Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walk Down Memory Lane | 4 Guys and 2 Girls Lost in the World of Tambun

walk down memory lane

It was during some holiday that the 6 of us went for a dip in the Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. My memory tells me this was after my Form5. However, the EXIF information on the photos shows August 2006 instead. I will have a confirmation soon. =P

This will be a post full of photos, 13 to be exact.

3guys lost world of tambun
Joms, Me, TeikTzuan

lost world of tambum outing
with WaiYeing

lost world of tambun outing
with Mabel

lost world of tambun steps
with JoEe who's behind the camera

The huge pirate boat which swings back and forth

pirate boat lost world
The red shirt lady was screaming behind us.

pirates boat
She was scared, like really scared.

And into the river we go...

green tubes
Floating on tubes

lost world rive
Hey! Your shirt is orange too!

lost world of tambun green tube
Okay, I just look weird here

lost world sunway
That's JoEe on the left

lost world of tambun water
With the tortoise

lost wolld tortoise
Oh look! A bubble in my pants!

It always brings back great memories when you look at old photos. Don't you think so? Have you been to a waterpark before? Share your experience with me by posting in the comments section.

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