Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Orange Banana

My blog has been through yet another change. Why so many changes all these while? Well, it's because I'm never satisfied with what I want which is why I keep on searching for it until I get it. The same thing goes on as well in my life. I will keep on searching for it till I find it.

the orange banana So why 'The Orange Banana'? There's a couple of reasons to it actually. First of all, is because I sometimes is referred to as a 'banana'. Usually this term is used to label someone from a Chinese background who doesn't speak any Chinese language at all. In my defense, I do speak Chinese, I just don't know how to read and write them. That's the personal part.

Second of all, being a Designer, one must be able to see things others might not see. Discovering new and creative ideas is all in a day's work. How many of you have seen an orange coloured banana before? I haven't, which is why this branding I've created reminds me to think outside of the box, similar to the 'dot and the paper' concept.

And to succeed and grow with this blog has been my aim for a long time. I hope that I will continue to get your support.

Now let's see, what happens when you put a banana and a couple of oranges together? Hmm...


ken said...

all the best with the revamped blog =)

Dylan Phuah said...


IyouweBlog.com said...

seems like banana is getting its popularity on this land! namewee and u! hahahaha

GOOD LUCK, nice blog! support u 4 eva!