Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do You Subscribe To Comments?

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shaz said...

?? i dun understand.
too artistic perhaps. haha... =p

cr3ap said...

Never yet. Might in the future maybe. But temporary staying as unscribed :D Since I do check your updates quite often. I will check your replies from time to time. :D

Regards from cr3ap

Himmat Singh said...

Hey. Nope, have never done so. But sometimes, I do check back, depending on whether my comment will be replied or not.

Kuanie said...

i didn't subscribe..
nice comic though..
love it!!

KimberlyMay said...

I also don't subscribe because I will almost always check back the blogs I visited :)

ween said...

I don't subscribe but I will come again few times after I left a comment in ur blog, HAHA. ok, maybe I should click the 'subscribe' button now :)

Alpha Ace said...

thanks for d great info .. now I know wat to do lahh~

great post brada~
kudos to you ^__^