Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stop Complaining

It's human nature to complain about things or at least it's the Malaysian way to say that something is just not good enough.

We complain about how another person dresses, we talk about how bad one's personality is, we do not like how things are managed especially when it's not going our way and we do not like the decisions made for us. It seems like we are never satisfied with anything.

Since we complain about so many things, let me narrow the scope down just a little bit.

One of the many things that we complain about, there's always one topic which tops every other topic. It is when there are two sides/teams/leaders/companies/etc and we always complain about one side being useless.

If you are on Team A, why complain about how bad Team B is doing? Each and every individual will have their very own style of doing things. Sometimes it may be different that how you would usually approach things but if that's their style then That's Their Style.

A 'Sdn. Bhd.' is a registered company. One of the mission and vision of a company is of course to make money and grow. So there is nothing wrong if they are making decisions to increase their value. If you are hoping for them to be taking care of your feelings, then don't join a 'Sdn. Bhd.'. Join something else.

There's no point going back and forth comparing because you will never get a conclusion.

As a matter of fact, leaders will always get complaints and there will always be someone opposing them. It is always good to have someone to be your opponent. As long as there is a healthy competition, both parties will grow significantly.

Yes, we need competition.

What are your thoughts on this? More discussions could be carried out if the response is good. Do leave me your comments.

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