Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fashion Flirt With 9 Designers

Note: No comics in this entry but there are pictures of models. :D Hope that makes up for it.

Last Thursday I was at this event called Fashion Flirt held at Urbanattic, Capsquare. Fashion Flirt scouts for new talents all in the name of designing. From shoes, bags, hats, jeweleries and not forgeting clothes too! For more information, do check out their Facebook page here (Fashion Flirt).

Going back to what happened last Thursday, Fashion Flirt held it's latest fashion show at Urbanattic which featured 9 graduate fashion designers. There are,

Bhaggawent Kaur - IFTC
Joanne Krishnan - IFTC
Julian Jansen Goh - IFTC
Nadjwa Ahmad Zaini - Raffles
Saad Umar - Raffles
Channel Chan - Raffles
Keith Kee - Rafles
Jozef Liew - Carven Academy
Lorenzo Peh - TAR College

Each designer would feature 6 of their best designs at the fashion show. I was there because one of the designer is from TAR College. Now, let's take a look at some of the designs on the T-stage.

 fashion flirt bunting
Welcome to Fashion Flirt!

Fashion Flirt at Urbanattic
Which was held at Urbanattic

Loreal Paris Goodie Bags
The sponsor was Maybelline  but we got Loreal Goodie Bags instead.

Now, let's take a look at some inspiring designs. Out of the 500+ photos take, only a selected few came out nice. Do remember that I was only using a kit lens with no external flash what-so-ever. I did no editing to these photos except for one or two where I edited away the 'red-eyes'. Do leave me comments yeah!

fashion flirt model 1

fashion flirt model 2

fashion flirt model 3

fashion flirt model 4

fashion flirt model 5

fashion flirt model 6

fashion flirt model 7

fashion flirt model 8

Fashion Flirt November 2009

That's all from me for Fashion Flirt November 2009 at Urbanattic, Capsquare.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Don't Even Have Time For Wii!

blog traffic

nintendo wii

So yeah, like I said, I have no time for my Nintendo Wii. It has been lying there ever since I got it few days back. Collecting dust. Hey wait, that gives me an idea. My traffic's low. I have no time for my Wii. I wonder if people will start coming to my blog if I were to give out a wii? Haha~

Leave me comments and tell me how much you love me. XD

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

assignments lazy

clock 2012

mighty morphin power rangers

To end things up,

be a fan of Comic Studios

and watch more Power Rangers!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Second iPod Shuffle Win

comic studios reader

Check out this post 'Three Times In A Row' (and all sub-links) if you have missed it. At the end of the post I've said that I won a second iPod Shuffle. I'm not lying, I really did win another iPod Shuffle and I've FINALLY collected it after so long.

Here it is!

iPod Shuffle 1st gen
My out of focus picture of my second iPod Shuffle win

It's a 1GB 1st Generation iPod Shuffle. I was hoping for a 2nd gen but I can't get too greedy, eh? Or can I?

collection complications

That's why I posted this up kinda last having known that I've won this like way earlier. I've only collected my iPod last week whereby I actually contacted the person in charge to pass it to me instead. Somewhere accesible to me (Kelana Jaya LRT). I really appreciate him coming out to pass me the prize. San fu sai.

Did you know that I could have gotten a third iPod Shuffle?

ipod shuffle win

Anyway, in my 'Three Times In A Row' post, I did mention about the RM100 GAP Jeans voucher too. Too bad for me, I did not collect it. It's in Jaya One and that's like in PJ and I'm like in Setapak. Grr! The cost of me going all the way there is not worth it. :( Sad. No new jeans for me then.

To make up for my misery, there's this Nintendo Wii coming my way. Stay tuned for updates! XD

Easy Topics Are Not Always A Good Choice

assignment choice

assignment choice

Finally a blog post which is related to my life. I realised that I've been doing a lot of contests and events posts lately. Hope that you guys are not bored with those posts. XD

Leave me comments!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assignment Mountain = Less Updates

assignments stress

Assignments are starting to pile up, thus, the lack of updates. Sorry. :( However, don't anyhow stop from coming back to my blog. My traffic decreases whenever I don't update. Why la you all so bad, don't wanna drop by when I don't update. At least leave me a message in my chatbox yeah. :)

Gotta leave for college in about an hour's time. Right now I need to continue with my assignments.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

iFeel Girl Search 2009 At Berjaya Times Square, KL

Note: Picture post up ahead.

Remember my post 'Paparazzi Photos of Amber Chia'? The paparazzi himself was in the right place and at the right time to capture those pictures. Where was he at? Well, he was at the iFeel Girl Search 2009 held at the Berjaya Times Square KL. Less talk and more pictures of hot chics. Here we go...

Do keep in mind that I am only using a Canon 1000D + kit lens to shoot these pictures. No flash, no zoom lens, no big guns.

iFeel Girl Search 2009 center stage
Bird's eye view

iFeel Girl Search 2009 the girls
The sexylicious ladies

iFeel Girl Search 2009 01
01 蒲筱慧 Stephanie Poh

iFeel Girl Search 2009 02
02 谢丽彬 Pinky Chia Lee Pin

iFeel Girl Search 2009 03
03 曹嘉欣 Choe Jia Yin

iFeel Girl Search 2009 04
04 陈宛玉 Tan Wan Yee

iFeel Girl Search 2009 05
05 何嘉欣 Michelle Ho Cha Sin

iFeel Girl Search 2009 06
06 许嫣倪 Yvonne Hock Yen Ni

iFeel Girl Search 2009 07
07 陈敏俐 Ashley Tan Min Li

iFeel Girl Search 2009 08
08 廖梅妤 Fish Liew Mei Yu

iFeel Girl Search 2009 09
09 林亮杏 Kyoko

iFeel Girl Search 2009 10
10 刘君仪 Lau Kuan Yee

iFeel Girl Search 2009 11
11 黄茵茵 Vivian Wong Ying Ying

iFeel Girl Search 2009 12
12 林依雯 Yvonne Lim Ee Wen

I did not stay to find out who the winner was after that but according to the Official iFeel Girl Search website, Stephanie Poh was the Champion.

For more information please go to

Live Mannequin Blogathon at TANGS Pavillion, KL

blogathon comic

The Mission:

Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion Kuala Lumpur are proud to present 4 very brave bloggers who will take up the challenge of blogging for 24 hours over 2 days!

The bloggers will be on a mission to blog and tweet to win YOUR votes to make them your favourite blogathon blogger.

Will they survive? Will they make the cut?

-taken from the Live Mannequin Blogathon Facebook Page

blogathon comic

Visit the Live Mannequin Blogathon Facebook Page for further details.

TANGS Pavillion KL

It is all happening right now at TANGS, Pavillion KL! It's not too late to vote for your favourite blogger! Head on there right now and cast your vote as you can walk away with a brand new Lenovo notebook too!


I just came back from Pavillion a few hours ago. I was there around 12 something in the afternoon and not many people was around yet. I guess they were all still sleeping eh? So anyways here are some picture which I took.

cheesie and ky
KY and Cheesie

sixthseal and wernshen
Wern Shen and Sixthseal

 The 'Aquarium'

Here are some close-ups.

wernshen and huaibin

ky and cheesie
Both of them look busy.

vote sixthseal
Oh, and I voted for

Minutes later it was time for toilet break and look what have I spotted on Cheesie's side of the table.






cheesie's table
Girls can never go anywhere without a mirror and a hair brush eh?

I Finally Have An Apple!

dimensions event

Shaz was the one who invited me to this event. It was the premiere of the first episode of 'Dimensions'. Dimensions is the first sci-fi made-for-mobile series which is an innovation of Maxis and Astro. Like what I said, the launch party was held in The Palace, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. So, where ever there are events there will be bloggers. It's a good thing that the Sheraton Imperial Hotel was easily accesible by public transport, if it's not then I won't be there and Eggy won't be happy.


dimensions speech

Things started of with speeches by Mr. Coogan and Mr. Eric both Big Heads of Maxis and Astro respectively. Correct me if I'm wrong here, I wasn't really concentrating. The first episode of Dimensions was then screened. So we watched and watched and be continued. Aww~ The show was getting exciting...Guess I'll have to wait for episode two then.

dimensions casts
A group photo with the casts

This was the best shot I can get as I was standing behind all the big guns.

dimensions crowd
Take a look at the crowd!

Later on, food was served!

dimensions food

I was buffet style, my favourite! They served use yummy-licious finger food. After going for a few rounds, my stomach was satisfied. :D *happy*

Not forgeting to mention that during the event there was a lucky draw contest where 2 iPhones was up for grabs. iPhone, I WANT!

dimensions lucky draw
And the winner goes to...

...ticket number 0076! Which is not me. :( That ticket belongs to Xiang. Lucky him eh. Fear not as there was another iPhone to give away. I really hoped that it was me going up on stage next. Once again, another ticket was drawn out from the bowl.





dimensions ticket
YES! It was my ticket number!

So now, I am a proud user of an Apple iPhone. :D

dimensions iphone winner

dimensions lucky star
with my lucky star that night.


If you would like to know more or even watch Dimensions, do visit its official site at

You can even subscribe to it and watch it on your phone by SMS-ing  

ON DS to 22900. 

That's all from me for the event launch of DIMENSIONS! So now you know why Eggy is happy. 


If you would like to be invited to events like this, do join SFX Facebook Group. You'll never know, maybe you'll be the next iPhone winner. Once again, I would like to thank Shaz for inviting me to this event. Don't jealous yeah, I got iPhone. :D