Friday, October 9, 2009

I Bought Something Which I Do Not Need


I do not know why did I get myself the Coke Meal @ McDonalds. I usually have a Regular sized set. Just now, instead of having the regular, I ordered the Coke Meal just to get the Coke glass which I do not need at all.

I guess McDonalds' business plan is working very well.

Putting that thought away, have you every had Ayam Goreng Spicy along with Sundae Ice-cream? Tell you this, if you eat your Ayam Goreng Spicy first then the Sundae, your ice-cream will taste spicy as well. That took away the joy of eating my ice-cream. I don't know about you guys but that was what I tasted.

Anyway, anybody has the pink and blue glass? Might as well start a collection of Coke glasses.


kenwooi said...

not bothered to eat mcd.. =P

fuzpeiz said...

why u dun do egg anymore?

Caffery said...

I wish to get a PURPLE one! =P

Joshu@law said...

Yea...McD best! But i dun collect that..=p

nikeez said...

Same, I had two of these lying around. Don't know why I bought them in the first place...

chris_lim said...

also same case like u. Got the blue 1 but no use at all. What a waste. Dam u McD.... stop tempting customers!

成亿 said... tempted to get 1 myself also...think i'll go for the blue 1 out of stock d lo...

Mizzsharon said...

Awhhh I always get stuff I don't need too.
Hm... Optimistically, Im doing some good by contributing and stimulating the economy. Hehe

Dylan Phuah said...

but McD is YUMMY!

got egg ma. hehe! these days busy with events and contests. sorry yeah. there will be more soon.

i think McD will only give out the next colour when the colour before is all given out right?

good! u did not get cheated. :D

wow! u have two summore. didn't learn your lesson the first time eh?

haha! marketing strategies. damn, they're good!

want to make a collection? i sell to you my green one.

Haha! but money going out of your pocket is not a good thing.

Tony Wan said...

LOL put ur eggs inside LOL