Monday, November 2, 2009

I Almost Won A BlackBerry

So I was in college and I brought my laptop there as well. At noon, I was in the canteen having my lunch. I then took the opportunity to use the wifi provided to access the internet. I went to check my email first. Then I saw this.

Nuffnang's email
An email from Nuffnang

Remember the post I wrote on the XBerry Party? Nuffnang ang Xpax were to give out 2 more BlackBerry smartphones to two bloggers which has the best blogpost based on the event itself. Do you think my blogpost will win?

After writing that blog entry, I kept on checking my mails and also Nuffnang's blog to see if they have posted up the winners or not. Then that day which I have been waiting for has finally arrived!

BlackBerry dream


Haha! You know how slow college internet access gets. *heart racing*

When it the email finally opens, the content says...

Dear Nuffnangers,

This is to inform that the 2 winners for the XBerry Party Blog Contest has been selected by Xpax after judging all the entries sent in to us.

The 2 winners will receive a Blackberry Curve 8520 courtesy of Xpax for their well written and creative blog post regarding the XBerry Party. The 2 winners will be sent an additional individual email to inform them of their winnings.

Thank you for participating in this contest.

Look forward for more exciting and rewarding contests from Nuffnang in the near future.

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

BlackBerry Dream

My dream of owning my very own BlackBerry shattered in a matter of seconds.

BlackBerry Dream

I thought, I must have read the email wrongly. So I read it again and again and again...crap! I'm not reading it wrongly. So I went to check whether I received the 'additional individual email' or not. Turns out. No. Negative. Ziltch. Nada. Zip.

Tough luck. Guess my blogpost wasn't good enough. Oh well, there's always saving up and buying one for myself which will take me a few hundred years to do so as I'm not working yet. Guess I'm stuck with the same phone I've been using for 5 years now. T.T 


kenwooi said...

it's like this..
that's why i dont join contests.. the feeling of losing is not nice.. =P

Tony Wan said...

Wah,5 years. So long WTF.

Okay, dun be so down man, next time make ur egg story a lil bit different with some interesting and extraordinary story lines. With this maybe u can win all the contests LOL

Cheer up and enjoy ur days :D

Theeggyolks said...

don't worry! ur blog is very creative~ maybe you're going to win an even better phone in future! cheers!

Joshua said...

Hahah! I also have the same feeling when I received the email but my feeling are different. I was, seriously? my lousy blogpost can win something? lol. But then I still won nothing, but I win experience. =)

belz said...

ur comments are all so supportive! let me leave u stg more of a "throw cold water" type. hehe.



sharing is caring. :D:D:D:D:D:D

maslight said...

LOLed at kenwooi's comment before my own comment.

Yar I was gonna say that coz I'm not as lucky ;_;

But, try again, who knows your luck is better than mine? XD

Huai Bin said...

Hey, actually I know someone who joins contests PROFESIONALLY. She uses all her spare time to JOIN CONTESTS. No kidding. She wins quite a lot too just coz of the sheer amount of contests she joins. So keep going at it. =D

HitoMi^^ said...

owh....that really potong stim...
Gambadeh, you sure can win one soon

Robb said...

if u dun try, you'll never win.

if you try and fail, try again next time.

definitely there will be a time where you will win in contest. :)

e l d y said...

my frends also received that kind of email .. hahahaha !

Mizzsharon said...

KNS chee cheong fun
wtf bak kut teh
dumb dumb fish ball??
So cute lahh u LOL

Dylan Phuah said...

but the adrenaline rush of waiting for the results is fun! :D

Tony Wan:
yeah, i'm using my SE k750 for 5 years already! FML! i need a new phone! a phone which has wifi!

your blog is very creative too! your illustrations are better than mine. :D
and we have something in common. ahha!

haha! i guess Nuffnang pranked a lot of people with that email.

hehe! i give you er... egg. wan?
by the way, where r u now?

hmm, i guess entering contests do need some luck too.
let's us try again next time. :D

Huai Bin:
really?! you need to intro me to her. haha! she can be my mentor.
my blog is sort of becoming like a 'contest blog' :S

*cross fingers*

it's true what you said.
that's why you probably can see my entry in every contest there is. haha! well, most of them la. ;]

e l d y:
haha! what was your friend's expression?

Aidi-Safuan said... least u already try lorh..better than me.juz dreaming about the blackberry and didnt try da contest at all.hihi

¥ù £Ïäñg said...

i did not even receive the mail stated that they will let Xpax to judge! wtf?!

jordan222 said...

try again next time! I guess it's the fun of 'waiting' for the big prize! =)