Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Own Fine Dining Dinner

I've said before in my previous post (I Want To Open Up My Own Cafe), I was going to cook myself my very own dinner ala fine dining.

Here it is,

fine dining not

I think I over did it by cooking too much. Big plate it is but too much food on plate equals not fine dining. As fine dining means 'big plate, small portion'. Looks more like a heavy American Breakfast to me.

Anyway, here what I cooked the day before. Good old chinese cooking.

chinese food

Presentation zero but it's YUMMY-licious!


~Live Life~ said...

Yea...the presentation is ahem...but still i felt hungry...=)

nizaa said...

waa..banyak menu, sure pandai masak nih...er..do u finished up the whole thing? :P

kenwooi said...

better than me i think.. =P


Anonymous said...

I only good in Maggie Mee! lol!

TZ said...

Dude, next time give me a buzz ... I will go over there and help you to finish :p

maslight said...

What's that one on the far left?

Ericsoft said...

Omg...u realli great le..u know la not many boys know cook include me lol...aa presentation cha siu siu la haha~!u know san song yat thong(3 dishes one soup) got meaning one u know..means a person is honesty and not corrupted lolwoo dhong so honest ka hehe ^_^

Stephen said...

If you open a fine dinning restaurant, make sure to have a bloggers night! HAHA

wen pink said...

LOL not bad not bad... i hope it is really yummylicious!

Nikel Khor said...

vri nice edy la..dun shame

Tony Wan said...

lol...Not bad mah.... Simple dish with simple look

The Little Miss said...

Wow. At least you can cook a meal. The best I can do are only pancakes @____@

BabyMocha said...

Looks yummy!

Nanged! Pass by from Innit! Have a really nice day!

Dylan Phuah said...

~Live Life~:
haha, home cooked meals don't really need the presentation points. ;P

pandai sikit sikit lah. of cuz i finished it up. my cooking o. must finish la. :D

:) i'm a beginner.

well, you can always experiment with maggi mee. XD

lol! i didnt say that i cant finish it. imma big eater you see.

that's steamed egg. (cantonese = zhing sui dan)

haha, i'm honest? hmm...do you think so? keke!

now that's an idea. :D

wen pink:
it really is! wanna try my cooking?

Nikel Khor:
thanks for the compliment! :D

Tony Wan:
:D yeah! simply the best I tell you.

The Little Miss:
you make pancakes? OMG! you need to teach me how!

it is yummy. :)

ram said...

Great food!
I just can stop my self to eat if plates will putted on the table near me. I really want to know how these made? Can you post recipe? Thank you in advance!

Dylan Phuah said...

same. i cant stop eating great food too! hmm, you really want to know how i cooked those food? seriously? LOL!

Baby said...

i don't do presentation when i'm eating alone.