Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy Topics Are Not Always A Good Choice

assignment choice

assignment choice

Finally a blog post which is related to my life. I realised that I've been doing a lot of contests and events posts lately. Hope that you guys are not bored with those posts. XD

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kitakat said...

very cute and nice pics..keep up the good work!!

lionel0008 said...

I was just about to say easy until I saw that it was 2000 words.*gasp*

Is it a written test or an assignment?

conan_cat said...

woot, 2k words on that topic! somemore in malay, siao! D:

my graduation dissertation is 6k words... but at least it's in english, and it's about Yasmin Ahmad. xD

Dylan Phuah said...

i will keep it up! :D you just keep coming back yeah?

assignment, so it wasn't that bad. but i think there's an essay for finals also. yikes!

wow! 6000 words is alot! i can't imagine myself writing so many words.
hey wait, maybe i'll write about the power rangers since they have aired 17 seasons. haha!

Stephen said...

So how is it going?
Oh so you are writing abt Power rangers or watching them? heh heh!!