Friday, October 30, 2009

Nuffnang Tour of Singapore Part 2: Chinatown Heritage Centre

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Next stop, we find ourselves in Chinatown. We were heading to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. It is sort of like a museum where it tells a story about when the ancestors first came to Singapore and how they would struggle in life to make ends meet.

china to singapore comic

Ah, crap! From this post onwards I did not take any photos of the front entrance of the places we visited. Oh well. Anyways, the whole museum was filled with things you would find in the olden days. Everything looking very chinese. I'm sure you will be quite familiar with some of the items on display. Your grandparents might have some things lying around their house.

chinatown heritage centre 1

The above was the first picture I had taken in the museum. I'm not sure what this picture is telling us. I didn't bother to read the description given so...yeah. Have you guys any idea?

chinatown heritage centre 2

Then I came across this wall which was decorated with lots and lots of chinese food. This piece of art really interests me. Imagine something so simple can be made into something artistic.

egg display comic

chinatown heritage centre 3
In the market

The props look really really real! It's not like those plasticky props your little siblings play 'masak-masak' with, it really does look real. I actually looked closely to see whether they were real ones or not.

chinatown heritage centre 4
Dim sum

They also have this section on Dim Sum. The good old days, people will sit and have dim sum for breakfast. They still do now but not with these antiques.

chinatown heritage centre 5
Something's cooking (this is super real!)

chinatown heritage centre 6
Guess what this is ^^

chinatown heritage centre 7
 Four walls makes a small room

Imagine that back then, they had to spend their days in this small room. There's not even space to walk but yet they have spent most of their life there.

chinatown heritage centre 9
Back kitchen

They don't wask clothes this way anymore, do they? Haha! There's one more kitchen (upstairs I think), where thay had this audio system playing. There were two person talking, a man bathing and his mom nanging him to come out and keep an eye on the rice(was it rice?) that was cooking. The owners of the museum made it really realistic. I almost believed that there were right beside me talking!

One last picture for this entry...

chinatown heritage centre10
Kiss kiss~

After Chinatown Heritage Centre, we were of to the Maxwell Foodcourt for lunch. No pictures there, sorry.

Wait for my next post on the URA Museum!


HitoMi^^ said...

woooo, really real treatie??

LilJo said...

Didn't notice the kitchen and toilet part also... =.="

Stephen said...

they wash clothes on ur abs lah!!
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Dylan Phuah said...

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