Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nuffnang Tour of Singapore Part 3: URA Museum

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URA Museum comic

URA Museum 1
This is only a part of Singapore.

I am really amazed with this model of Singapore. It's so detailed! I wonder if we have something like this in Malaysia.

URA Museum 2
Now this is the whole of Singapore!

During our stay in Singapore for the NNawards, we visited one small part of Singapore which is located at the top right corner in the picture above. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

URA Museum 3
Ming pointing out his house

In this picture, you can see Boss Ming (Nuffnang's co-founder and boss and dai lou) pointing out where he stays, as in his home. XD "I come collect angpow during CNY okay?"

Next up, Bugis Street and Merlion Park.


Wen Pink said...

OMG i cant wait for Bugis Street! My fav amongst all!! Shopping ftw!

Dylan Phuah said...

Wen Pink:
Bugis Street post is up! But I didn't take much pics there. :/

† ИICHOLAS † said...

dude... update us more info bout SG :) very nice weii :) keep it up :)

yiching.rei said...

haha when you said Ultimate Racoon Architecture i was like .. OMG GOT MEH WHERE GOT REALLY AH MAYBE THAT'S WHAT IT REALLY STANDS FOR!!


feel damn stupid now .

Dylan Phuah said...

there are a few more Sg posts coming up. :)

can't believe that you actually believed it. =.=