Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vaseline | Are You Moist Enough?

dry skin test 

An easy way to test whether your skin is dry is to scratch it with your fingernails.
If it leaves a white line, then your skin is DRY! It needs moisture!

vaseline nuffnang

vaseline total moisture 

Vaseline | Total Moisture
Get this if your skin is dry. Use it as your daily moisturiser as it helps replenishes 100% of skin hydration. It acts as a multi-vitamin moisturiser. Contains Vitamin A & E and minerals which are essential to your skin.

vaselne healthy white


 Vaseline | Healthy White
Tropical climates are sometimes very sunny and UV rays will definitely dry up your skin. Get Vaseline Healthy White as it can act as sunscreen to block out those nasty UV rays. What's more is that it contains Vitamin B3 and also moisturises your skin at the same time!

vaseline aloe cool and fresh

Vaseline | Aloe Cool & Fresh
If your skin is feeling dry and dull, get Vaseline Aloe as it helps replenishes your skin with a burst of hydration. It is non-sticky which leaves the skin feeling cool. It contains refreshing aloe formula along with moisturising contents.

 Vaseline | Intensive Rescue
If your skin is feeling dry and your skin is cracking, get Vaseline Intensive Rescue as it triples moisture reserves in your skin and fills in gaps found in dry skin and locks in moisture all day promoting a proper environment for the dry skin to repair itself. Contains glycerin and occlusive.

get vaseline


I think I need to get myself a bottle of Vaseline. My skin is feeling a little bit dull. If you get what I mean.


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vaseline party

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