Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Short Film Attempt - The Birth of An Atheist

For the subject Video and Audio.

A Short Film Attempt - The Birth of An Atheist
"She who was once a believer, now denies the existence of the Protector."

Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Diploma in Multimedia Design (Year 2)

Director: Dylan PhuahZhengDhong
Written by: Terance PuanChiaHao
Storyboard by: Keimi NgYiTing
Cinematographer: Terance PuanChiaHao & Jack NgauJinLun
Director of Photography: Michael OoiCheeWah
Video Editor: Dylan PhuahZhengDhong & Terance PuanChiaHao & Jack NgauJinLun
Props Master: Michael OoiCheeWah
Location Manager: Jack NgauJinLun

Mallory LeePeiFeng as Male Character
Beatrice LeeHuiQian as Female Character

Song: Rosi Golan - Come Around

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