Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shout Out Banners and Buttons

Here is another entry about Shout Out. Earlier this month, I’ve created some banners and buttons all regarding Shout Out. There are 21 pieces in total. I sat in front of my trusty lappie for almost a whole day to create these 21 pieces of artwork. All thanks to Adobe Photoshop =D. So Shouters, if you are interested you may save the JPEGs and use them in your blog or wherever you want. =) (remember to link ‘em to I’ve sent copies to Lasker by the way.

Here they are:

100x100 pixels

150x50 pixels

640x100 pixels

200x300 pixels


By the way, if anyone wants to make their own unique name cards, you can leave me a message. Well, if you want me to help you design one that is =P. Yeah, I’m just too free nowadays, finding odd jobs now. Here is a sample of what I did for my school’s Interact Club two years back. One stack of 100 cards costs around RM30+ (depends on dealer).



To all my readers out there

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dots, Laughs, Smileys and Emoticons

Do you always end your sentences and text messages with ‘haha and smileys even though what you said is not funny?

Perhaps you end yours with a long line of dots like this.

Well, I have that habit of using too many ‘haha’s sometimes. May it be when I sms someone or while I’m using MSN Messenger. My fingers will automatically type the expression ‘haha’ every now and then. I have the HAHA Syndrome. Nowadays, I have restrain myself from using the word (I can call ‘haha’ a word, can’t I?) too many times. Even in my blog entries I try not to use that much of it. It is because I feel that the word has been used for the wrong purposes. For me that is. I’ve been treating the word as a fullstop. Most of my sentences I end them by typing ‘haha’ or ‘hehe’. Whenever I do that, I feel like some friggin’ person who has the fetish for ‘haha’s and ‘hehe’s. Yea, got to stop using these words as fullstops.

Do you feel the same way? Do you have the HAHA Syndrome? Haha! Hehe! Hoho!

Talking about the DOTS Syndrome next.

Question: Do you end your sentences with a long line of dots like this…………?

For now I haven’t seen many people doing this but sometimes I do realize it happening in testimonials/comment (Friendster) and I wonder if its to make your comment look longer and to use up all 1000 characters or what? I myself used to type dots everywhere; usually after ‘haha’s. Like this, haha……. I’ve stopped doing that though, because it’ll make the whole text messy. Dots more than actual letters! I’ve stopped and you should too. There’s one more thing I really don’t like. Have you ever read a bulletin/email/comment that asked you to scroll down a whole long line of dots? It’s something like this:















Totally hate those man! It’s just so annoying.

Stop abusing the dots. Haha……! (whoops!)

Next issue, Smileys. I have no grudge on smileys yet. So, what I really want to talk about now is the MSN emoticons.

Check out the cool smileys Sony Ericsson has.

Now back to the MSN emoticons. What do you feel about them? ‘Cause I really feel annoyed by them.

Identity has been smudged away for some reasons.

It makes it harder for you to read what you friend is typing. Sometimes if the emoticon fails to load, the sentences would have empty blanks in them. Harder for me to read what you type. At times, an emoticon would appear in between a word. For example,

. It actually took me awhile to figure out that the word was 'oso'.

Emoticon + zD = massive grumpiness

Anyways, friends of mine who has these emoticons installed into your MSN Messenger, do not worry as I’m only annoyed at the emoticons and not you. =) This is just what I think of them. No hard feelings yah, if you like to use emoticons. ;)

So, that’s that. Another boring entry for another day. Do you have anything to say after reading this? Leave me a comment.

Word count: haha - 12

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Santa is a Sikh?!

For the sake of updating, here’s another entry. (running out of ideas on what to blog about)

I’m sure most of you people are familiar with the street names around your area. Most of these streets are named after a person; mostly dead people =P. For example, we have Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, etc.

Well, there are also ‘kampungs’ which are named after a person but have you ever been to a ‘kampung’ named after Santa Clause?

Check this out.

Hey wait!? Santa’s a Sikh? Hmm…I wonder how he looks like now. LOL!

Like what I said in my previous entry. Here are some more pictures of the NGO Marching Competition 2008.

Marching Training (in school)

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

NGO Marching Competition 2008 (taken with handphone)

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NGO Marching Competition 2008 (taken with camera)

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Go to myAlbum for a larger view of the photos.

The End.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It Has Been a Long and Tiring Day

I’m back for another update to my blog after a few days of disappearance due to the unavailability of an internet connection. Anyway, here was what I did today (Monday, 21st April 2008).

Woke up way early in the morning (6.10 – 6.15am)! *aiks* Sooo…not used to it =S. I had to wake up that early to get my lazy butt to school as there was scout’s marching training. The 02 Kinta Scouts will be taking part in a District level competition organized by the NGO (competition day: Thursday). I had been to school for a few days now, along with some other friends who are also helping to train and get them (scouts) into shape for the competition. Here are some pics of them training and maybe I’ll post some from the competition day later (like you’re so interested in those pics :-S). However, I’m not sure about the pictures during the actual competition day, as I may not be going (something came up last minute).

Well, marching is regularly linked together with the Sun. Let me tell you something about the Sun. Do you know that the heat rays will be able to roast you alive? Haha! I’ve been standing under the Sun for the past few days now, getting roasted and toasted and fried every single day! You can see the different colour skin tones on me now. The fair and the not so fair. LOL! (will have to scrub away those dead skin cells now).

Enough about marching and scorching heat rays =P. For lunch, I first met up with my friends in the stadium (yupe, they were playing badminton), then we headed on to Kinta City’s Hong Kong Food & Tea where I had this bowl of ‘tong sui’ (sago+lengkong+corn) *sweet*. Nothing much happened during lunch. Just the normal chit chat.

my 'tong sui'

Went to collect my final pay slip in SUB after that.

I actually went back to school for my actual lunch. =]

Canteen food still rocks! (er, is this mee jawa? Friend ordered this, so I don’t know what it is called – sorry lah, not very good at recognizing food okay)

Came back home around 6.45pm; Had dinner and went straight to Old Town’s Kopitiam to enjoy it’s wireless network privileges. Haha! I haven’t been online for a very long time (can’t tahan. I’m an online addict!). So, I went upstairs to find myself a seat with a powerpoint. Lucky me, found one =). Ordered myself a Blackcurrent Smoothie and the venture into cyber space begins!

My smoothie!

Spent two whole hours there.

Paid bill and went back.

While I was in the car, a thought came to my mind. I paid RM5.85 for my drink and I even left them RM0.15 for tips. So that’s RM6.00 altogether. I was online for two hours and I used six bucks! Hey, it would be cheaper if I just went to a cyber cafĂ©! Haha! RM2.50/hour which means RM5.00 for two hours! Haha! Must order cheaper drinks next time. *penny-pinching me* =P

Upon reaching home, I turned on my lappie and typed out this entry.

My new laptop can’t detect my handphone’s memory card! Why?! But nothing seems to be wrong when I connect my handphone to my old laptop! *grumbles*

Is it because of this?(handphone cable – rubber protector ripping off)

End of entry (Time: 2347). So tired. *yawns*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretty as Always

~specially dedicated to you~

(click for a better view)

take care babe!
i will always be there for you~
*love lots*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Kid in Me Still Plays Neopets

Friends of mine have given me this same expression and phrase many times, “Huh? You still play Neopets gar?!”

For those of you who still do not know what Neopets is, I’ll try to explain it to you here. NEOPETS is some sort of an online virtual pet game. However, it’s nothing like those Tamagochi or Digimon toys. The gameplay is totally different in Neopets. You don’t need to flush virtual poop nor need you feed your pet to make them grow stronger in order to battle your friend’s pet. Well, there’s feeding and battling involved in Neopets but it’s nothing the same like those once a big hit Tamagochi/Digimon thingamajig.

Let me explain to you briefly how Neopets is played. First and foremost you need to register and choose your pet and no it doesn’t hatch from eggs. Then you are ready to explore the world of Neopia!

There are loads of activities you can do In Neopets. You can play games and earn Neopoints (that’s what they use as cash in Neopia). NO! The games are not boring and lifeless like those three-buttoned toys. There are over hundreds of games to choose from! Once you have earned enough Neopoints, you can spend it by buying stuff for you pet. For example: food, toys, clothing, weapons, potions, furniture, etc. Or you can just save it in the bank and leave it there just to collect interest rates. If you’re a risk taker, try investing it in the stock market! Haha! Yupe, there’s lots and lots of things you can do, for instance visiting different worlds, complete faeries quests, do battles, fight wars, trade, decorate your Neohome, mutate your pet, adopt another, play games, go shopping, and much much more! The list just goes on and on…

So, that’s what Neopets is simply about.

And back to what I was saying. When my friends tell me, “You still small ar? still play Neopets.” I will go, “Neopets not small kids’ game lah.” It’s true. You need to have strategy to play the game. There are numerous websites which provides tips and tricks to play Neopets. Some sort of a cheat code like that lah. So if Neopets is a ‘kid’s game’, why are strategies to play the game needed? Never accuse Neopets on being a kid’s game anymore! *evil laugh* =D

Lately, I haven’t been playing. Right now I’m just too into blogging =P. Maybe I’ll start playing again once I’ve settle down in KL. Neopets has updated its site with many new features; Need time to learn all the new stuff they put in.

For those of you who are playing, do check out my profile. (click on the purple ugly looking creature)

For those of you who have yet to register for an account, click on the banner below to do so and I’ll see you in the world of Neopia!