Monday, December 7, 2009

I Want To Open Up My Own Cafe

I've mentioned before in this post (It's Krruch Time, Get Playful) that I wanted to become a chef. So is it true?

chef cook

I've even managed to cook myself a proper meal.

food on plate

egg talks

fine dining

Haha! It's true right? I wonder why is fine dining so expensive then.

And if I do open up my own cafe, will you come taste my food?


BabyMocha said...

Nice post!

I likey~

Nanged your post!!

KimberlyMay said...

as long as it is not fine dining, I'll be there to try!!!

Isabellmiao said...

No, I won't come..

because I don't like the small-portion-big-plates idea. HAHHA!!

TZ said...

You give discount i sure come ... :p

maslight said...

I'll support! ;) I love to eat ;) given proper fewd LOL

kenwooi said...

free for me.. i review your cafe on my blog.. deal? =P

Kelvin said...

Come open in SG oso leh~

~Live Life~ said...

Is that an eggface? lol!

Let me know when u really opened a cafe...will definitely give it a try first time first...=p

Dylan Phuah said...

thank you! come back for the results of my cooking :D

I'll cater for all people. So, there won't only be fine dining. :)

I'll give you huge portions. just for you. :)

sure! why not?

yay! another supporter to my list.


wow! that would be great. i would take the chance if i was given the opportunity.

Tony Wan said...

lol.... good and funny post! :D

Nabil said...

I'll say no for 'Small Portion, Big Plate'. hahah =)

foongpc said...

I will go to your cafe if it's better than all the other cafes in town (and cheaper too) Haha!