Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My iPhone Keeps Deducting My Credit

Yes. I have an iPhone. I won it in a lucky draw during the Dimensions event.

iphone white

The thing is I've never really started to use it. I'm still carrying my old phone around. It's not that I don't want to use the iPhone, it's just that I don't have a data plan yet and to me carrying an iPhone without a data plan is the same as carrying any other phone.

Well anyway, I've recently just inserted my Simcard into the iPhone and I don't have a data plan yet. So, if I can't surf the net, I play games.

The problem is, some games can be played online, which means the games download content from the net and displays it into the iPhone. So does games that displays advertisements.

I'm not that dumb to let these apps run once I see that something is not right. I don't have an internet connection, but why are these content being downloaded back. So, I quickly turned the app off.
iphone 3g

Then I checked my balance. @@ Just like what I thought, my credit was deducted. I just reloaded (RM10) a couple of days ago.

It's like a ticking bomb.

My credit is dropping faster than the share market!

Then I turned off the 3G signal. That should solve my problem.

After turning it off. I continued on playing games.

Click, click, click.

Opps, I accidently clicked into Safari. Nevermind, I though to myself. The 3G signal is turned off.

iphone credit
Just to be safe I checked my credit again.


My credit just got deducted AGAIN!

Then, I thought, there's no 3G so the small '3G' sign is not there anymore but there's a little 'E' sign.

Oh no! EDGE!

My iPhone is running on EDGE now!

Can you turn EDGE off? I don't feel safe using my iPhone like that. Not knowing that at anytime my credit will run out.

I have to get a data plan soon. Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

yehh.. u need to turn off the cellular data in phone setting or else it will run with edge

farra8979 said...

me got d same prob n until now Celcom dunno what to do.. sigh*


can;t help you coz i don't have iphone yet... i want one though...

rithe1.0 said...

i got same problem.. do you got the solution?

hanaKir@ said...

i got da same probs wif my bb...im not using it but it keep deduct my credt..sob2

vegeD11 said...

hey guy, try this: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/868281/+4
(see option 3)