some music. Introducing, Jason Chen's Gravity.

Caught up in you gravity
Don't know how you got me

Christmas is almost here. So where's my present?



quotes follow the flow