Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunway Pyramid's PR Department Should Be Slighty More Careful In The Future

This post is with regards to the Sunway Pyramid Ultimate Food Challenge. Take a look at the image below which I have print-screened from Sunway Pyramid's Facebook Page. It is stated that, those who are interested to join in the competition will have to 'fill in your details in this particular form and send it to the respective email given'.

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

So, I had some doubts, which was why I wrote a question in their wall. All I wanted to know was, how do we fill up a form which is in JPEG format (picture form)?

Take a look at what they replied me with.

sunway pyramid ultimate food challenge

I know I could just send them an email with all my details, according to the form's format but I just wanted to know what the PR people of Sunway Pyramid would reply me with.

I just wonder, why would I want to print, fill in my details and then scan it back in? It's just too tedious. What if he or she does not have a scanner?

This is just a minor point out to the Sunway staff. Information should be conveyed to the public more carefully next time. =)

Apart from that, I don't think I'll be taking part after all. I have classes and too many assignments to catch up on.

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