Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sausage Fest At Velvet Underground, Zouk Club KL

It was another #brosbeforehoes night last Friday.
Bros came all the way from Ipoh and Singapore to hang out with us KL people.
It was only a weekend trip. Now can you friends top that?


We had one of the best weekend ever starting off partying in Velvet.
Then there was more makan sessions, more drinking session and kite flying?


It was all good.
With many stories to tell.
But that's all for us to know.

scott's garden

Can't wait for our next #sausagefest.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012

This was my third concert that I went to!

Avril Lavigne was here last Saturday for her Black Star Tour.
It was her last and final stop of the tour.

I made it clear to myself that I did not want to go early because I did not want to queue up for 2-3 hours. That's because the Rock Zone isn't so much of a Rock Zone after all since it's situated very much further behind the stage behind the Tune Talk Zone which was the VIP zone. So it didn't really make much difference where I stood in the Rock Zone, I would still be very far behind.

black star tour

I reached at about 7.45pm maybe just to find a very long line (about 700 meters give or take) of people still queuing up! Say about 30 minutes of lining up, I reached the middle point of the initial queue where the crew only told us that there was another entrance for Regular ticket holders.

And I was like dafug! I was holding the Rock Zone ticket. Turns out the Rock Zone entrance was not in the line I was queuing up in. That was like a wtf moment.

But I got inside anyways.

The whole stadium look very spacious eventhough they said about 13000 fans were there. Tune Talk zone looked packed but was later told by a friend that it was not that sardine-packed after all.

The Rock Zone was bearable. I was standing at the back, so yeah.

And the Regular Zone was okay I guess. The Merdeka Stadium was huge!

black star tour

Avril came out at 8.45pm to start the concert which lasted for about 1 hour 20 minutes.
I went to her concert and did not have high expectations just because I thought that Simple Plan's concert was already top of the notch.

Indeed I was not too surprised to find out that Avril's concert was not that enjoyable. I'm not sure why but she lacks interaction with the crowd and speaking of the crowd, they were not really hyped up enough.

But then again, it was still surreal to listen to Avril sing live.

Out of 5 stars, I'll give it a 3. Maybe they should have it in a more smaller enclosed venue.

And to fully enjoy a concert, one needs to get the closest spot to the stage. That's what I think.

But she's still my Skater chic!

Photos below from Tune Talk's Fliickr.

black star tour

black star tour

credits to JoshuaOng

ez2dj 1st Trax and Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix

I just stumbled upon some youtube videos of some arcade gameplays and OSTs.
Back in the days, after Saturday meetings in school, my friends and I would hang out in the mall.
Most of the time we would spend playing games at the arcade (Capcom Station).

And ez2dj was one of them.
It was a DJ Machine complete with a turn-table, foot pedal and effector buttons.
Here are some of the favourite songs we used to play.


Envy Mask



Baby Dance

Then we have the dancing machine, Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix aka DDR3. I never really got on to one of these. Was to shy to actually dance in front of so many people. Beginner summore!

But these are few of the songs that are quite famous and popular.

Turn Me On

Do It All Night


Boom Boom Dollar

It feels so nostalgic listening back to all of these songs. You can't find them machines in arcades no more. At least not 1st Trax and 3rd Mix.

Let me know if you're able to find ez2dj.

Have you ever played one of these before? Let me know in the comments section below.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Turning Point At The Age Of 30


This is a very true fact. Most people will agree with me that men once turned thirty, their value will definitely increase while it will be otherwise for the ladies.

For you who are still under thirty and thinks that you're a loser for not being able to get a girl, just wait till you're thirty. Things will change.

And girls, is the big THREE-O really that big of an issue?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wong Fu Productions Live in Malaysia at Taylor's Lakeside Campus

It was a WongFu Weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last weekend!

The boys from WongFu Productions came all the way from the United States to Malaysia for their first SouthEast Asia Meet+Greet event!

Being a fan of their work myself, this is a chance not to be missed. So, I got myself tickets to both of their sessions which was the Mini Symposium and the WongFu 4 LYFE.

The event was held at Taylor's Lakeside Campus. I went quite early that day (11am) to collect my tickets and also to queue in line as I do not want to be seated too far back behind.

A view from Old Town Koptiam @ Syopz Mall, Taylor's Lakeside

I met up with Victor first and we had our lunch at Old Town Kopitiam after collecting my ticket which took us about 15-20 minutes just to find the location of the booth. Yes Taylor's Lakeside is huge. 

After lunch, both of us went straight to the Lecture Hall 20, the place where the Mini Symposium was held. The queue had roughly 50 people in it. Okay, not too bad I guess. We were still quite early (12pm).

In the midst of queuing up, Phil and Wes suddenly walked pass us to get into the lecture hall. Literally they were just a couple of feet away. That moment was totally felt surreal to me. One day I was watching their videos on YouTube and the next moment they were next to me in person! By the way, Ted couldn't make it to Malaysia this time due to some personal matters.

Inside Lecture Hall 20

The Mini Symposium main focus was for early filmmakers in Malaysia to ask the boys more about technical stuff regarding filmmaking but more questions about WongFu's lifestyle was being asked instead. Oh well, maybe next time.

I kinda pity the boys for answering the same questions over and over again.

To all WongFu fans, if you really want to call yourself a fan, at least google some of your questions online first because of of your questions can be found online and most of them are already answered during their interview sessions and press conference in Malaysia. 

The long queue (from where I was standing, I was at position 2pm)

The session ended around 3-ish and we went straight to queue at the Meet+Greet line. Lots of fans who did not go for the Min Symposium was already in line earlier. The queue was very long by that time!

Victor and I met up with Esther, SweeLi and Kumara who were already queuing in line.

Esther, SweeLi, Kumara, Myself, Victor

After waiting for about one hour, Phil and Wes appeared above us (overhead walkway) and the fans went wild! The Meet+Greet session was an opportunity for the fans to meet the boys in person and literally touch them. lol!

Meeting Philip Wang

Here's me talking to Wes

We even managed to get an autographed poster of them

They boys

After that, we headed off for dinner before once again queuing up for the evening's session, WONGFU 4 LYFE!

Oh yeah! Happy people

Straight after dinner, we went to the Multi Purpose Hall only to find that the queue already had about 100 fans in line. 


When it was our turn to enter the hall, we sat at the back anyways. Not because we had to, we just want to. There was a huge ass screen in front of us and the view wasn't too bad. We still could see what's happening on stage.

The fanatics

Even though Ted couldn't make it. He recorded a personal video for us fans here in Malaysia.

The Wong Fu 4 Lyfe session featured the boys telling us more about Wong Fu as well as the boys showing us some of their past works and talking more about them.

We even get to watch their unreleased new mini series Episode 2 and Episode 3, 'Home Is Where The Hans Are'!

All in all, the whole day was really a good one, spending it with WongFu Productions.
We really do hope that you guys will be able to come back here soon.


Ted messaging his fans on video

Philip Wang

The Wesley Chan!

Photos above were taken from my iPhone, Kumara and SengFoo.

More photos from my camera:









Some of the videos from WongFu Productions which was shown during that evening:


UPDATED Feb 6th: More photos from Esther's camera.

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions

wongfu productions


Follow their work and be a fan of WongFu Productions.

Friday, February 3, 2012

WongFu Weekend at Taylor's Lakeside


Tomorrow will be the day!

Who's going?

I'm going for both sessions by the way.
Give me a holla if you're there.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just A Nice Guy by WongFu Productions

It's another day waking up at 4 something in the evening.

And I have been watching WongFu videos on YouTube since then.
I was just browsing through their earlier works just to know how everything started back then.
Also to brush up on my WongFu knowledge since they will be in Taylor's Lakeside on Saturday.

I've stumbled upon this 3 part short-film called 'Just A Nice Guy'.
You should really have a look at them.
It's really good!

See you on Saturday!

Being Unproductive Inside These Four Walls

Been back in KL for almost a week now.

Not doing too much productive things here though my initial intention of coming back here was to do something productive.

Been sleeping late, as in few hours after midnight and waking up 10 hours later.

Today has just been another one of those days.

Been watching Power Rangers Comic Con and Anime Expo 2011 videos on YouTube.

mighty morphin power rangers
All time fav Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Nothing much went on today.

Oh yes! I'll be going for WongFu Pro at Taylor's Lakeside this Saturday!
If you're gonna be there, let me know.

wongfu pro