Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping For Shoes Isn't Easy

no shoes 1

no shoes 2

no shoes 3


Elaine New said...

hahahahaahaha! poor thing. but da prob is, i think u din shop enuf. haha. bcuz for me, i always shop, so i always get the first hand of new arrivals. so if u shop often enuf, u will see the new arrivals 1st n get 2 buy it ur size 1st b4 any1 else does! =)

moral of the story : go shopping!!! XD

Aidi-Safuan said...

size 12?????!!!! are u sure?!

cr3ap said...

Size 12? Wow. That's hell of a big shoe size :D. Are you shoe you are wearing size 12 or just making up the art for a joke :D. Mine only reaches size 9 -.- 12 is 3 inch bigger than mine. That's real big legs you got there :D.

Regards from cr3ap

Xiaopei said...

Hahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Size 12 isn't big for a guy I guess.

Same prob I'm facing, my sport shoes are like guy designs? Maybe they didn't tot a girl's feet will be big =.=


akihiko said...

mine is size 11
but size 11 also damn hard to find

can't imagine about ur situation -_-

Kyuubi_85 said...

that so sad... poor zheng..
but really, i cant imagine with a person with that size... how big is the foot? :D

Fina Fento said...

12!!are you sure??

The Little Miss said...

O.O 12? Woah. Isn't it kinda hard to find shoes in that size in Malaysia??

Dylan Phuah said...

Elaine New:
but guys rarely buy shoes. Its like a pair of shoes can last them forever! Unlike girls who always stop by a shoe shop whenever they pass by one. Haha!

To the rest you you guys:
YES! I really am wearing a size 12 shoe. Converse size 12. Haha! I don't think anyone can beat my shoe size!

Alexander CTS said...

I know how u feel, because we're both in the same situation. =/