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It Is Time To Say Goodbye | MSS Day6

my selangor story 2010 day 6

Day 6 was the day when everyone would depart back to their own homes. The international bloggers would be flying back to their own countries via Firefly and the local bloggers will then go their separate ways.

Woke up an hour later than usual, knowing that we were not rushing anywhere. Everything seemed to be slow that day, maybe it was just me or maybe it was just the fact that I was not ready to leave. Brushed away that thought, I went for a morning shower and then went down for breakfast (Atrium Cafe & Lounge).

Seen seated in a row of tables are the familiar faces of the bloggers of My Selangor Story 2010. With my plate of breakfast, I took my seat at the table. I noticed that not everyone was at the table, and then I remembered, the Indonesia Bloggers had already left. Some of the Malaysian Bloggers also left early that morning.

It was a quiet morning meal with occasional conversations going around the table. I assumed that everyone was also not ready to say goodbye.

After breakfast and final photo snaps, it was time to say goodbye.

To join this competition in the first place, I was actually a little bit intimidated. Having the fact that, I seldom mix around with people and that I'm a shy person. I wonder if you'll ever believe me when I said this. =) Nevertheless, I managed to get into the Top 30 Bloggers and followed along this wonderful journey.

Selangor. There are a lot of places I have yet to visit and explore but because of My Selangor Story 2010, I've managed to cover most of the Selangor map. At least, I've covered most of the wonderful and interesting places. i-City, Kanching Waterfalls, Kuala Selangor Firefly Park and many other interesting stops where it would have been difficult for me to go to.

Never did I expected that this tour was going to be a non-stop eating tour as well. We were eating every single time and at every single stop. I was hoping to gain some weight during this trip, I'm not sure if I did. I did not weight myself.

I only knew a few bloggers when I first joined My Selangor Story, you'll only need one hand to count them all but now, I need more than two hands and feet to count them all. The one best thing you get in return from My Selangor Story is the opportunity you get to meet new people which will be friends with you forever.

Here's a shoutout to all My Selangor Story Bloggers and Crew, it's been great getting to know you all. Whether we were close or not during the trip, I guess it wont matter because we are all from the same My Selangor Story family and that's what matters the most.

Hope to see you guys soon!

Complaints will forever be out there no matter what. It can never be extinct. I'm sure every blogger had sort of a rough start the first couple of days of the tour. Time limitation, internet connection problems, lack of sleep but these are the things which we will remember the most. These are the things which we will look back and laugh at when we all sit together for a drink. I am still looking forward for that My Selangor Story Reunion.

I've learned many things by just observing the bloggers around me. Bloggers are very active people, they are always up for an adventure, they never sit still. Bloggers are people who are too friendly, and I mean that in a good way. They will always approach you with a smile even though your face is as black as coal. Bloggers are full of opinions. Bloggers can multi-task pretty well. Bloggers can be best friends in just 1 day.

Truly I've learned a lot from this tour. It's something which I should take note of. =)

Yes, thank you to the organisers who cracked their heads planning everything for 30 wacky people. I've planned for events before, not on a HUGE SCALE as this one but I assume the gimmicks are the same and I know it can be stressful. Thank you Tourism Selangor. Thank you TV Selangor. One GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all the sponsors of My Selangor Story 2010! Without you, we would not have had the experience which we had during this tour. Kudos to all crew, non-crew and to every single human being who is involved in this project.

And of course a huge thank you to Amelia for bringing all of this together.


My Selangor Story 2010 has been a success! The experience will forever be embedded in our mind.

I hope to see you all again sometime soon.

Until then, take care!


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