Saturday, January 16, 2010

Future of Environment

As what the title says, the 'Future of Environment'. What is the first thing that strikes your mind after seeing those keywords. Future and Environment. Well, to me, I do not think that there will a an environment to talk about in the future. Simply because the environment will be so destroyed until the environment simply becomes extinct! Wait a minute, is that even possible?

The environment in is current state is way below the healty state. I think you people should already know about this having the fact that you breathe in polluted air every single day! The air we breath, polluted. The seas we swim in, polluted, The city streets we walk in, polluted. It seems that everywhere we go, everything is polluted. What seems to be the cause of all this? Besides us humans of cause (humans are the roots of all problems in this world). Well, in my opinion technology seems to be one of the many problems which is causing pollution to the environment.

Don't you think so? Up till now technology has been so highly over-rated with its good points that all its bad points just slip by us without us even noticing it. One of the very first technology ever invented was the wheel and from there technology grew into making it becoming more sophisticated, into an automobile.

Yes, technology is there for us to advance in life and live it a little bit easier but has anyone invented something and thought about it's effects to the environment. Maybe some have. What about those who have not? An automobile (eg. car) might seem to be a great solution to our problems of transportation but in the long run, what will it do to our fresh clean air? The answer is all around you right now. Literally. Polluted air.

What's in my mind is this; Can we live without technology? Technology is everywhere in this 21st century. How well can we cope if every single piece of technology simply dissappear? No technology, no pollution which means a healty environment. If that happens, then we will be back living the way cavemen did and the only thing that will be 'polluting' the air is the smoke from the fire we make and the smell of our bowel secretions.

The environment is in a very bad shape today. Is there a way to save it? Numerous campaigns have been brought up world wide. 'Go Green' campaings. 'Please Recycle' campaings. Are these campaings really that helpful? Can we really save the environment by just planting a tree? Will we be able to save a forest by using recycleble shopping bags? To me all these actions will be in vain if it does not get the support of the citizens of the Earth. What if we, the human race, do not want to co-operate and think selfishly? Are we just going to sit back and wait for Mayan calendar to take its course?

The fact is, people are selfish. We will not learn until it really happens and falls on us. Thus, if we are to watch the Earth die and then learn from it. Will we ever survive Earth's death? Where will we go? Shall we make friends with the Martians? What I'm trying to say is, if we are going to keep ignoring the fact that the environment is indeed dying and once it is 'dead', we will be too. That's is why we must act now.

This time around, why not invent something to help cure the environment rather than harm it. People are getting smarter and smarter each and every day but still why hasn't anyone come up with something to suck the pollutants free from our atmosphere?

Yes! Hybrid cars are invented. Even cars which run on french fries oil is invented! Ever wonder why these inventions are so costly and pricey which will make the invention useless. Getting things done is one thing but getting people to use it is another. Just like what I said, if the citizens of the world do not co-operate then everything will be done in vain.

I have yet to see a trend on saving the environment or am I just blinded by thick smoke?

The future is near, we only have like 2 more years till 2012.

Remember that the future is what you want it to be.


alleo said...

yay XD first to comment!!...

well this is indeed a very nice and useful topic that everyone "must read"

Everyone wants a better future with a great environment..

but the behavior of the people today is lost.. i mean rude.. and careless they don't have much care about our environment but atleast there are some few who are concern about this...

did you hear/know about the haiti earthquake?, the thailand tsunami? the philippine typhoon undoy flood?
these are a few tragedies that "WE MADE"

yes we made them... if only we knew what are we doing... if only we care for our mother nature.. there won't any nature tragedies like this.. and hey... we are in a big tragedy now of climate change.. i hope we move forward and take actions today, not tomorrow

hope you visit my blog too XD My Life Thoughts thank you

WeiZhong said...

A lot ppl not aware of this...
Disaster strike oni wil make human aware of this...
Human is like this... never experience the bad until suffer it oni regret...

shaz said...

2012?? =.=
u're a believer of 2012??

cr3ap said...

Well, in Malaysia, the green environment would deem to be slower compare to other strong countries like US, Europe, and Japan and even SINGAPORE.

If you have been to singapore, you will feel they have better fresh air compare to us. Why is that? First and the major problems of air pollution comes from the car. In singapore, they have to recycle their car once every 5 years or so. But us? we can use our cars for like 100 years as long as the car is still running and drivable. :D The exhaust fumes gets worse actually.

Countries like Japan, you could see their future dreams ahead. Some said they are developing a so called green environment that every piece of their land and roads is filled with grass only. Not quite sure about the truthfulness, but I'm sure they are doing something within. Besides that Japans car is renewed every 3 years which makes them have cleaner air. Their second used cars are sold to Malaysia like those Toyota Estima. If only Malaysia could have do something better like enhance people to change new car every 5 years. Those black carbon dioxide from those lorries would have lessen if it is so.

Regards from cr3ap

Dylan Phuah said...

but it seems that people only act after things have already happened. Though some still act now but the pace is just not fast enough. It is only when something hits the Earth, that is when they start to move a little bit fast which I think eventually dies down again.

human nature to act after something bad has happened. this attitude must be stopped at once if we are going to fix anything.

what do you think?

I've been to Singapore and I am truly amazed with their CLEAN streets. Unlike our streets here in Malaysia, our streets look like a rubbish dump to them! If we can't even keep our streets clean, how can you even keep the world GREEN?