Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Semester Break Officially Starts Now

Had my one and only exam for this semester yesterday afternoon. Two hours later, marked the start of my official semester break.

If any one of your was curious, the paper I did was English for Mass Communication. I haven't written an essay for a very very long time. Hope I did well in this exam. :D

Here's a thought though, I wonder why they can't give us more interesting topics to write about. We had two topics to choose from.

1) Senior citizens are an asset to the society. Do you agree?
2) What are the causes of violence in schools?

I chose the latter because I had totally no clue of what to write for the first topic but the senior citizen topic would have been the better topic to write about.

Why can't they give us something more subjective and mind-challenging? Something like 'Is the pencil more powerful than the sword?' However the subject was about 'mass communication', so I guess they had to go with the flow.

Holidays here, now I can't wait for the new semester of college to start! XD