Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Times in a Row!

Look at all these Adidas, Rimmel, Sunway Lagoon, Pyramid Ice, MOS, Sony goodies and vouchers! I collected these two bags from Nuffnang's office yesterday. I went straight away after my 4pm class.

Everything is worth RM1530!

Collected two bags instead of one, that's because I've won 7th and 2nd prize for Project Alpha's Week 2 and Week 3 contest respectively! Not bad eh? Now I have loads of Adidas body scrub, cleanser, face cream, face cream, gosh so many! It's going to last me for a very long time! Did you read my post about my win for Week 1 (Project Alpha)? Three times in a row! whee~ Does that give me bragging rights?

Gonna try for the rest of the weeks to come. Read my post on KennySia (Project Alpha).


One last picture to make you jealous.


Did I mention about winning a second iPod Shuffle and RM100 GAP Jeans voucher?! Read my first iPod Shuffle win here and here. I guess the winning streak is still going on for me.

Do join me in the running to win Adidas goodies as well. For more information, do check out Project Alpha's Contest page here.

Good luck!


kenwooi said...

of coz you deserve them coz your posts are unique! - with the egg! =D
i only did one.. my vs got read anot? haha..

anyway, i think you're gonna win every week! all the best! =)

KwOnG FeI said...

hey do u have space to place all of them?
i can help you to keep some..haha
btw, your post is really nice and you deserve it!

Zala Wajik said...

wohh, tahniah oo!!

You memang layak pon...

With that really cute egg [ hahaha XD ]


Copykate said...

you should consider giving some of them to your loyal readers. don't think you can use that much of them. LOL

Allison said...

congrats wor..haha..

~six~ said...

Lo...congratx congratx and congratx again...~ -.-''~ haha~
Yerrrrr~ seriously making me jealous ler~~~~~~ XD


Dylan Phuah said...

yeah, i read your post! :D
hehe, i hope to win every week too! XD

KwOnG FeI:
hehe! its still in the bag.
thank you fore liking my posts. :D

Zala Wajik:
thank you!
the egg is cute right? XD

hey, sounds like a good idea. a contest to be held soon!


TZ said...

congrat dude... can u share some with us ? I meant your prize since you have some duplicate :p

maRCus said...

wah.. sai em sai win kam tor ah?!! LOL

Tony Wan said...

LOl...agree with TZ...share something with us lah... LOL

e l d y said...

I never win in contest o.o ?! why ho ? why u so lucky ? hahaha ..

Danny said...

Your telur must be in demand. LOL! :P

Aidi-Safuan said...

dem! im jeles~

Ericsoft said...

OMG...u win a lot of stuff le dhong haha~!congratz...sori lately didnt read much yr blog..busy prepare my comic lol

[rin] said...

you lucky lil' omelette, you...

lizz said...

pergh!!!! sharing is caring :P

messi said...

congrats zd!

shower less, then can finish em faster. or the fastest way to finish em is dont shower. LOL

sasa said...

wow congrats!

maybe you should share those gifts with me. haha!

Theeggyolks said...

wow~~congrats! You can use them for the whole year ler~~

Dylan Phuah said...

i might run some contests to give them away. stay tuned. XD

ngor di em siong ga ma

Tony Wan:
look out for my blog's contest soon XD

e l d y:
i dont know why. i have the passion for joining contests. hehe

my telur is priceless!

janganlah jelus. ^^

oh yeah, how is your comic going on? everything good?

yikes! hu scrambled me?

i'll share real soon

haha thanks! your comment is very confusing.

hehe! watch out for the contest!

yeah! a long time~!

Stephen said...

Wha...looks like you have an Adidas store...

Admin said...

bro jd je la duta adidas senang sikit..ahaha

Eyriqazz said...


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Ur blog post quite unique,I wish i can pimp u for the 2nd place for third week contest.

HitoMi^^ said...

syok leh!! Aiz...why mine no rimmel and montage geh?? *sobz*