Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I hate people who drink and then drive a Malaysian car at 150km/h which in the end caused an accident!

Truth: Idiots still live in this world.
Myth: The campaigns and advertisements where by the government put in lots of efforts in curbing drink driving is working.

I still can believe it. What an idiot he is for driving at 150km/h with a Malaysian car! He even had a drink before!

The story goes like this. Friends were hanging out at a club, drinking of course. Went back around 3am, I suppose. Somebody drove the car at 150km/h. Banged head first into the ass of a Vios.

I mean, its totally insane for someone to drive a Perodua Kelisa at the speed. Someone who can think will probably know that the brakes will not work in time and that the car will 100% skid when the emergency brake is pressed. DUH!

At 150km/h, the car can even grow its own wings and start flying!

Sometimes, it just disgusts me knowing that imbeciles still live in this world. To these so called imbeciles, go get a ‘brain’ and ‘thinking skills’ for yourself at ebay. It will not cost you much, just only $1.99.

Not all the blame will go to these brainless people, because you know, we are living in Malaysia and most people living in Malaysia do not know how to think.

Blame the local car producers or whoever that designs our Malaysian cars. Malaysia wants to catch up so fast with other first-world countries that they forget about other elements which need to be taken care of. You are building cars out of tin foil for goodness sake. Using Tamiya motors for Proton motors. Using bicycle brakes on cars to save cost. WTF!

I mean if you want to produce a car with a high standard, at least make it idiot proof. I think most accidents happen because our locally made cars will go fast if we step on the paddle but when we hit the emergency brake, say bye bye to your friends and give a big HELLO to God!

Note to Government: Those ads and campaigns about not to drink and drive. I don’t think they are working.

I mean it’s simply because if a group of friends decide to go clubbing, how can they bring along some other guy and asks him not to drink just because he needs to drive everyone back. What’s the point of the guy (who’s not supposed to drink) to go clubbing? Just to watch others drink?

Yada yada yada. We are living in a world full of idiots!

Fuck your life!


kenwooi said...

malaysia ma.. nothing can do la.. lol..

oh, you can learn from it too: dont stay too late outside.. then can avoid such nonsense! =)


Samantha Janey said...

I do agree with you but still, there are some peoples just loves to break the rules >.>

hongyi said...

hello! got to ur blog thru reading ur interview with bloggerunited. and found out u keep a comic blog too! hehe that's pretty cool, coz i keep one too!

continue blogging and all the best. hope u've cooled down from your whole traffic experience

Kennee said...

when brainless tarts meets cars that's equivalent of milo tins... you'll have an orchestra of pointless disaster...

curryegg said...

I would say those are intolerent and insensitive enough to themselves and other road users. They should been awared.. :(

Dylan Phuah said...

malaysia apa pun boleh i guess.
nah, i did not go out. i heard this from someone.

Samantha Janey:
Breaking the rules foolishly is not really smart at all.

hey there! thx for dropping by. :D I do love new readers.
I'm cooled down I guess. I'm not involved in the accident though.

Very true.
I love your quote. Brainless tarts + Milo tins + Orchestra of pointless disaster.
Nice one!

Yeah, when I heard what happened, I was at a lost for words. How can something so simple be so complicated to carry out.
Do not drink and speed drive.

Justin Hee said...

We can't do a thing lor...
this is Malaysia, always talk talk talk, but nothing comes out

talking bout clubing, I actually did that, I was my 1st time clubing, and yes i drive, so inside the club I avoid any alcohol and juz look at my frenz drink......-__-||