Friday, January 22, 2010

Jack Of All Trades But Masters Of None

watching project runway

So these past few weeks, I've been watching this show called Project Runway. Project Runway is a show that is somewhat similar to all reality tv shows out there which is to find a winner out of a group of people. Project Runway is a show based on fashion design. Fashion Designers from all over America come together and compete in challenges (making garments in particular) where there will be a winner and a loser each week. Every week someone will be kicked out from the show, whereby in the end there will only be 3 who will be presenting a 12 piece collection in New York Fashion Week. From there, the winner of Project Runway will be chosen.

fashion design dream

I'm a person who has a lot of dream and wants to achieve a lot of things. This is because I get influenced easily by my surroundings. I want to do everything! Having watched this show, I begin to have interest in making my own clothes once again. I've always wanted to make my own unique clothing line but there wasn't really a path for me to start. I don't event have a needle!


Having so many dreams and aspirations all at once is really confusing at times. One day you might want to do this but the next day you can totally change your mind and start doing something new.So is it good to have interests in so many things? Having the fact that I can't even complete or be an expert in a certain field.

scissors fabric

Having to choose a field to excel in certainly can be an easy choice for some and others a tough decisions. Some choose to walk the path where they find they have the most interest in while some choose the road which will lead them into a better future later.

Some rather just do everything all at once and be Jack of all trades.


 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

hahaa, i myself also get influence easily by the surrounding. Always trying to do or learn to do the thing that come across me (if it attract me and interesting)

So do anything or everything you want! =D that's what i always do. heheee, so that i wont make my life regret for not doing what i wanted to do (even if just within 1minute i feels like doing but next i dont) =D and atleast i've experienced doing smth in my life. =DD

kRaZy said...

so which is your choice? walk the path where you find you have the most interest in or choose the road which will leads you to a better future?

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

I guess human being are greedy in nature. I myself have all sort of interest but hangat hangat tahi ayam one. I'll say go ahead and try it (if you can afford to). you never know what lies ahead for you :)

all the best!

cr3ap said...

Lol like Catherine said, humans are greedy in nature. They want something more but they tend to be lazy to achieve them. This is the so called laziness spell binded in human hearts. Everyone tends to slack around rather than focus and concentrate fully on 1 thing cause they knew there are many better things out there to do. Just follow your instinct and do what you think you want to do and what is best for you.

Regards from cr3ap

Stephen said...

So would you go after your heart? or would you settle for the norm of society?