Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barbequeing To Be Called Off

If you follow my status updates in Facebook, you would have known that I was going to a BBQ party last night with my classmates. A little past 7.30pm and I was off to my friend's place.

barbeque meat

Chicken, sausages, chicken balls, pork, corn, marshmallows and many more nom noms were waiting to be consumed. Using a skewer, I pierced through the heart of the nom noms and placed it over the hot rocks of Mars.

Margarine and honey was used to give flavour. Nom nom nom~
We were having so much fun.

Minutes later, our fresh meat turned into cook meat and the nom-ing started.

The feeling was heavenly!

bbq friendsHere you see how much fun we had BBQ-ing.
After a very long and stressful semester, we really deserve a break.

Everything went well.

Right up to the point where...

Drip drop drip drop

And it all comes pouring down!

Run for cover! With the food!

BBQ-ing in the rain isn't fun, even if it's under a shelter. You will still get splash by rain water.  The rain kind of spoiled the mood for us. We were wet, the food was wet, our rocks of Mars were wet, even the water was wet!

In the shelter we stood and sat, eating marshmallows and ice-cream and drinking beer. Rootbeer. Something had to be done, there were still lots of fresh meat waiting to be triple killed. So we resulted in going to one of our friend's house to cook instead.

Barbeque turned cooking party. :S

deep frying
Here you see our potatoes taking a hot dip in our 5-star hot tub.

Our 'pok-pok-kai' (chicken) was also given the same treatment.

Now, isn't this fun...

The rain has stopped though.

Soon later, most of us went back home. Some stayed for the second round. The after party you might say.

MAMAK! Maggi Goreng satu!

And to tell you what's frustrating is that it started to rain once again and it continued on throughout the whole night (morning)!

What a night it was. What a night!

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aiwei said...

haha bbq yea the worst thing is rain ruin everyone mood LOL but it is kind of fun since you guys turn into a cooking party haha