Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buffet Ramadan di Kinta Riverfront


It's only appropriate to have a 'Hari Raya' festive post since Hari Raya is coming soon right? Here's a short update just to tell you guys what I've been up to since my semester break started.

Yes, I'm back in my hometown Ipoh now!

Just last night, I went for a Ramadan Buffet at one of the restaurants along Kinta Riverfront. It was my first time there actually. Kinta Riverfront was just recently built not too long ago, say 1-2 years ago (I'm not sure), where they had rows of restaurants and cafes along the Kinta River.

So getting back to the buffet, they served food like noodles, fried chicken, small prawns, fish, kuih-muih, and other Malay delicacies.
I wouldn't say it's the best buffet but I can say that I had two bowls of ice-kacang. =D

Malaysia has all the best food! Don't you think so too?

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