Tuesday, December 15, 2009

School of Social Science and Humanities 10th Anniversary Celebration (Day 1)

Note: This will be an event post.

ssh 10th anniversary banner

Like what the banner says, the School of Social Science and Humanities (SSH) of Tunku Abdul Rahman College is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and thus, the Advance Diploma in Public Relations and Advance Diploma in Media Studies students are organising this event to celebrate the big ONE ZERO.

Yesterday (Monday) was the very first day to this 3 day event. Due to class that morning, I was a bit late for the event. When I reached Canteen 2 (the venue), it was time for the Vice Principal of TAR College, Mr. Chan Kum Wing, to give his speech.

Vice Principal of TAR College
Mr. Chan Kum Weng

Next up, Mr.  Lee Hwee Chuin, Head of SSH, was called on to the stage to officiate the event together with Mr. Chan. They get to open up a life size present box. I was waiting for something to pop out of the box.

Confetti maybe? Or a half naked lady? Now that would be interesting.

present box to officiate event
I want this for Christmas.

opened present box
No half naked lady :(

It turned out to be a city like model with the SSH 10th Anniversary logo hung from two of the towers. Very interesting I tell you. At least this was something different. However, I still preferred the half naked lady idea.

Anyway, whenever there's a birthday celebration, there will be cake. Not letting the tradition of cake cutting run away, a cake was brought in and members and admins of the SSH community was invited on stage for the ceremony.

Happy Birthday SSH!

Next up, was a high energy performance by four members of the Dynamite Cheer Squad. They were burning up the stage with their cheers and moves.

Introducing Dynamites!

dynamites 2
Full of energy and expression

After the performance by the girls and also after the stage has cooled down a little bit, it was time for another performance. This time an identity showcase which features the courses available in the SSH School. These courses covers the areas of Mass Communication, Creative Arts, Social Science and Hospitality Management.



public relations
Public Relations

broadcast communication
Broadcast Communication

graphic design
Graphic Design
(this guy was looking at my camera for most of my shots)

fashion design
Fashion Design

multimedia design
Multimedia Design


hospitality management
Hospitality Management


So, that's how it went at the beginning of the event that day. Next up, the Head of Divisions along with their arms, legs, body, etc. went on a tour to the booths set up for this special event.

Each with its own unique design

Later that afternoon, there was a graffiti art drawing by the Graphic Design Booth. Armed with spray cans and face masks, the two artists started work on the wall.

graffiti painitng
Graffiti in the process

That sort of raps up my short coverage of Day 1's activities. There were other scheduled programmes in between and after, I had class so I can't update you guys on that. Want to know what happened on Day 2? Subscribed to my RSS feed to keep track on my updates!

Here's a hint: catwalk


Stephen said...

I want to see the end product of the graffiti.... pls!!

TZ said...

Dude, you are a TARCIAN eh~

wen pink said...

wow not bad huh the event? managed to get Dynamitez to perform as well! Job well done indeed!