Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Already So Busy

I'm in my third week of the new semester and guess what? I'm already SO BUSY! The initial plan to update daily during the beginning of my college semester has to be put aside for awhile. How I wish I could be like some bloggers who have 30 hours in a day.

So right now, I guess I'll bore you with some of thing things I'm busy with. Currently I'm working on a lip sync animation exercise. What we have to do is to animate a characters mouth after merging it with an audio track.

An example will be as follows:

But of course the above video uses the software 3D Max, while I will only be using Adobe Flash. It won't be as real as the one done with 3D Max but I hope that mine would be up to standard. There's lots of competition going around in college. Lots of talented designers.

adobe flash cs3

Well, I can't show you the full picture yet. Maybe when I'm done with everything, I'll post it up on YouTube or something. Be sure to give me lots of comments then.

So basically, I'm planning for other assignments as well. It's already piling up!

And I made a mistake by doing the wrong topic for my Moral dan Etika assignment. Will have to rush for the correct topic now.

I have to get back to work now.

You can entertain yourself with this video I found on YouTube which features Dawn Yang. A video about her popping her cherry. Opps! I meant popping her Macbook's cherry. It's dated one year back though but what the heck. Who cares.

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