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Sunway City | MSS Day4

my selangor story 2010 day 4

Did you know what I did during the MSS Tour Day 1, Day 2 and Day3?
my selangor story 2010 dorani homestay foster parents
It was Day 4 already and were were to leave our foster parents home and Dorani Homestay. Saying goodbyes is never an easy thing. That morning itself, I felt that I did not want to leave yet. There's still many things I have not done yet during my stay here. Tanam padi, tangkap belut, main layang-layang, kutip kerang and so many more! I don't even have time to bond with my foster family. Baru kenal satu hari dah nak tinggal hari berikutnya pula. Hope that I will have the chance to meet them again sometime soon. They are really great people, very nice people.
my selangor story 2010 mss bloggers
my selangor story 2010 pyramid tower hotel

After saying our goodbyes, we were on the bus again for another long journey towards Sunway City.

We were heading to our final hotel stop for the whole tour which is the Pyramid Tower Hotel. But wait, didn't it say Sunway Resort & Spa in our itinerary? Looks like things have changed on Sunway's side. I wonder why did it change, I demand an explanation!

It seemed to me like a lot of confusion started when we were dropped off at the hotel entrance. The bus was initially not allowed to drive into the hotel entrance but we did in the end. Are bused not allowed at hotel entrances? Hmm.

So anyway, we took our bags down ourselves and carried them into the hotel's lobby.

Soon after we were passed our hotel key cards.
my selangor story 2010 lunch mantra
After leaving our belongings in our room, we were to gather at the lobby and then to have lunch together at Mantra. A restaurant which serves Indian and Asian cuisine.

Being hungry bloggers, we headed straight to out seats and started taking pictures. Wait, that's not right. Why would hungry people snap photos instead of heading for the food? Well, bloggers being bloggers, that's what they do. I had a seat which had a great view of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park behind me, which allows me to get a snapshot of the picture below.
my selangor story 2010 sunway lagoon theme park
Some bloggers were already lining up for food and since I don't want to wait in queue. I waited in my seat until there's no queue.
my selangor story 2010 curry rice
my selangor story 2010 bloggers eating

Since it's an Indian & Asian Lifestyle Restaurant, the food served was curry, curry and more curry. Which is why my plate of rice looks like that. There were also mixed vegetables and naan bread.

Picture on the right shows bloggers busy eating. Nom nom nom~

Dessert was served later. A scoop of chocolate or strawberry ice-cream. No we did not have a choice. It was served at random and I got strawberry. I wanted chocolate! LOL!

One thing special about it though is that it was served in a little steel bowl along with a steel spoon. Something different, rather than serving it in regular glass/plastic cup.

my selangor story 2010 ice cream
After having our lunch, some of us decided to go back to their room to rest while others decide to walk around Sunway Pyramid.

The funny thing is, when we came out of Mantra, we took a good few minutes deciding on where to go in Sunway Pyramid. It's not like we are not familiar with this place, it's just that we were too familiar with this place. Most of us come here all the time, so there weren't many places that we've never been too before. You know what, Sunway should have given us more entertainment privileges. Beforehand, I was waiting for someone to say that we were allowed to get free entrance for Sunway Pyramid Ice, nobody did.

So the verdict was to walk around and snap pictures. Here's some of the crazy things we did.
my selangor story 2010 jaywalkers sunway train
WenYi, Nicole and Denise trying to jaywalk across the railway tracks.
my selangor story 2010 guys sunway train
TianChad, Spectre and Thristan trying to stalk me Tweeting.
my selangor story 2010 girls shopping
Girls being girls
my selangor story 2010
OMG! MsXeroz has her own Ad in Sunway Pyramid!
my selangor story 2010 marrakesh sunway
We then reached the Marrakesh section of Sunway Pyramid which has the Morrocan feel to it.
my selangor story 2010 marrakesh sunway
my selangor story 2010 marrakesh sunway
my selangor story 2010 asian avenue sunway
Then we walked towards Asian Avenue, a colourful section with lots of fashion shops here.
my selangor story 2010 asian avenue sunway
my selangor story 2010 sunway pyramid ice
A bird's eye view of Sunway Pyramid Ice.

After snapping enough photos, we went back to our rooms for some rest before dinner time. We actually had the whole day to ourselves, which is what I needed after a busy schedule of going from one place to another.

I had a good two hours of sleep. =)
my selangor story 2010 sun and surf cafe
When I woke up, it was time for dinner. Isn't it great, we ate a lot during this tour. It's more like an eating tour.

Once again we gathered at the hotel's lobby and moved out together towards Sun & Surf Cafe which is located in Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa. It's a buffet dinner and what I like about buffet is that it's 'all you can eat'. Yes, I eat a lot but I can never get fat.

Here are some pictures of the food that night.
my selangor story 2010 briyani rice
my selangor story 2010 salad bar
my selangor story 2010 fruits
my selangor story 2010 cakes
my selangor story 2010 salad

my selangor story 2010 oysters
my selangor story 2010 fresh food
my selangor story 2010 buffet food

So let's begin...
my selangor story 2010 first
my selangor story 2010 second
my selangor story 2010 third
*Nicole, you were suppose to include my plate in the picture also but nevermind I forgive you XD*

Round 4 and 5 and I think there was a round 6, was me eating desserts. Fruits, Ice-cream and Ice-kacang with no kacang. Sorry no pictures though. I would have gone for more rounds but there wasn't really much time as the others were already done.

Next time you're going for a buffet, do call me along.

After stuffing ourselves with a few rounds of food, what better way to digest it off with a walk in the park. Well, literally we did not walk in a park, it was just outside Sunway, where there were beautiful light decorations and golden deer.
my selangor story 2010 sunway resort hotel
my selangor story 2010 sunway lights
my selangor story 2010 sunway pyramid sphinx
It was an enjoyable night. Especially when I get to eat that much!

That was how Day 4 passed. Free and easy throughout the day which was really relaxing.

Will be heading out to Tropicana Medical Center tomorrow. Also we would be getting wet in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! Wait for my post on Day 5!

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