Monday, January 11, 2010

Nang Me, Nang You

nang me you innit nuffnang

Technology and ideas in social media has advance greatly in the world. Starting from ICQ, then we moved on to MSN which is now called Windows Live and the latest social media advancement today, we have Twitter!

Little did we know that chatboxes still remained as chatboxes. Or is that all true? I guess the chatbox in Nuffnang's Innit is not a chatbox afterall. Well, to give it credit, it used to be a chatbox until this recent time when everything changed...

Bloggers started to ask for nangs profusely from everyone and anyone in hopes of getting into the Top 10 Popular Posts which then leads to more traffic to their blog. That's what I assume is in everybody's plan.

If Nuffnang would allow me, I will try to explain the concept of having Innit available to bloggers. Nuffnang admins, correct me if I'm wrong. I shall start my brief explanation now.

Innit is a platform established to help new and current bloggers to have a head start in their blogging life/hobby/etc. Thus, the option for us to post our latest blog entries into Innit is made possible, which will then be published for others to read if they are interested. By just posting up entries might not be too exciting, that is why Innit has this Top 10 Popular Post in Innit in hopes of finding the best 10 blog posts to be published for at least 24 hours.

How do you get to the Top 10 list? Every time you upload your latest blog post into Innit, there will be a 'Nang It' and 'Dang It' button. These buttons are available for fellow blogger readers to vote whether they actually like (nang) your blog post and thinks that it is well written and has quality or whether they dislike (dang) your blog post. With a well written blog post, you can collect enough nangs and you'll find your blog post in the Top 10 in no time.

One of Nuffnang's goals is also to unite all bloggers together. That is why a chatbox is put in Innit. A chatbox being a chatbox, is for us to not only chat but also make new friends and of course get to know new bloggers as well.

Having done describing Innit. Now let's take a look at what's happening right now.

Like what I said, bloggers are asking for nangs 24/7 in the chatbox. Blog posts with quality or no quality, everything is getting nanged no matter what. Currently nangs are exchanged more than earned. The system has changed, now, it is a race to see who gets the most nangs the quickest so that they can get to the Top 10 faster.

Now I have to admit that I myself have asked for nangs but it is coming to see that this is getting out of hand. Something needs to be done. Well written blog posts are getting lesser these days.

It is good too see that the amount of Nuffnang bloggers are increasing but the new bloggers need to be taught the correct way of blogging too. I know, up to a certain level, you have freedom to blog about anything but there is always an etiquette to consider too.

I know it is a very delightful feeling of getting high traffic into your blog but is getting high traffic that good if all of them came from people who just 'blogwalk' without actually reading your blogpost? Or do you just want them to click on your ads? Blogging was never about generating money when blogging first existed. I still remember the first time I blogged in Xanga during my early secondary school days. Telling stories of how school went and puppy love messages.

Techonology changes with time and so does the purpose of blogging. I'm not saying that blogging has changed completely but it has evoled and advanced itself to a new level. This time around, advertising is introduced into the world of blogs. When there is advertising, there sure will be money and cash equivalent involved. However, this reason (to generate money from blogging) should never be the case for us bloggers start or continue on blogging.

I myself have tried getting traffic into my blog too and of course trying very hard to get that traffic to generate money for me but sad to say, it has never ever worked for me this way. I guess the wrong way will never work. Recently, I have started a new blog with a new theme. A comic blog to be precised and I have noticed that I slowly start to gain readership with my blog. My blog entries start to get comments and I start to get happy.

Have readership is much more worth is than having traffic. Traffic might come and go due to reasons of new roads (new blogs) but readership stays with you. When you have that quality, you will get return visits.

To tell you the truth, I'm still not very pleased with my blog's traffic, that is why what I'm doing now is to try to have good blog posts and also to update regularly. That's what reader wants these days. If you have good blog posts and update regularly, I'm sure you will get what you want in blogging.

Let's keep blogging fun shall we?


Shall I send a note to Nuffnang?

Well, if the problem above still persists, I recommened that the chatbox to be removed as it already does not serve its purpose anymore.

I honestly think the Innit should be revamped to be better. The idea of having the Top10 posts is very good indeed but the process of getting there isn't very well planned out.

Nang to like the blog post and Dang if you dislike it. Correct? We are aware that everytime new blog posts are posted up into Innit, the blog post before will be pushed down. Some time on, the wil be moved to another page. Then another and another, too far until we are not willing to search for it in the back pages. The truth is, though you can click on 'older>' to get to the older posts but I'm am sure not many does that.

Since the amount of bloggers Nuffnang has now has increased by the folds (118,817 Bloggers on the entire Nuffnang network. WOW!). Innit users have too. So if an amount of bloggers upload their posts to Innit all at once, then it will all be pushed to the back pages. Thus, chances of other bloggers coming to Innit let's say a couple of hours later, won't be able to read the posts. Thus, unable to Nang or Dang.

Will it be possible for the layout of Innit to be changed? At least something that makes posts easily accessible to bloggers although it's posted some time ago.

Just hoping to help.


Now bloggers, do you agree? What's you thoughts on this matter?


Jimmy said...

i got stuck in this culture for the previous few hours until Yat made me realise that i'm blogging for the sake of money. I swear not to do this again. Honestly, i think nuffnang should ban this culture.

For those who have seen me into this "nang me nang you" culture, i'm sorry and i regret getting involved at the first place.

Nikel Khor said...

add me nang me..i ahve alot blog post

Nikel Khor

Jonathan said...

We're on this with you! Those people abusing the cbox asking for nangs everyday are ANNOYING

cr3ap said...

Well, people started it, I just followed up the trend since I'm still new at blogging. I also wish my blog to be worthy and have some good comments too. I actually do agree that those people asking people to nang here and there quite annoying. But I can't help it but just to follow the trend. But this evening someone scolded me and write about something in the chatbox. Therefore from there onwards I stopped posting about nang anymore. I totally support your voice out and you should comment to the nuffnang.

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

Hmm..well kinda agree with u, but I just started innit few days ago actually..and that's wat everyone is doing there =P but your rite i guess, only quality post should be nang'ed so that it's fair for ppl who write good stuff but doesn't not promote their post =)

ween said...

the idea of nang me nang u was spread by other blogger in purpose of sharing the tips on how-to-increase-ur-traffic-through-innit.

I just came across this culture and I don't find that it's wrong until I read ur entry. u make me think deeply. thanks for sharing ur thought :)

ayim said...

thankyou :)

Jessy said...

I do agree with u. I did promote my blog on the cbox too. But even if I get nangs, i wun be very happy since they nang u js so u return the favour and not actually reading the blog.
I do get frustrated too when people go around and say "i've nang u, return the favour"

But because of the abuse, those which I have came across with good blog post but are not in top10 is because they did not participate in the "nang exchange" activity.

So I guess the best way is to remove the chatbox! Yep! u shuld request to nuffnang!


Jas said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on this matter. Having said that, readership is really much more important than traffic (:

Well in any case, I've experienced a 'sudden' increase in traffic after posted something on innit but after a few days gone 'silent' for not posting anything new, my traffic dropped back flat again. This goes on and on...

Bloggers these days do not visit other blogs for updates/entries/posts anymore. They visit for one reason only and that reason is hoping that other bloggers will visit their blog back and in turns, increase their traffic.

This so-called new culture began as a result of the blooming of the blogging industry. Recently, there are more and more blogs starts to operate and bloggers felt compelled to compete against each other. With thousands of blogs out there, who's gonna read all of em'? We dont have thousand of readers, because basically everyone's a blogger and in their opinion, "why read yours? I got my own blog!". So the fastest way to gain 'emergency traffic is by basically 'working together'

Simply put, I view you - You view me! I click your Nuffnang ads - You click my Nuffnang ads. And etc etc etc you get my drift....

In my opinion, this new culture has brought a whole new meaning to blogging....

But heck, I still from time to time nang others in hoping that they'll nang me back all in the name of getting 'emergency traffic' (:

HE and SHE said...

Hi there, good post!

But like what, Pei Li and yourself hv said a bit of publicity at the chatbox doesnt harm.

Serious bloggers, think abt topics to voice out and share. To gain readership and hopefully followers. And sadly with the requests for nangs, the top posts are usually not the ones with quality inputs...:s Well, not all.

And no doubt, nang here and nang there are annoying coz it distupts normal chatbox conversation like all annoying commercial breaks does.

However, with the nang here nang back, new bloggers are given instant traffic, and hopefully a steady stream of followers. Yeah, unless nuffnang takes control,ban innit url or post some bylaws...haha..what chatter can do for now is to get together and blatantly 'reprimand' the culprit.

If everyone work hand in hand...hehe..perhaps we'll be able to see more quality post from new bloggers :)

My 2cents worth :D

roger said...

There's got to be some change man. Innit is now just a spam machine with people trying all kinds of spammy methods to get into the top 10. And most of the time, their posts are RUBBISH.

Props to you for writing this.

Ninja Coffee said...

well said!
nvr knew that there is a blogging etiquette. I shall learn more from you guys.
Btw, its great to post like these. its Suited for noobs like me who is fresh in the innit community. Don't want to make the mistake everyone is doing, would i?

Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

Good blog post !

I agree with you, gain readership is better than having high traffic. I feel very excited & happy when i get some response from my reader.

Dak Wan said...

Vive Le Difference! I do believe that nowadays it's all about monetary gain. There is no such value as good blog post any more. Anyway, why join Nuffnang if it is not for money rite?

Jard The Great said...

well said!! aku insaf lepas neh.. ehehe..

atreyu strange said...

Great entry here. Now this sincerely deserves to be in the top 10.

I do agree that Innit is being misused. I see a lot of bloggers (new ones usually) not getting the real idea of Innit. But I choose to just watch and do what I really wanna do in Innit - which is to read other bloggers post because it really helps me to write. I don't simply Nang/Dang. I read the entry first before making my conclusion to Nang or Dang. Thus, I right click on them because if I left click, they will get an automatic Nang which is not fair.

But I've chosen not to Dang nowadays because some bloggers just don't understand why I Dang so they would simply come back and Dang me. WTF.

And if I put up my blog link in the chatbox, it's because I want people to read. Not for some reason like, "Nang me please!" or "I've nanged you".

Sheesh. This is becoming like a blog post in here! Haha!

Anonymous said...

agree with u ...great observation..enjoy reading it..

J2Kfm said...

Good read.
Write good articles, consistent quality, and soon you'll see your posts being read by thousands.
It's kinda silly asking people to nang your post, click your ads etc.
Defeats the purpose of sharing content truly.

kakchik said...

hi there.
Kudos to you for writing about this.

cr3ap said...

Hey hey hey Zhengdong, I see you have great supporters here :D
Well done spreading the news up. Loved your post. I read all the above comments. Guess most of them really appreciate your post :D.

Regards from cr3ap

sukiminna said...

i would surely nang it if a post is like this one..:)


suki latest blog : Crayon Physic Lagi Punya Cerita

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

hey.. very good post.. i must say i agree with u.. i'll admit that wen i was first on innit, i did go to cbox and ask for nangs.. but i stopped because that was not what the cbox is for..

nowadays on innit, it's close to impossible to chat cuz it's being spammed by links..

So i have to say, great job on the post.. and yeah sumthing should be done to fix the system.

Sherita Aziz said...

hey there,

here's my 2 cents worth,

i've been blogging since some of you kids were in high school (or even primary) and Red Mummy was still trying to find footing in the blogging world!!

anyway, blogging at that time was all about sharing and pouring your heart out...

honest stuffs that come from our heart..

but nowadays, most blogs are superficial and trying too hard...

all because they want to make money.

i joined nuffnang few weeks ago, though i don't need the nang me nang u stuffs because i already have my legion of supporters to help me with the clicky clicky stuffs (not sounding arrogant but i do.. don't believe me? ha ha!!)

i find the nang me nang you is a bit addictive, and i can't stop from it.. ha ha ha ha!!

let's just say, the more people nang you, the more chance you get into the top 10, and if you get into the top 10, more people will notice you, and they will (hopefully) read your blog, thus, mission accomplished, more people out there will have the privilege of enjoying what you want to share with them...

that's my honest opinion...

xox `Lyng` xox said...

nice one! :)

so true.

Nikel Khor said...

so sad to hear this news..

Nikel Khor

IlovePDF said...

I prefer more because they rank our page faster on Google Malaysia. Most of the traffic come from Malaysia thus increase our earning from Advertlets or Nuffnang. Give it a review bro!

Xiaopei said...

Well, you had said everything out and I agree to the maximum level.

Blogging should be a pleasure and fun. Yet, people misuse the word 'blogging' nowadays.

Those people are way too DESPERATE for 'Nang'. Their post contents are useful-less & uninteresting.

Nuffnang really should take action of it. My idea is, BAN those stupid blogger/blog. ONLY approve REAL blogs.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Really good one, the days where innit chatbox used to be for bloggers to get around and share thoughts are long gone.

But hopefully after people reading this will get inspired and return the initial purpose of the chatbox!

Infinity thumbs up for you!

suwei said...

Well true but if it wasn't for those kinda people you wouldn't have this post and then you wouldn't get so many people reading it. So you should partially thank them too. And although i don't do the whole nang me nang you thing. I just put my website there and explain what is it about on the cbox and let people decide whether they are interested or not. Still shouldn't call people like desperate and stuff kinda mean i think. (:

*Ynot said...

You gotta mention about the misleading post titles too.

Nic Da Nic said...

I think... this issue..berlarutan.....

kenwooi said...

i dont think this TREND is happening just because of the chatbox.. even if there's no chatbox, the innit gang can always connect via Facebook, Twitter, Plurk etc and say "hey Nang this [this link]".. without the help of the innit chatbox.. so.. can't really solve the GROUP NANG situation..

i think the system should be revamped, yes! but how and when, it's up to Nuffnang.. but it seems to be working fine for them.. eh? =P

kenwooi said...

and yeah, good posts dont get the nangs.. I TOTALLY AGREE! =D

people with sucky posts get the nangs coz they "huhu haha well" with the other bloggers, that's why they "I nang you, you nang me"..

desmondch said...

I have out from innit for couple of months, but after I visited back few days ago..yess.I was shocked that the cbox where we all used to connect with each other was turn into some nangwhores place..yes..I do admit that I did post some of my links there before..but now..its too is like 'nang me. I will nang you back' what was more shocking to me was the top 10 post..I can tell you that only 2 to 3 post are good post...others..rubbish..nuffnang should do something bout it.

curryegg said...

I can pretty well connect my experience with yours here. I don't like the idea, "nang me nang you". That's why i rarely appear at innit cbox anymore.

Good post.. :)

•·.·´¯`·.·eZ·.·´¯`·.·•™ said...

wow, u have lots things and facts to said about this whan-quick-popular trend.. i'm sure u have do lots of research about this.. keep it up!

Baiti said...

tq dear for the info...i do read people blog...i like it then i nang it...aite...take care

shima said...

good move in order to increase the traffic! help each others and you definitely will get the benefit..good luck! :)

Eric Lee said...

There are a lot of reasons why people actually do that because people had been just nanging post and not reading them....What I annot stand is how misleading certain titles are, they put some interesting title but the whole post just contain 10% of that title while the rest just talking about their personal life...XD what's the definition of a good blog content? Is it contents that attract people or contents that are worth reading? No one could really answer that...

ieQa sWetLuv said...

i'm still new and don't know if doin that is false.. thanks for sharing =)

Kyuubi_85 said...

when i first introduced to innit, people do it a lot,.. so i folow it.. but when i read your idea, it open my eyes..

hei, what about this? Perlukah word verificationbila nak komen?

Pretsel Maker said...


Sy said...

Agree with this for quite some time !

Perhaps they should order by most reads or something !

Thanks for this great post, but i still nang ah !:)

PoisonKagero said...

Oops unfortunately I've been guilty of using the chatbox to nang. I do agree that nowadays blogs are pretty badly-written. Even those on the top 10 occasionally aren't that great. Makes us wonder about our breadth of readership intelligence no? ;)

Good post, cheers!

pinksterz said...

proud to say that i never asked for people to nang for me either in the chatbox or mass messagging all the contacts in my MSN/YM.

used to frequent innit when it first came out and then when "the new batches" swarmed the place, i lost interest liao in using it. in fact, nowadays i only use it when i think i want to share something nice with others. -.-

and the misleading titles hahaha one word for them: desperate. :)

this issue kinda old liao actually. when someone wrote an issue on it, confirm everyone will say I AGREE! I AGREE! SO TRUE! blablablabla and yet the issue is still there. haha.

cheers! ^_^

sHaH said...

i'm new to innit..
so dun really give a damn about it as i blog for fun.
nothing serious..
sometimes, it's just fun to play nangs.

whatever it is..
have fun blogging..

tic said...

dylan.. i donnow bout it much.. but after read ur post.. the right is there.. hahah.. but dont revamp the box la.. heheh.. anyway agree with u la..:)

Evie said...

yea, i hate it wen ppl post a funny picture they do not own and end up getting so many nangs but those posts which were so well written by other bloggers get very few nangs.