Monday, August 6, 2012

Samsung SMART CAMERA WB150F Review

Once again I am given a chance by Samsung Malaysia and Nuffnang to review yet another gadget. This time it was the Samsung SMART CAMERA WB150F.

samsung smart camera wb150f

Like the past reviews I have done before, I will only judge the product in the views of a user and consumer. Not as a tech expert.


samsung smart camera wb150f

samsung smart camera wb150f

samsung smart camera wb150f


Does size matter?
Well, what came into my mind when I received this camera is that it is slightly huge. It's dimensions are 106.5 x 59.9 x 23.4 (32.2)mm. A little too big of a size for a digital camera for me. I prefer much smaller and thinner models.

Free 4GB SD Card
A plus point for this product is that it comes with a 4GB SD card. That saves you some cash from buying an additional SD card.

samsung smart camera wb150f

Buttons are rather small?
I don't know. Maybe it's just me but i'm having a hard time pressing the buttons on this camera. Maybe I just have a big thumb. :(

Here are some of the features which may be the camera's selling point. However, it is not able to persuade me because I almost never use these features available in a point and shoot. What I want in a PnS is a quick processing sharp image.

samsung smart camera wb150f
Records video in half HD (720p)

This would be better if it could record videos in 1080p. However 720p seems sufficient for the moment. Its output format is in .mp4. I have found out that editing videos in this format in Adobe After Effects is near impossible!

Not a good camera to get if you are planning to shoot simple videos and edit them later.

samsung smart camera wb150f
Filters and Settings

Filters and Settings I almost never use them. The purpose of a PnS is to capture moments that might pass by in a quick second. So why fiddle through the settings to get the best filter for a great shot? Filters are almost useless in any cameras.

samsung smart camera wb150f
Extra features

These are yet again some extra features to play around with. Not much use here except for the panorama capture. The other features are just fun shots. Suitable for girls I guess.

samsung smart camera wb150f
Wi-Fi feature to connect/share to the Internet

Here's another selling point for this camera. However, I don't think that it is a good idea. I prefer going back home, transfer all the photos into my computer, then uploading them manually into the internet. If I would like to have that instant upload, I would rather use my smart phone to capture the moment. Besides, draining your camera's batter is not a good idea.

I have discovered that its processing speed is rather slow. Every time I capture a photo, it needs to process that particular photo for a couple of seconds.

And every time I turn the dial to change modes, it takes awhile.

A certain no-no for me. Too slow.

The photos just seemed too washed out. Don't you think? 'Nuff said.

Samsung SMART CAMERA WB150F retails for RM799 (in the range of this price).

I personally will not buy this camera as it is not up to my expectations. I would save up more and get an even better camera.


This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia through Nuffnang.