Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Point and Shoot Is Lost!

Have you come across a time when you want to use something and that something is just nowhere to be found but when you don't want to use it, you can see it everywhere? I've gone through this scenario for more than a thousand times already! However this time, something is different.

panasonic lumix fx-12
When I say I cant find my PnS Panasonic LUMIX FX-12, I really can't find it! I have no solid memory of when the last time I've used it. Well, there was this one time I brought it along with me to a college event when I left it in my bag somewhere else away from me. When I got home, I did not take it out from my bag (or that's what I thought). So right now, I'm not sure whether it got stolen or did I misplace it.

All this happens when I want to use it. I need it to record video. Now, I don't have a decent video recording gadget!

There's been a black cloud hovering above my head these past weeks. Wind oh wind, please blow it away!

Anyone companies out there willing to sponsor me a Digital Camera? I'm willing to receive a video cam too!


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

what happened!!!
*puuuuhh puhhhhhhh*
Blow away the dark cloud above your head~!!!!!
I wish you have better days and everything going fine for you again.

Keep in touch k? take care yah!

~eRiC~ said...

wahh, where's the eggie? why now orange banana dy ar?
dont have a recording gadget here... cant help u..

Yik Yang Nicholas said...

What do they get in return upon sponsoring you?

Dylan Phuah said...

@MsXeRoZ Nicole:
yes yes blow more.. haha!
yeah, i wish my better days came back.

eggy is on vacation. haha!
read my about page to find out why banana. :)

@Yik Yang Nicholas:
they get to have the honour of me using their products. ><

ken said...

if kennysia ask i think can lah.. lol.. save to buy a new one =)