Thursday, December 17, 2009

smashpOp's Christmas Giveaway!

 smashpOp Christmas Giveaway

smashpOp is becoming Santa Clause this holiday season! Did you know that you can win a NIKE Hayward Backpack worth RM300 from

Do you want to know how to be in the running to win the awesome prize? You just have to follow these steps.

Step 1:
Take a photo of yourself holding a paper which says' "I want the NIKE Hayward from for Christmas!" Like so...

I want the NIKE Hayward
I need a new bag!

Step 2:
Post it up to your blog and make sure the smashpOp Christmas Giveaway banner is included.

Step 3:
Get at least 2 friends to put up the banner as well and must state that they are supporting you, along with a link back to

Step 4:
Email the link of the blogs supporting you to

That's all you have to do! More info at

smashpop christmas giveaway comic

p/s: To those that are supporting me, you can leave your blog's permalink in the comment section. Thanks in advance!


Calvyn said...

what I can said, another charity blog from you... as I saw a lot of blogger do participate this kind of contest, but as per feed back from those blogger...non of them be the winner :(

do let me know if you win any thing from there...

Dylan Phuah said...

for this particular contest, there will only be one winner. you hv to read the TnC. :)
smashpop is a trusted person. so yeah.
maybe your friends wasn't careful enough. well, just maybe.

Shuwen said...

Is this how you do it ?

Nikel Khor said...


Wen Pink said...

Good luck in winning!! :D

yiching.rei said...

i dunno if i did it right but here you go ! (: